Social Media for Non Profits


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Like any other profitable organization, Non profits also need awareness in order to attract donors, volunteers and supporters. However, they don’t always have the huge advertising and marketing budgets like the other profitable companies.

Yet Social Media is something that can help Non profits meet all their targets without spending a lot of money.

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Social Media for Non Profits

  1. 1. Social Media for Non Profits By Asra Khan
  2. 2. Why Social Media?  Non profits need awareness in order to attract donors, volunteers and supporters.  Since Non Profits don’t always have the huge advertising and marketing budgets, Social Media can help them.  If used cleverly, social media can prove more useful for non profits than for profitable organization.  Though there are a lot of tools and channels that can be used for raising awareness and donations, following slides will give you a good start.
  3. 3. LinkedIn  Set up a company profile: Though LinkedIn is not a place to register petitions yet your Non Profit should be on LinkedIn because all your corporate donors and sponsors are active there.  Connect with existing network: After setting up your own page, you must connect with all your existing donors.  Raise Awareness: Try to network by using LinkedIn tools like Groups, Answers, Recommendation etc.  Connect with new people: Because of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), companies are eager to support non profits.
  4. 4. Facebook Everyone is on Facebook: Not only everyone spends time herebut people are also very supportive of non profits. Viral Effect: Besides just “liking” the non profits, they want toshow it off to their friends too, raising awareness for your cause. Applications: There are several applications which can make iteasier for the supporters to donate to their preferred charity. Register with One application which is helpingthe non profits more than others is Causes. This application letsyou choose causes and support them on Facebook.
  5. 5. Twitter  Connect with influencers: People share everything on Twitter. Why don’t you let your cause be shared as well?  Make your tweets retweetable: Connecting with right people and posting retweetable tweets can give you a very good head start in the Tweet world.  Garner public support: Twitter helps create awareness and gather public support which a non profit desperately needs.  Campaigns: Initiatives like Twestival can help you raise funds and awareness as it gives a great platform to tap Twitter’s potential.
  6. 6. Need Help? Start with these three and then check out if other nichenetworks like YouTube, Flickr and Tumblr suit your needs. Hire a Social Media Manager if you don’t have time or skill to doit yourself. Though Social Media is free, it is very time consuming. Or get in touch with us if you are after a professional DigitalMarketing strategy. We can design a strategy that suits yourpurpose and can train your staff to execute it.And no it doesn’t cost the Earth!
  7. 7. Connect with usAsra KhanDigital Marketing ExecutiveLinkedIn: #asra_khanWhite Room Creative Group: #wcreativeagencyFacebook Page:
  8. 8. About White Room Creative Agency White Room Creative is a Birmingham-based digital marketing agency solving challenges with strategy, design and technology. Combining different areas of strategic, creative and technical expertise to deliver fully integrated digital marketing solutions. Services offered include Social Media Marketing, Web Design & Development and all aspects of Digital Marketing. For more information on what White Room Creative can do for you, please visit or call us at +44 (0)121 359 5844 Thank you