Marketing Without Words: Leveraging Visual Data to go From a Social Brand to a Social Business - BDI 4/10 Visual Content Marketing & Communications Summit

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Presentation: Marketing Without Words: Leveraging Visual Data to go From a Social Brand to a Social Business …

Presentation: Marketing Without Words: Leveraging Visual Data to go From a Social Brand to a Social Business
Presented by: Deb Berman, SVP Brand Strategy, Curalate
The sheer volume of images generated on social media proves that they are now core to the social experience. With consumers generating billions of images each week, it’s clear they would rather communicate with visuals to describe the things they covet or collect (a la Pinterest) and their lives in action (a la Instagram). How can a digital marketer find success in this new world of marketing without words that focuses so heavily on content, relevance, and life? Furthermore, how can your brand leverage data around social engagements to inform broader company objectives? Join us as we discuss this profound shift in consumer behavior, highlighting its impact on brands, and real-life examples to illustrate how data can help you grow beyond a social brand, and into a social business.

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  • 1. Marketing without words:
 Going from a social brand to a social business ! March 2014 @curalate
  • 2. Deb Berman ! SVP Brand Strategy ! @debmberman
  • 3. Smarter marketing through imagery
  • 4. (and more…) Social Engagement UGC AdvertisingOptimization
  • 5. 400 brands ! 50% of the top-50 US Retailers ! Adoption by Auto, CPG, Luxury, Publishing About Curalate
  • 6. We’ve Come full circle once again We’re communicating with images
  • 7. TL;DR
  • 8. 1,000,000,000+ (Images shared daily - Major social networks) Images are the new unit of social engagement
  • 9. Consumers want “snackable” content ! ! Images are consumers’ favored snack
  • 10. Images drive emotions Emotions drive reactions The result? images drive awareness, engagement, Affinity, and revenue
  • 11. Visual communications are specific but not easily searchable. Love it!
  • 12. Brands Fans Images come from two sources
  • 13. aspiration celebration reflect the customer journey
  • 14. What you’re pushing to your fans What your fans Actually care about Don’t just listen. Observe.
  • 15. Brands Understanding images can give us great insight into consumer desire Products
  • 16. It’s all in the details
  • 17. Images go where your consumer goes
  • 18. What are consumers telling us?
  • 19. what are brands Learning?
  • 20. How are fans Thinking about our products?
  • 21. How are fans thinking about our products?
  • 22. How Do fans want to see our products?
  • 23. Built a community on Pinterest ! Asked for product suggestions ! Became a best seller Smarter Merchandising
  • 24. Merchandising emails
 based on social signals Email optimization
  • 25. Showcasing Products
  • 26. Introducing a new camera ! Teach a photography course on Instagram ! Show photos from camera Thinking Natively
  • 27. rewarding followers
  • 28. user generated content
  • 29. Thanks!