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coresuite eCommerce with ePages


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coresuite eCommerce with ePages

  1. 1. ePages for SAP Business OneFact Sheet e-commerce. now plug & play.
  2. 2.  Proceed professionally.Linking an ePages rental shop to your SAP Business One.The acquisition of new customer bases; an increase in sales with a long-term reduction in yourcosts; the allocation of fewer sales and order processing resources: just a few of the manyarguments in favour of creating an online shop featuring integration with SAP Business One.ePages enables you — even without programming experience — to administer as per your needsan online shop for the online selling of products and services. coresystems’ coresuiteeCommerce ensures the safe data exchange between ERP and online shop.coresystems, ePages and SAP have jointly assembled three packages for you which can beordered at addition, coresystems offers a service bundle for customising the interface, and ePages willgladly help you with the creation of your online shop. Two Design & Consult packages werecreated with this in mind. Page 1
  3. 3.  This data sheet will provide a detailed overview of the various products’ scopes. For moreinformation, please read the descriptions on the following pages:Detailed overview of products: “ePages for Business One” 3Detailed product overview: “coresuite eCommerce” 7Detailed product overview: “Design & Consult” 9Terms of payment 10You require additional functions and customised requirements? Please contact us at once.ePages partners and coresystems have years of expertise in tailoring projects to customers’unique demands.   Page 2
  4. 4.  Detailed overview of products: “ePages for SAP Business One”Which product is right for me? Which products feature which functions? The following overviewdelivers detailed answers to these questions: ePages Base, ready SAP Business One SAP Business One ePages Base for ePages Flex for for SAPMonthly rental price (exclusive of VAT) 99 € 249 € 499 €ServicesApplication managementHostingWeb space 1 GB 1 GB 10 GBActivated Web services for SAP/coresystems -  Fully activated Webservices - -Hardware pool 1 (standard utilisation) ‐ Hardware pool 2 (with higher performance) - -Quantity of free orders per month unlimited 2501 unlimitedProducts, Content and CustomersAppointment-management and booking functionMaximum number of products 5,000 5,000 unlimitedMaximum number of product attributes 20 20 unlimitedMaximum number of product variation attributes 10 10 unlimitedMaximum number of variations per product 40 40 unlimitedMaximum number of predefined product types 50 50 unlimitedMaximum number of pages/categories 1,000 1,000 unlimitedSubcategoriesCreation of a shopping basket and processing of ordersOptions for placing products into shopping basket(link, input field, select box, +/-)Promotional products in own “promotional box”Direct-order form (article number and quantity of articles)Product bundlesProduct ratingProduct comparisons Page 3
  5. 5.  Question about productAdvanced search functionCustomer groupsCustomer attributes    Design Over 100 industry templates with samples by categoryFreely designable pages (HTML)Extensive design options with Preview mode(WYSIWYG, drag & drop, inline editing)Automatic calculation of image sizeDesign assistantAdvanced design optionsVarious product images (list, normal, detailed)Colour managerAdditional images for promotional productsAutomatic sitemapFlashUser-defined page elements 5 5 100Image galleries 50 50 1,000Product slideshowMarketing and SalesGoogle registration and Google sitemapURLs optimised for search enginesBlogs 1 1 10Forums 1 1 10Visitors’ books 2 2 10eKomi shop ratingeBay integrationCiao integrationPangora integrationKelkoo integrationGoogle Base integrationTell-a-FriendGadgetsRSS feedsNewsletter toolCoupons Page 4
  6. 6.  Manual and automatic cross selling(people who bought x also bought y)Price lists with discounts (e.g. shopping-basket discount)Promotional productsSecurity & CertificatesSSL encryptionPrepared for Trusted Shop certificationPrepared for Shoplupe usability certificationBack officeUndo/Redo functionImport/Export of customer data, product data, category data (csv)and order data (txt)Product availabilitySeveral back-office users(not possible if a global login is used)StatisticsetrackerGoogle AnalyticsLanguagesEnglish is the standard language for all packages. In addition, you can select a second language for “ePagesBase”, “ready for SAP Business One” or “ePages Base for SAP Business One”.EnglishSpanish optional optionalFrench optional optionalGerman optional optionalItalian optional optionalDutch optional optionalSwedish optional optionalCatalan optional optionalRussian optional optionalPortuguese optional optionalFinnish optional optionalNorwegian optional optionalPayment and Delivery³Orders can be placed only by registered usersSelection of delivery methodMaximum number of shipping methods 5 5 not limitedDelivery options (as present, greeting card)Product-specific delivery methodsDefinition of relationship between payment and delivery method Page 5
  7. 7.  Regions with own delivery methods and shipping methods 5 5 20Delivery costsCreation of invoices, bills of sale and credit notes(incl. UPS tracking codes)Maximum number of currencies 2 2 not limitedStandard methods of payment (payment in advance, COD, bill,…)Minimum purchase amountPayment in instalmentsDiscount regarding payment methodsActivation for electronic methods of paymentPayPal, PayPal ExpressGoogle Checkout (UK, USA)WorldPayHSBCSagePayMoneybookersClick and BuySofortüberweisungSaferpayExperCashT-PayATOS Worldline (France)Cybermut (France)ServiRed (Spain)Sistema 4B (Spain)Business to Business FeaturesActivated Web services for SAP/coresystems -  Presentation of gross- or net prices by choicePrice listsScale-pricing discountsCustomer groupsDirect-order form (article number and quantity of articles)Orders can be placed only by registered usersCustomer AccountsRe-order lists / saved basketsTax number Id check for EU countries1 every additional order 1€ Page 6
  8. 8.  Detailed product overview: “coresuite eCommerce”The exchange of data is executed by coresuite, the multi-connector from coresystems. In additionto the basic connector, coresystems offers a service package offers -among other things -individual field mapping: eCommerce Pro eCommerce go coresuite coresuitePrice (one-time payment) 0€ 3,000€Functions stock listTransfer of stock list to ePages shopIndividual field mapping -(e.g. SAP UDFs as per product attributes in shop)Transfer of article prices to SAP price listDiscount groups and special prices from SAP n/a n/a(amounts and limited-time discounts, GP prices)Article management (in SAP)Separate UI for article management in SAP for Shop portrayals -Category assignment in SAP ( )Brief/Detailed descriptions via WYSIWYG editor in SAP ( )Assignment of product type incl. attribute values ( )Image assignment (1)  (several) Instruments which encourage sales ( )(cross-selling and product accessories and comparison)Product versions ( )Multilingual support (name, remark) Mark article as “new” ( )Promotional product ( )Supports a limitless quantity of currenciesFile upload ( )Search engine optimization (SEO) via automatic treatment of -keywordsCurrent stock levels (availability only)  (variable) Automatic data transfer as per triggers manual (via button)  automatic (e.g. when a price is changed) Page 7
  9. 9.  Automatic updating of stock levels manual  automatic Functions of business partner (customers)Transfer of SAP business partners to ePages shop(e.g. for B2B customer login)Creation of new business partners via order in shop without -login with duplicate check in SAPCustomer price lists (own SAP price lists for business partners) -Special prices for business partners n/a n/aActivate/Deactivate registration in shop ( )Transfer of orders from shop to SAP Business OneTransfer of order data from shop to SAP B1 as customer orderTransfer of orders as any SAP document (e.g. invoice sent in -advance, invoice with payment, etc.) and individual mappingAutomatic creation of parked documents (drafts) -Automatic creation/updating of business partners -Use of a Dummy business partner for shop ordersStatus acknowledgement ( )FreightDocument information (selected payment and delivery method)Support for couponsEnumeration of documents: own numbering available -General FeaturesSynchronisation with several ePages shops (MultiShop) -Supports several SAP clients (multiple clients) -Guaranteed transfer (queuing) -Flexible adjusting of data exchange via XSLT technology -(customizing)“Instant updating” of shop (cache refresh) -Batch processing -Automation/Workflow -System Environment and InstallationInstallation regarding SAP ClientInstallation on server - coresystems /Installation by User  certified partner On-site services - approx. 3 man days ( ) Can be set in ePages Administration but not directly in SAP Business One. This data therefore cannot be imported. Page 8
  10. 10.  Detailed product overview: “Design & Consult”Who could tailor a shop to your requirements more quickly than the experts at ePages? You canthus be sure that your shop will appear just as you wish. You can book the following products tosupplement “ePages Base, ready for SAP”, “ePages Base for SAP Business One” and “ePagesFlex for SAP Business One”.  Design &Consult Design &Consult ‚Start‘ ‚Pro‘Price (one-time payment) 999€ 1499€Design suggestion incl. two feedback loopsInteractive questionnaire for shop planningImage credits at various image exchanges2 50€ 100€Creation of up to 100 product categories -Introduction in assigning products to categories -of productsTelephone support - 3 hours 3Two logo suggestions - if requested2 Any credit which is not used will expire.3 Supplied both in jpg format and in eps format Page 9
  11. 11.  Terms of paymentThe contract is in force for a period of 12 months. Unless it is terminated, the contract will tacitlybe extended by an additional month. You can terminate the contract at the end of a calendarmonth.As soon as 12 months have been booked, in the first year payment must be made at once. Afterthe first year, payment must be made up-front per quarter.An upgrade constitutes the purchase of a new product. This initiates a new contractual period of12 months.If you have questions or comments concerning our products, please contact us:ePages GmbHPilatuspool 220355 HamburgTel.: +49–40–350 188–0Fax: +49–40–350 188–200E-mail: © 2010 ePages GmbH. All rights reserved.The information contained in this document can be changed at any time without notice.This work, including all its parts, is protected by copyright. All rights are expressly reserved,including rights for copying, reproducing, translating, microfilming, storing on electronic mediaand processing in electronic form.All company names, product names and brand names are trademarks or registered trademarks ofthe respective owners.Hamburg, May 2010 Page 10
  12. 12. HeadquartersePages GmbHPilatuspool 220355 HamburgGermany+49-40-350 188-0 phone+49-40-350 188-222 faxinfo@epages.comJenaePages GmbHLeutragraben 107743 JenaGermany+49-40-350 188-0 phone+49-40-350 188-111 faxinfo@epages.comLondonePages Software Ltd.Hudson House8 Tavistock StreetLondon, WC2E 7PPUnited Kingdom+44-203-178 5330 phone+44-203-031 1224 Southern Europe S.L.Entenza 332-334, 3a2o08029 BarcelonaSpain+34-91-453 4355 phoneinfo@epages.esSan FranciscoePages Software268 Bush Street, Suite 4040San Francisco, CA 94104USA+1-415-294 4343© 2010 ePages GmbH.All rights reserved. All company, product and brand names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.