Women Empowerment : Reservation with Protection


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Women Needs to be empowered to make there situation better . The answer is education , employment and ecourage them in social activities . Only reservation won't empower women's situation in India But rather it is a best way to contribute for the empowerment of India . According to me women could be empowered through three ways - 1. Education 2. Employment - i.e Economic Empowerment 3. Sociall Empowerment !!
But being seen the will of our polititian for Reservation in Loksabha , The Bill is still pending is the saddest thing . The President of INC - is a Women , Hon' Speaker of Loksabha is a Women and also Opposition Leader of Loksabha is a WOmen Still and still womens situation in India is not too good , and still the bill is pending .!!!

I am not saying that the bill is only solution put I am damn sure that bill is part of solution !! If womens are led to be the part of the system they could change them and could make other women empower ,

This is what Empowering Women by Women i.e what Empowering Women Empowering India !!!

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Women Empowerment : Reservation with Protection

  2. 2. Women ‘s Situation in India  India is 4th most dangerous country in the world for women .  Given Data shows the increase in amount of crimes against women (Variation between year 2011-2012)       Rape – 3.0% (increase) Kidnapping & Abduction – 7.6% Torture – 7.5% Molestation – 5.5% Sexual Harassment – 7.0% According to this total increase in crime against women is increased by 6.8 %  A total of 2,44,270 incident of crime against women were reported in the country during year 2012 as compared to 2,28,650 in the year 2011 i.e total increase of 6.8% during year 2012 .  West Bengal with 7.5 % share of country‟s female population has accounted for nearly 12.7% of total crime . Thus , to stop all these there is need of a lot awareness as well as Empowerment of women .
  3. 3. WOMEN EMPOWERMENT : A BURNING ISSUE  What is Women Empowerment? :  It is creation of environment where women can make independent decision on their personal development as well as shine as equal in society .  It also refers to increasing the spiritual , political ,social and economic strength of women . Simply , it is empowering and developing confidence in their own capacities .  How Could SHE be Empowered ?  Women needs to be empowered – socially ,politically , economically & spiritually
  4. 4.  Women could be empowered through – Education , Health , Economic Empowerment & Social Empowerment . Have a Look towards all these 4 ways to Empower Women :  Education : Literacy rate in India of women is just 65.46%. The sex ratio of children attending school is 889 girls per 1,000 boys Education plays a vital role in empowering women . Educating women will let her know her rights as well as her duties . Rural Areas have lowest female literacy . Education will help them to get economically empowered . Women Educated directly relates to Educated Class . Thus, Women knowing her rights, her power will make her family and herself empowered .
  5. 5.  Health : About 78,000 women in India died due to child birth complication Due to some Superstition Health of Women is neglected . Gender inequalities , in turn are directly related to poor health of women. In Rural Area ratio of women affected due to maternal mortality is more. Basic , Problem is less availability of Hospitals in Rural Areas . Medical Awareness regarding AIDS , Reproductive Health & Diseases is needed in Rural Areas .  Economic Empowerment : When a woman earns and saves enough to buy either one on her own, she automatically gains immense respect and voice in her family and within the community. When , women participation in labour forces or buisness grew fastest there is immediate decrease in the poverty of nation . When women own property and earn money from it, they may have more bargaining power at home. This in turn can help reduce their vulnerability to domestic violence and social awareness.
  6. 6.  Political Empowerment : Let them participate in politics , be the part of system. It is usually said “Women can only better understand a women” So to solve the problems of women and also of nation empower them politically. The Womens Reservation bill is still pending in Loksabha .  Social Empowerment : Social Empowerment is making women active in social activities , making them more active in public life . Giving them opportunity to express themselves . Gender Equality , Giving Women Equal Opportunities in every sector. Conclusion 1 : According to me- The 4 “E‟s” to „E‟-Empower a Women are – „E‟-ENCOURAGE them to „E‟-EDUCATION so that they will be „E‟-EMPLOYED and thus will also be „E‟-ECONOMICALLY EMPOWERED .
  7. 7.  Why Reservation ?  Only Social Awareness can‟t create Empowerment .  So, One way to get them part of system equally as men is Reservation.  Strength , Right & Power in Hand to Empower Women by Women  How Could it help for Empowerment ?  Women are deprived due to various wrong cultural practices & superstitions  To get women out of it and know her Capacity RESERVATION will play a vital role .  All these could not be changed just within days It will require more & more years But RESERVATION could help to reduce this „more‟ years .  Political Reservation as well as Economic Reservation ( for employment ) could be the base for Empowerment .
  8. 8. POLITICAL RESERVATION : BURNING ISSUE  Women Reservation Bill is still pending in Loksabha . It will give 33 % reservation to women .  It will surely help women to participate in the political system and thus to take good decision based on basic problems of women
  9. 9. CONCLUSION 2 : Three „R‟ are “ R-RESERVATION for women would lead them to participate in the „system‟ , A Women‟s participation could thus lead to R-REJUVENATE the process of her Empowerment ”
  10. 10.  Self Protection : The need for protection of women is SELF PROTECTION . Womens need to be made strengthen to protect themselves . Self defence classes for girls in schools and colleges Female Should Carry a pepper spray .  By Other Means : Women Constable needs to be increased . Direct Recruitment of NCC girls into Police force Rape Victim/Victim to defend her own case under a government lawyer . Use of 1091 helpline number , Awareness regarding it . Transport Sector : Recruitment of Women as Drivers & Conductors
  11. 11.  Act as a citizen journalist  Sex Education Workshop in School and Colleges SOCIAL AWARENESS :  Need of an view of Respect towards Women  Awareness through School , Colleges & Media  Awareness about strict laws against crimes CONCLUSION 3 : According to me Four „P‟ could be helpful = “ Making women P-POWERFULL to P-PROTECT herself & Changing every P-PERSONAL VIEW towards women could also make our society / country P-POWERFULL ”
  12. 12. WOMEN EMPOWERMENT- RESERVATION WITH PROTECTION FINAL CONLUSION :  “We have a secret in our culture it is not birth is painful , It is that Women are Strong But, the reality is that we make them weaker”  Need is Empowering Women : Could not only done by only government it is to do by ME is to do by WE all !!  Encourage Women to Education – Make them Employed – Strenthen there Economic Power to make our country Powerfull !!  Don‟t Call a women “GODDESS” Just respect her give her rights which a HUMAN has !!
  13. 13.  Reservation could not be the only answer but the answer is make people aware .  Empowering women to know her own capacities – So that she could stand on her own in society is what called EMPOWERING !!  Protection : Women is to Protect by our BAD eyes , by our BAD VIEWS . Then , There will be no need to protect her from ourselves .  And thus , WE could start it WE would make aware of her Empowerment , WE could Empower her right from our family – Educate her , Encourage her = Empower her !! Empowering Women – Empowering India !!
  14. 14. THANK YOU References : Wikipedia ,womenempowermentforindia.com , wcd.nic.in , undp.org, nmew.gov.in, times of India .