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  1. 1. Walk to Equality: Security and Empowerment of Women Just like behind every successful man there is a woman similarly behind every empowered woman there is a man. Team Members: Vishnu Garg (Coordinator), Etashu Chhabra, Guriqbal Singh, Mubashir Ahmad, Anjali Kumari
  2. 2. “EMPOWERMENT REFERS TO INCREASING SPIRITUAL, POLITICAL, SOCIAL OR ECONOMIC STRENGTH OF INDIVIDUAL AND COMMUNITIES. IT OFTEN INVOLVES THE EMPOWERED TO DEVELOP SELF CONFIDENCE IN THEIR OWN CAPABILITIES.” HOWEVER WOMEN EMPOWERMENT NEVER MEANS ANTAGONIZING THEM FROM MEN. IT SIMPLY MEANS THAT MEN AND WOMEN MUST UNDERSTAND EACH OTHERS NEEDS. Women should be secure against harassment and abuse in schools, offices and public places. Security of a Woman is her basic right and the state should be responsible for her security and protection so that they can go to any place without any fear.
  3. 3. • women in India held offices like President, Prime minister, Speaker and Leader of opposition etc. but still problem of rape, acid attacks and dowry killings are present • Women in rural area are treated as second class people in the society so where the empowerment lies. • Empowering women doesn’t mean to ignore males, only united work can can take the world to higher level Empower- ment • In rural areas women are prey to molestation every 26th minute, rape every 34th minute, kidnapping every 43rd minute and dowry death every 93rd minute • India is the 4th most dangerous country in the world for women residence- by G20 grading • More than 2million women are missing in a given year in India of which roughly 12% are missing during birth, 25% in childhood, 18% in reproductive age and 45% at old age - Economist siwan anderson and debraj ray Security • Women in parliament -10.9%(2012) • Females over 25th with secondary education- 26.6%(2010) • Women in labour force- 29.0%(2011) Equality
  4. 4. STIGMA HINDERS THE DEVELOPMENT OF WOMEN Double standards in society is not allowing people to act real. They try to project something that they are not. Example: Most people work in Gurudwara and voluntarily wash utensils ,swipe floor, cutting of vegetables for langar but the same scenario is opposite in homes at the cost of female duty as homemakers In business families daughter -in- law is not allowed to work because of their so called high status as they feel embarrassed getting salary from her and the social stigmas associated with it. Many women feel cultural pressures while others have become accustomed to being treated inferior to men Our society is disintegrating due to the foolish mindset of people. Everybody just wants the icing on the cake. oTo empower a female: sounds as though we are dismissing or ignoring males, but the truth is, both genders need to be equally empowered.
  5. 5. . Skilled Women should be employed in ITI vocational institutes without any degree Firstly on contract basis for some short period. In such a way those unemployed , Illiterate, skilled ladies can come in front and earn some courage. Financial support will boost up their courage and poverty will be Suppressed. To have the power of equality one must acknowledge WHAT IS EQUALITY! • Need for that education is the root of RIGHT TO EQUALITY. • ‘EACH ONE TEACH ONE.’ Only literates can lead a developed Nation. A Sense of awareness will make us more secure. •Security is in our hands we do not need to beg for it . So, not only girls but boys should also encourage to secure our Nation .
  6. 6.  Empowerment of women does not mean that they should be separated from men and start protesting for their rights and freedom . It implies that both genders equally understand each other and give them their proper space and freedom.  Some ITI centers should be opened within the reach of common people so that they can use their skills and earn their livelihood.  Educated and Financially built up society can be called empowered , equalized and secured.  Achaar pappad business, small home works, beauty parlors etc. type of works must be encouraged .  Employers must appoint women employees at par with men and they must take responsibility for their employees’ security against any kind of harassment or molestation by their male colleagues.  GOVERNMENT POLICIES MUST BE ENACTED PROPERLY.
  7. 7.  Literacy rate of India - 65.38%(2001) to 74.04%(2011). It is showing an increase of 9% in 10 years.  Men literacy rate – 82.14%  Women literacy rate – 65.46% which implies that out of 100 women only 65 are literate in India and it means 35are illiterate.  SO every one educated girl should educate further a girl and hence our complete nation will be educated. “EDUCATED DOES NOT MEAN TO HAVE A DEGREE IT MEANS TO HAVE THE SENSE TO KNOW YOUR SURROUNDING AND UNDERSTAND IT”
  8. 8.  Each one Teach one implies that each educated person should further teach another person to make them aware of their nation and world around them.  Only educated women can be empowered. “Social infrastructure like education is as important as physical infrastructure not only for sustaining high growth but also for enhancing welfare.” Each One Teach One
  9. 9. CHALLENGES TO BE FACED DURING IMPLEMENTATION  Cultural restrictions: Hierarchical Society:- women are discriminated in our society due to so called caste system. Purdah System:- The veiling and seclusion of women.  Discrimination at work place:- It is more prevalent in fields where the male competition is high.  Lack of employment opportunities.  Poor Institutional and policy environment.
  10. 10.  ITI and vocational institutes would enable Women to be self independent and financially Secure which would enhance their self respect And self confidence in society.  EACH ONE TEACH ONE would lead to A REVOLUTIONARY CHANGE in literacy rate.  Women employment would lead to their increase in awareness about various social welfare schemes and hence they will have an easy access to all services provided for them. A proper security setup would lead to increase in number of women applying for jobs, college admissions, etc. and hence this in real sense would lead to Equality, security and empowerment of women. -------------------