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Fairfax Connector Express Lanes to Tysons: January 2013


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Fairfax Connector Express Lanes to Tysons: January 2013

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Fairfax Connector Express Lanes to Tysons: January 2013

  1. 1. Fairfax County Department of Transportation Express Lanes to Tysons January 20131
  2. 2. Background The 495 Express Lanes are a Public-Private Partnership between VDOT and Flour-Transurban The project will construct two new lanes in each direction the along the Capital Beltway A unique opportunity for transit service by providing a semi-dedicated lane on which the bus can achieve much higher speeds.2
  3. 3. Planning Transportation Development Plan (TDP) Staff review  Certain assumptions have changed since TDP  Revised routes/proposed service plan Elected Officials Public meetings Revised plan/Final3
  4. 4. Transit Development Plan (TDP) Lorton – Tysons: This route will provide peak period express service connecting Lorton with Tysons Corner via the Franconia-Springfield Metro Station. Lorton is a fast growing area that should generate significant ridership for commuting to growing employment opportunities in Tysons. This route would begin at the Sydenstricker Park and Ride and follow the alignment of the proposed new route 309 until the I-95 entrance ramp. Reverse peak trips which otherwise would deadhead on this route would provide revenue service to the Engineering Proving Ground (EPG), providing access to the new NGA campus for people who currently reside in northern Fairfax County and the Tysons Corner area. 68 Upon serving the NGA, this route would continue to the Sydenstricker Park and Ride via Rolling Road and the Fairfax County Parkway. The route would also complement Fairfax Connector 401, which would continue to provide local service. Tysons – Ft. Belvoir: This route would provide an opportunity for easy access to Springfield and Ft. Belvoir by providing a direct and fast transit option for North County residents that work at Fort Belvoir. Secondarily, it would provide additional capacity for Springfield area residents traveling to the Tysons area supplementing the Lorton route. This route would continue past Fort Belvoir and terminate at Sacramento Drive and serve the proposed park and ride lot at Woodlawn Center upon its completion. Burke Centre – Tysons: This route will provide express bus service from the Braddock District to Tysons connecting the Braddock residential communities with the Tyson area employment opportunities. Further discussion can be found in Section 7.7.4. Huntington Metrorail – Tysons: This route will provide express bus service from the Huntington Metrorail Station to Tysons. The route will enter the Capital Beltway (I-495) just north of the Huntington Metrorail Station and run along the Beltway entering the HOT Lane in Springfield. This express route will provide a quicker, more convenient trip for residents of the Mount Vernon District and portions of Alexandria in place of using Metrorail service which will require making at least two transfers to reach the future Silver Line service for travel to Tysons.4
  5. 5. Proposed Express Lanes Service Plan Description Days of Operation Headway Span of Service Burke VRE to Tysons Weekday Peak Servcie Only 15 5:30-9:30A; 3:30-7:30P Springfield to Tysons Weekday Peak Service Only 15 5:30-9:30A; 3:30-7:30P Lorton VRE to Tysons Weekday Peak Servcie Only 15 5:30-9:30A; 3:30-7:30P Outstanding Issues  Circulation in Tysons TBA  Burke VRE – As described in TDP; Serve other Park & Rides?  Springfield/Lorton – Circulation TBA  Saratoga P&R – Opportunity5
  6. 6. Burke VRE Express Lanes Burke VRE Express to Tysons  Via Guinea Road, Braddock Road, 495 Express Lanes  Serve other Park & Rides along Braddock?  Other Stops?6
  7. 7. Burke VRE Express Lanes7
  8. 8. Lorton VRE Express Lanes Lorton VRE to Tysons  Via Lorton I95 Park & Ride  Serve the Saratoga Park & Ride Lot?8
  9. 9. Lorton VRE Express Lanes9
  10. 10. Springfield Express Lanes Springfield to Tysons  Via Greater Springfield? Franconia-Springfield Metrorail Station? Saratoga Park & Ride?10
  11. 11. Springfield Express Lanes11