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  • 1. Page |1PassionGymnastics OlympiaHooray for Gabby, with so much physiqueA true visionary of great intentWho leaped high toward victoryWith a unique routine that could beatEngineered all odds with twist vault turnsTumbling on to achieve world goldHer passion foretold with utmost classEnergy and finesse, the dignity she expressedAs she made her mark in Olympic historyA world all around gold athlete is bornBeing Born Black
  • 2. Page |2When God made man blackHe gave man the gift of courageHe gave man the gift of strengthHe gave man the gift to leadHe gave man the gift of enduranceGod made man black for a reasonTo glow with the moon andTo shine with the sunVigelenceShe lived in honesty, as was loved by manyShe left with good intentions, a blessing bestowedFor her family, she left a legacy of strong visionaries,A reflection upon her pride that left her mark to rememberWe shall not forget she cared enough, a mercenary and a vigilantHer soul reenacting love by so many touched by her heart
  • 3. Page |3Black FateI often reflect on historyI am reminded of where I standI am told I am not equalThat my skin is inferiorGod gave me strength, yet,I am incapable of sustaining life richesHope to be misunderstood for imposition
  • 4. Page |4Black like MeI am as blackAs the oceanPure as airGentle as a roseSoft as grassI am blackAs tarSmooth as sandPerky as a wild thornChildlike as the sunHip Hop BirdHis feathers were grey
  • 5. Page |5His beak was blackHe would flap his wingsHe would bounce his bodyHe would whistle to the beatIn harmony to African musicAnd I swore he had black in himWhitney HoustonWhen we have forgotten our youthOur glory fades in all reasonWe have forgotten our dreamsTo remind us who we areWhen we have lost all hope
  • 6. Page |6We remember how her voice would carryAnd how her words created peace in our hearts.GranmaShe lived in honesty, as was loved by manyShe left with good intentions, a blessing bestowedFor her family, she left a legacy of strong visionaries,A reflection upon her pride that left her mark to rememberWe shall not forget she cared enough, a mercenary and a vigilantHer soul reenacting love by so many touched by her heart
  • 7. Page |7
  • 8. Page |8In My Own Little WorldI lie hiddenunderneath this massovations trickling highconsumed within my own worlda metaphor for an alibiI lie hiddenunderneath this maskidentify a hidden pastmuddled confusion; a simileof failed accomplishmentsto be misunderstoodin a world full of progressTo Dreamis hope an infringement of lifewhere as an inspired metaphordepleted a reason to growIs hope so defile in lifethat a dream is deferredupon the wish to succeedis only a dreamIs hope so denied
  • 9. Page |9that every ..me you tryyou trying, trying againto start all over again?Is hope so bi..erthat your dreams are over lookedbecause no one understood you?
  • 10. P a g e | 10PassionHate Poemthe narcissism in color an addic..onquota of being lynchedno one cares to pay a..en..onno one trust a basket caseand as the color existswhite sheets, black painted facesa mere reflec..on of being whippednobody‟s perfect un.. l caughtit is difficult to speculate the risk involvedthe general, values of this imposi..onis irrela..ve to painA Man CryingVicious white sheetshovering hoodsin darknessbow admi..edlyspeaking hateadamant controversypraising glory anda burning bodyagile hanging
  • 11. P a g e | 11from a treecrying murder
  • 12. P a g e | 126PassionA Dream Deferred• is hope an infringement of lifewhere as an inspired metaphordepleted a reason to growIs hope so defile in lifethat a dream is deferredupon the wish to succeedis only a dreamIs hope so deniedthat every ..me you tryyou trying, trying againto start all over again?Is hope so bi..erthat your dreams are over lookedbecause no one understood you?Is hope a simile to believein all hope, life and maturityto succeedis hope the dream you believedthat dream and it became trueHair is an Emblem
  • 13. P a g e | 13my hairthe imagery of merepresen.. ng wigsthat make memy hairthe vulgar, hip style weavethat others recognize the women in memy hairgo natural go curly afrofits the need to be boldmy hair
  • 14. P a g e | 14Passionone day long, the other day shortor maybe one day I will wear it baldmy hairis what makes me, my personalitymy hair is a status symbol to go freelyI Pledge Elegance to Our FlagThe thirteen stripes for valorthe original colonies fought forred they died and white for peacethe fi..y one stars united we standa trilogy to sustain one common belieffor freedom, world peace and honormy allegiance to the American flagDay HypoFull mom arisensunlight dances between ..mefull moon resendingMy happiness at day breakamending sleepy a dreamsMemorial of Tony
  • 15. P a g e | 15I wonder I always wonderedwhere life is a.. er deathmy brother I bother to wonderis he safe in heavenwhat are his interestwho are his friends thereI wonder I always wondered
  • 16. P a g e | 168Passionif he is ok with Godif so if he could send a signI wonder I always wonderedhow to make peace with him aboveto say I am sorry he is not with meI wonder I always wonderedif I could trust his ambi..ons to leavethat he trusted God his soulalo.. in a be.. er placeand will he wait for meI wondered always wondered, wondered, wonderedSay My Name, Lovera wordhas so much meaningjust call out my nameand ask me againand tell me who it belongs toand repeat it over and over againjust call out my namemake it purr when you say it
  • 17. P a g e | 17repeat it un..l you mean what you saylike you enjoy it connota..ondo not make me a pet namecall out my real nameun..l you not want no otherlike you mean you need meI remind you of your momwe have the same nameso do not forget the word in my namehas poten.. al meaningit is not only a wordit becomes a moratorium
  • 18. P a g e | 18PassionThe Gospel MusicI heard a songjust the other daythat made me feelthe other waythe song had soundthe song had meaningit captured my heartle.. it just a bea..ngthe drums were so compellingit made my feet thumpmy hands clapmy soul rejoicedI began to laughthe song was so goodit moved me so muchI had to play it againto reach my soulso gospel has itDaily Rou..neI awoke at fivethe everyday rou..ne
  • 19. P a g e | 19I prepared for workI fixed lunch, ate breakfastand rushed for trafficI drove at 35 miles per houra forty-five minute drive to workI paced myself to my offi ceand coned to morning coffeeI read my email, the newsand peddled to do workI greeted my students with a smile
  • 20. P a g e | 2010Passionand at the end of dayI met evening trafficpacing myself hometo study homeworkto eat dinner and go to bedmy daily rou..neMy LoveI miss your touchthe caress that made me smilegave me chills down my spineI miss the kissthat made me gaspthe memory of your tender lipspressed warm against mineI miss your stareour eyes met as one wholethe thought I felt true loveI miss your empathytowards my immaturitythat made me strongI miss saying our last good byenchanted, I sigh
  • 21. P a g e | 21I love youSuicide ThoughtsI do not like quietmy thoughts race of suicideit is my inability to conceive thoughtsprocess, progress denial in quietI lie s.. ll mor..fied in frustra..onI pop pills to infl ict painso my body cries painthe pain that subsides in memory of being hurtI lie quiet s..ll ..ll death becomes me inside
  • 22. P a g e | 22Passion 11quiet I hear voices chan..ng in my mindat my moment of peace I lie s.. ll quitea moment of silence I dri.. in dreamsof being far off not here in paradiseI lie s..ll quiet I lie s..llThe Legacywe grew through soundat an early agepopping the dance beatson the radio, through the streetswords through mellow tunesa passages and a historic relicMao legendary pop ar..stthe notes flu..er ..meI Have a DreamIt is a world where technology was possible to every manI once dreamed of human mobilityIt is a world where educa..on did not discriminateWhere the state of man was comparableIt is a world where health care is inevitable
  • 23. P a g e | 23I once dreamed of peaceHave a DreamI once dreamed of human evolu..onIt is a world that created opportunity for manWhere equality of every man was probableIt is a world where we solved problems through minds not killingWhere is a world ridden of povertyIt is a world free of hatred and denialA world free of sin
  • 24. P a g e | 2412PassionOn Being BlackOn Being BlackAs I pass by all the smears of betrayalAs I stand you, clutch your bags in fearAs I shop, you say I s..llAs I greet you, you ask if it is a con gameAs I socialize, you think I am gayAs I test in school, you wait for me to failAs I interview for a job, you check my backgroundAs I go to the doctor, you test for drugsAs I pray at church, you say I am not religiousAs I speak, you are in disbeliefAs I achieve, I pose a threatAs I willfully do, you monitor my strange behaviorAs I live day by day, you call the policeAs I try my best, you show I am inferiorCrushHow I love theeAs enchanted as .. me passesYou are forever in my memoryThrough every sen..ment sigh of retrieval
  • 25. P a g e | 25Compassion expels happinessValued in each kissI yearn for your warm caressMissing the sen.. mental tokenAn epiphany of treasure unspokenIn cap..vated by words of choiceThat persuade meaningIn how I conceive youMy heart thrust compassionConsumed in lustIn dire need of every mood
  • 26. P a g e | 26Passion 13My soul craves harmonyIn unity of a companionWho cares for meFailing to meet your desiresYou beat me with your fistYou curse me with your angerYou train my mind to obeyI cannot handle my fateBefore I lie dead in your possessionPoor Volvo No VenireDes pies de venireHacky ulna preguntaEspier venireFaithMay your soul be filled with God‟s wisdomTo become an appren..ce of faithMay your heart be touched by nature,To live by God‟s words of hopeTo encourage others to be followers of GodWhere hate is abandoned in fear of God
  • 27. P a g e | 27To be a protectorate from evilTo defend the belief of the ChurchWhere young minds can understand God‟s leadershipFor religious purposes of a spiritual creedThat defends the na..on against wrongful deeds of hateWhere fate in God leadership to promote world peaceMay God protect the female holy veil for equalityOpen her eyes, Open her soul to the covenant of GodMay men be teachers, May men be leaders, May men be rolemodelsOf the family, Of the community, Of the churchMay man think of Church as an audacity of hope of the familyTo an..cipate the love and guidance of social freedomsMay God guide me from sin, As I live this journal to heaven.
  • 28. P a g e | 2814PassionDisappearI‟m gone disappearVanish in the clearFloat on a breezeGlide over countries with easeI have the slightest of anythingBut the challenge...the uncertainty is so bi..er-sweet, so en..cingHopefully, I‟ll find what has been calling meMy hearing full of water and my peripheral clouded, and I just can‟tseeI know it‟s great, it has to be, to call to me for agesThrough puberty, through yearnings, and through love, the soundof thecall has never faded.It‟s not easyBelieve meto leave known precious and stable fruits, in search of my ownunknown fruits and treasuresWill my experience or my educa..on qualify me? Will they measure?Will arithme..c calculate the steps it takes to lead my parched bodyto the purest of streams?My thirst unbearable. Where I see thousands of ripples of coolnessand
  • 29. P a g e | 29shimmering sparkles as they beckon and reach for me, yet madnessis my dreamMaybe my light will shineAnd maybe...just maybe, I‟ll follow this ..meI‟ll never know when my calling will cease to call, whether the ..meis far or near all I know is, I‟m gone disappear.The ChildrenThe faces in the picture smileHurt shines in their eyesPain and agony hidden deep
  • 30. P a g e | 30Passion 15Years of regret kept secretA true story that is never toldThe past hidden so wellHearts that cried each dayWith no protec..on from the hateTiptoeing on broken glassWhile trying to stay invisibleThe Search for TruthWhen was the last ..me...?Our big, black fist grappled over the fear of losing something,something... s..ll the pendulums of .. me scan..ly fl ings sand.The .. mes con..nue.When was the last ..me...Our strong scarlet red groped for the apathy of losingsomething, something... yet, s..ll the drums pound from thedesserts of Africa at Verba..m?And are not herd.When was the last ..me...Our feeble minds and our weak souls had spoken distorted truthsabout our people‟s past and of who are and what we believefatefully.Oh... how the soul parts.
  • 31. P a g e | 31Amore, Prayer of SuccessionOnce more,Give me the chance to followAnd I‟ll let Him lead.Break me from my faithAnd I‟ll en..ce you with his wordsWithdraw me from prideI will tender you with kindness
  • 32. P a g e | 3216PassionForbade me from all truthsmy mind will forbade you to induceFor Almighty God, is theprecursor of succession.America ProsperityLike a turtle in its hollow shellLike a bird scoring over the heavensMy soul wants to escape intohopes and dreamsin a journey away from sinI will never be aloneI will never be aloneI will run with your love,God, Leading the way from sinand I shall follow,You understand,your presence means a lot to me.America SpeaksI remember my struggledefending who I am
  • 33. P a g e | 33I felt all alone, with no purposeYou made me faithful with yourheart and your love, all-powerful Godyou entered my soul and made me wholein my sickly mind, your Spirit prepares mefor the future, I rejoicefor you to judge my lifewith the lives of others,your Spirit faithfullyreigns over the world.
  • 34. P a g e | 34Passion 17Walking with GodI will be there to the end. O LordBecause you were there for me inMy ..mes of needsYou protected me, guided meRaised me from sin in your honorYou drew me near to lovetall in natureof you recrea..on let me beredeemed eternally with yourpermission I will riseI will shine in your presence, O LordI will be there to the end.American Patrio..smFaith...is enveloped in aspiring dreamsthrough fate alone; a purposea republic commi..ed to principles...Which ques.. on fear?Democracy guidance...For a government - to call to freedom
  • 35. P a g e | 35Ask for Trust in which the government standsfor the cons..tu..on speaks of holy guidance.What a Word ImpliesCivil Rights are when...A word is a symbol that can be used out of context.To define a word is to emphasize meaning.A word can be a metaphor or simile or a gesture.A word can be used to describe.
  • 36. P a g e | 3618PassionThe fights for equality means equal access.To define equality means to inherit opportunity:Opportunity to value a good educa..on.Opportunity to have a good founda..on.Opportunity to have the freedom once denied.Such words display hatred and degrada..on.We should not call each other a “Niger.”The Legacy Con..nuesOne day African AmericansWill become Physician AssistantsOne day ColoredsWill become TeachersOne day NegrosWill become poli..ciansand school AdministratorsA Promise that one day Black peopleWill be noted later fortheir level of successPrayer
  • 37. P a g e | 37Never been on drugsNever done weedNever got drunkNever had extractNever been to prisonNever been with a manNor Women the tempta..onNever exists„40 and a virginNever had kidsNever wanted an abor..onNever had sinned
  • 38. P a g e | 38Passion 19Never has stolenNever has cheatedNever got chasedTo live in paranoiaOne thing I ever wantedIs to live in prayerPray for a ReasonPray, say a prayerPray for the light of GodTo shine, shine through youIt does not ma..er who or what you areJust thank heaven for lifeAnd another life, a life,Express your song, just prayPray for the reason the good granted by GodPray, say a prayer for your condi..onTo shine, shine through you a planTo give love, to share love, the meaning of loveJust pray, say a prayerPrayer for the light of GodTo come through to youIt does not ma..er if you are not good enough
  • 39. P a g e | 39Praise, thank heaven for life you livePray, just pray and pray again for a chanceLive it over and over, to prayPray a song of lightMy SoulAll the years of suffering that happened and my life mysoul stays strong and helps me fight the good fi ght. Freeto wonder like the wind that‟s tell god comes and free usfrom sin. Only your soul knows who you really are Couse
  • 40. P a g e | 4020Passionyou are it and your body is a shell holding it and.itdoesn‟t ma..er what things you have most seal there soul toon the things they have. Are souls are here to see how muchwe can bear the pain. Tell the lord comes to see usagain. A true test of ..me how long will we last I ask?Four ever Couse a life lost is a life rebornLovelove is wonderful love is sweet love cannot be beatones you‟re in love its forever in your heart it is like thesummer sky in the night is like music to your heart itmakes your heart quiver it makes your shiver all over itwill take your breath away love is so wonderful love.When you find that oneWhen you find that one you know that‟s the one when you findthat one you feel it in your heart when you find that oneyour heart quivers like a chill when you find that one itsalways and forever when you find that one you won‟t let thatfish go when you find that one hold on and don‟t let go un..ldeath do you part it‟s that love you know it so when youfind that one always hold that soul mate close to your heart
  • 41. P a g e | 41because your heart and the one above sent that one true loveto you.PoemThe world is a quilt and each patch is a nationBound by a thread since the days of creationAdorned with great color and radiant splendorThough divided by race and religion and gender
  • 42. P a g e | 42Passion 21In some eyes, it is handsome, in others canto ratedThe patches are different, unmatched and unsortedIncongruous in pattern, in shape and in colorNot one is much similar to any otherSo some try to imagine one great designBut in truth our uniqueness is really just fineNations and patches of all kinds and all sortsCustoms, religions, languages, sportsThis is okay if each patch has its spaceAnd on the quilt of the world, each nation has its placeBut the stitches that bind us are easily shedBy the wars that are fought and the words that are saidWe must realize the appearance of no patch is inferiorAnd the ways of no nation can make it superiorDivided by oceans, united by a dreamThe world is a quilt and our love is its seamBlacks in American HistoryOld age has caught up on meWhere wisdom is patiently counting dawnWho am I? Am I the person who bathed you, played withyou and read you bed time stories until the wee hours of the night?
  • 43. P a g e | 43Am I the person who coached you and supported you through yourjourney? Others see me as bitter and cold.And aint I an American?Who am I? Am I the one that cooked you dinner and cleanedthe house while you were away? Am I the one that nursed you whileyou were sick? Am I the one who obeyed orders and completedgood deeds? Others find me helpless.And aint I an American?Who am I? Was I your right hand man that made sureeverything was in order? Was I the one who followed ordersand went beyond call and duty? Was I the one who went beyondadversity? Others find my faults.
  • 44. P a g e | 4422PassionAnd aint I an American?Who am I? Am I the one to respond to duty? It is mypatronage to follow and protect and test the waters while otherscannot. Others don‟t respect this.And aint I an American?Who am I? Am I the one God made strong enough to followin His path in this journey to be heard? I am an auntie. I am a child. Iam a teacher. I am a soldier. I am a child of God.And aint I an American?I walk like I am disabledThere is a monkey on my backI carry the load of intoleranceI may be usedI may be abusedI have been lied onI have been beatenI may be lonelyI may be seduced
  • 45. P a g e | 45And my prayers and dreamsShattered the truthBut I am still hereAmerican pursues a state of war that affected the lives of the people.The war satin has changed this nation. Let support innovativesolutions to our problems:..Let‟s find solution to not end what we need such as socialsecurity and Medicare. Let us raise the bar on healthcare thatwill help everyone...Let‟s not increase the debt ceiling...Let‟s educate to create insight and occupational skills forjobs tomorrow..Let‟s create technology to invent itself..Let‟s let research create venues for a healthy state..Let‟s not make our imports maximize our outposts..
  • 46. P a g e | 46Let‟s create jobs in the US where we can become externalconsumers of trade
  • 47. P a g e | 47Passion 23..Let‟s determine the differences between religion andmorality to challenge issues such as laws for gays, abortion,civil rights, and immigrationLet‟s make history. Let‟s get our nation back on track.Four Colored Girls,I cry many tears of endearmentMany sleepless nightsI speak loudly in angerBitter harsh feelings of denialConfusion asking for respectWhen emotions lost its meaningI cry many tears of rejectionTheir words speak louder than wordsI whisper, I whisper, I whisper words of wisdomA freedom of expressionPondering in fear
  • 48. P a g e | 48I cry many years for forgivenessI have wrongfully sinnedI pray for the strength to protect my soulFor my fate to determine its keeperWoman‟s Voice: Happiness… is joy. Being able to share laughterat your faults that are both embarrassing and demeaning. It meansto come to realization that God made humans that a couple has theability to mess up. It means to confront with each other‟s insecuritiesto admit to your faults when you are wrong and praise glory whenyou are right. Happiness means to accept each other‟s feelings to trust
  • 49. P a g e | 4924Passionthem. Happiness means to let your fate grow as whole.Man„s Conscious: I wanted to confront you. It had been somethingI held within for some time. I ask why I feel alone when we are acouple. I want you to understand I miss the ways things went. Now,I feel hurt in my heart. You come along with a different personality.My child died and I feel things are different. We do not hang out theway we use to. We do not talk like we used to and sex is not the same.I feel why we can‟t talk this out. If you lost all reason for what wehave I must leave.Woman‟s Voice: Sadness… is silence. To allow your feelings toexpress anger. It is to feel anger is not in control. Where dramaticoutburst come from the heart asking to be forgiven. It is the abilityto cry out outburst for forgiveness to acknowledge your feelings areheard. To cry is to say words you wanted to say and to feel the thingsyou could not feel alone.Man‟s Conscious: Your ability to not love is my inability to trust you.How can I allow us to grow when we distance ourselves? I feel youdo not want me to trust you after your child died, because, you shutme out when I am trying to cope with him not being around. There is aline between us, between fate and faith. If we are both willing to makethis choice, we must both be willing to walk the distance together.The words we choose not to say, is what we fail in this relationship.Woman‟s Voice: If you are the man I thought you were, the man I fellin love with, I need you let me to love you.
  • 50. P a g e | 50Man‟s Voice: I want to be a man. I am a man. As I reach this rite ofpassage, I need you to be there cheering me on as my partner in life.Silence…as the couple held each other and stared in each other eyesin silence.To My UnbornGirl: Sorry I disrespected you. All the times I lived longing for yourdaddy to step up to the plate, longing for your daddy to step up to theplate, longing for your daddy to step up to the plate to claim you.Boy: For I did not know of our Godly creation .Our baby is our own
  • 51. P a g e | 51Passion 25salvation.Girl: Instead I saved you from the agony and distress before you wereborn into poverty, abandonment and denial. I protected you fromneglect.Boy: It is what I thought she wanted. It is about me. It is what onlyshe understands.Girl: And when I inhaled life, I felt the taste of your breath whenI aborted you. I feel the selfish pain of guilt that I betrayed you. Ibetrayed your father. I betrayed God.Boy: It has always about me what she thought she wanted to have inlife.Girl: I could not support you as a single mom.Boy: I wanted us to grow together through fate to face rejection fromignorance and betrayal. I wanted to be a daddy.Girl: I wanted your daddy to be a daddy.Boy: But so she kept you a secret. I am sorry for her decision was finalwithout much thought not knowing the inevitable of one day seeingour child achieve.Girl: I chose this path, to have an abortion, without reason but withjust cause. And if I see purpose through reasoning, wanting to tellyour daddy the secret that lies within me, our souls will be redeemed.Many tears, many tears, many tears; I cry.
  • 52. P a g e | 52Moral ObligationI am an apprentice by faith,And God is the master of wisdom.Our covenant is the fellowship of passage,Redeemed by His Holy Spirit.I am a journey man by fate,And God is the temperament.Our convocation is through prayer;Humbled by His image.
  • 53. P a g e | 5326PassionI Believe,Sometimes the greatest struggleIs to find peace of mindSometime the mind goes astrayOnly to find its way back to GodTeach me to crawl before I walkEvery step to heavenSo that I‟m born a revived ChristianRising higher and higher to God‟s gloryI first knew God when troubledThen again when foundNow I believe what glorious sightI accept Jesus Now I believeOh I believe in the mercy of the LordHe delivered me from evilTo praise His holy wordOh I believe in the mercy of the LordI believe that I am savedI believe that I am savedI believe in the healing powers form sin
  • 54. P a g e | 54I am humbled by the LordI am stronger by His waysOh I believeYes I believeOh I believeYes I believeGod I am thankfulFor the gift of lifeYou alone have bless meI thank you for giving me spiritual growthTo grow by the ability to loveOh, yes, I believe
  • 55. P a g e | 55Passion 27TennysonThe freezing shattering mistBroughtColdChillsOf heavyHallowWindsYodeling deathTimeIL tiene FrioNegro llama lepalAu escribe tiepes.2 B Luvd2BIs 2 luvY‟r own.2 have
  • 56. P a g e | 56Is 2 luvWhats known?2 luvsIs a kind act2 have shown.2 liveIs to luvNot 2 b alone.
  • 57. P a g e | 5728Passion2 luvsIs to bN luv.Playing BasketballI like to dribbleMaking the ball spin,Up and down the court,I‟m in for the win.Right guard vaultTwist and turn offenceDefensively in oppositionEvery team player‟s defense.Got momentumGot a way to scoreOut for that extra pointIts game four.The game is in oppositionDysfunctional movesThe product of geometry
  • 58. P a g e | 58Puts the game in move.Across the courtGetting into actionAn active teamWatch your reaction.
  • 59. P a g e | 59Passion 29VenelleMy poem travels through timeIts meaning is a math equationIts contour is a paintingMy poem has a journeyIt speaks its voice heardThrough epitaph of reasonMy poem is a scrollIt has many ordained lawsIts voice is a religious soundMy poem is a manmade riverIt shares common groundIts system relies on wordingMy poem is a eulogy of thoughtIts passage has characterWhose pretense relies on actors?My poem is overwhelmingToo much to represent
  • 60. P a g e | 60All within timeMy poem is heaven sentShallow ReignA narcissist is trueTo girding thoughts.He reaches beyondTo find his placeWill never get very far.
  • 61. P a g e | 6130PassionHe has many visionsInfinity to reasonInability to invention.PersonaI am clean as a whipMy workplace reflects my roomMy room is roomy placeA to do list of choresMy laundry bent over the couchHangers loosed on the hang of trashMy shoes in organized pilesMy bed covers in rufflesJust stuff scattered on my deskMakeup smudged on dresserLingerie stuffed in clambered dwarsMy workplace is not a reflection of my roomAll tidy kept away is my secretControversyI feel the painDeeper and deeper
  • 62. P a g e | 62It is not the sameMy soul is its keeper.I want to succeedThe fight is my flightIf only to proceedYou are always right.
  • 63. P a g e | 63Passion 31Sickness in my headYou are a userHeartened expectedLead me on bruiser.I am outOut, out.RepassThe powerful are justifiedThe weak are humbledThe poor have wisdomThe lonely consumed in wealthThe sad are convictedThe insane are frightenedThe mad are victimsThe worrisome are impulsiveSociety is dysfunctionalHypoSunrise lifts abovePeaking, searching for life
  • 64. P a g e | 64Rays shine through heavenFallenI set to waitedYearning for you to callerYou were delatedFolded time fallenAdvanced passes
  • 65. P a g e | 6532PassionHollered and rolledTime goes on lessonsLooken at confessesLooks kept on guessesAn EagleA whisk of wind whipsSoaring, gliding, wings sailingTrailing over the horizonLooking down on its preyKeen eyes on looking onwardWings a brisk selling downwardTowards the bottomless pitSavoring the vegetationIt devoured a slimy, icky worm.On RhymeGive me a minuteAs I compose this rhymeUntil the poem is finishedIf you‟ve got the time.
  • 66. P a g e | 66I have been writing lyricsAt a drop of a dimeThinking of a rhyme schemeWritten fine.Written as it so seemsSo tell me what I mean.
  • 67. P a g e | 67Passion 33ImageryCoffee grounds shutteredHerbal scent of as the aromaPerked hot fuses ofMildew titter tattingDownstream pouringHeavily molin drops into aSmall silver metal kettleFiguratively SpeechlessHe, he, heHIs eyes shined like diamondsHis body was hard as a rockHis dress represented his demeanorHis speech had much personalityHis attitude was the embodiment of skillsHe, he, heHe had classHe had repealMissing
  • 68. P a g e | 68I miss all the times we sharedI miss you‟ve shown you caredI miss how true you areI miss because you are kindI miss you because you make me laughI miss you when I am sadI miss you are indeed so grand
  • 69. P a g e | 6934PassionTemperamentWords you choose to sayDeception in disguiseYet you fail to understandSaddened by untrue liesYou have mistaken me for someone elseI felt you should have gotten to know,Who and what I truly represent.If you took the time to know meThen you would seeThat I am a child of GodYes, it is really meAnd what I perceive to be.IIA Hugh of dark mistChannels clouds into clustersHigh above the heavensGod‟s hands clapTo justify reasonA beam of light strikesUnto earths suffice
  • 70. P a g e | 70Pellets of humid dew danceHurdling unto earth‟s crustAs God is its witnessThe death toll has no mercyIIIIt was the best of times; it was the worst of times,It was the age of wisdom; it was the age of foolishness,It was the epoch of belief; it was the epoch of incredulity,
  • 71. P a g e | 71Passion 35It was the season of Light; it was the season of Darkness,It was the spring of hope; it was the winter of despair,We had everything before us; we had nothing before us,We were all going direct to Heaven, we were all going directThe other way--in short, the period was so far like the presentPeriod, that some of its noisiest authorities insisted on itsBeing received, for good or for evil, in the superlative degreeOf comparison only.The winter evening settles downWith smell of steaks in passageways.Six o‟clock.The burnt-out ends of smoky days.And now a gusty shower wrapsThe grimy scrapsOf withered leaves about your feetAnd newspapers from vacant lots;The showers beatOn broken blinds and chimney-pots,And at the corner of the streetA lonely cab-horse steams and stamps.And then the lighting of the lamps.
  • 72. P a g e | 72Sonnet VWho is the fairest of thy all?For all thy beauty I am not worthyLet our love be true the test of timesFor what left to all are we left to prove?Exons desire passion troveVirtue is in prism for goodness showTo defeat all reason love to grow
  • 73. P a g e | 7336PassionGaze deep inside my heartTo see the sunshine over the bankNatures call to fertilityAs the planets move I dare not sayHow fair love be fair gameAll serenity will justify timeLet not our marriage foldTo admit virtue is a bond to moldThe fabrication of deceit and liesWill not defeat purpose and all reasonUnity is our foundationThrough the just of timesTo overcome the fear of doomLet temperament be our canvass to longevityTo bear reason to gender faultFor love is a pendulum testing timeVIIDeep down in the heart of meThere is something disturbing insideThe image in ME must confideMiss Notion not to be
  • 74. P a g e | 74My heart is yoursYou carry my soulYou carry my soulYou carry my soulTo serenity, to love, to unfoldMy heart is yoursForever to consoleMy heart is yours
  • 75. P a g e | 75Passion 37I am broken for our loveIt figures our emotions would distantOur feelings no longer consistentLeaving it up to God aboveVIIILove will never endI would make your dreams become trueOnly if you would want me toIf your dream were to travelI would sail around the worldTo the depth of the oceanWe would enjoy the rideIf your dream were to fight for lifeI would challenge deathTo console your soul with prayerTo do what is rightIf your dream were to be richI would empower your self esteemAnd be an anchor to your dreamIf your dream were to be a soldierI would be your Sargent at armsProtecting you from your enemy
  • 76. P a g e | 76Guiding you from harmIf you dream were to fi nd fameI would attract popularityWith gainful employmentWith fame and popularity the sameIf your dream were to fi nd peaceI would give you my soulWe would be in this togetherThrough rich or through poorIf your dream were to fi nd charityI would give you my heartOr love would be forever
  • 77. P a g e | 7738PassionFrom sickness and health do we part?If I could answer your prayerI would give you my faithThrough all hopeLove will give or takeIf man can dreamI would be your counterpartTo love, to hold, to CherishForever love, forever love, forever loveXO, XO, XO, XOVIIIIEvery morning I hear the cryRested amongst sleep at 5 a.m.Mourning the last cry of symmetryPast the day‟s routine to returnTo the same cry of warningDebts survival of union within ones cultTo break in silenceThe dog ate my cat.Trees coveted the dirt rock roadWith the scent of pine
  • 78. P a g e | 78The long ridden trail to a familiar roadSnow covered trough hinted winter has arrivedThe coyote has gone to rest in his caveWild hunting season is bountifulAltered smoke fills the sky from farmhouse chimneysFish has gone for vegetation surrounding the frozen lakeLong I wait tile day is once dawnI sleep for nowI dream
  • 79. P a g e | 79Passion 39Stood UpThe BeginningA sigh of reprisal was an ambivalent cryMy aching heart dispels anger of being told noOver and over again - the denialThe MiddleLonging for your acknowledgementTo be accepted into your realm of social lifeI wait for your arrival to return my soul you tookThe EndWith every word lost in speechI yearn to express the pain my heart feelsTo not be loved by youThe CultLocked upIngrate minds
  • 80. P a g e | 80Neglected by their peersJust a matter of timePapa don‟t claim himMamma can‟t save himBargain with his own lifeJust a matter of timeIll doctrine lessons off the streetIdle minds dwindles about their peepsMoney laundering swindles of what to keepJust a matter of timeHustling cash on the dime
  • 81. P a g e | 8140PassionGot to get paid, got to get mineTook another life an innocent childJust a matter of timeBattling life‟s struggleGang bangers styleHope I live to see 21Just a matter of timeHoly SpiritThe silent stillnessof quiet hem;is a supple graceof the holy spirit.As the Holy Ghostis at serviceto my soul.To consume salvation;to alter death;where angels riseand shadows rest.And as the day endsAnd gospel fadesA prayer inhibits
  • 82. P a g e | 82a familiar beginning.The Negara Saga of a Ghetto Queenharassment and denialfrom opposing religionsto either flunk her out
  • 83. P a g e | 83Passion 41or to face rational decisionsdrive bays, car bombs, and parents threatsthe unreachable childhad many regretsangry crowds knock out car windowsvengeful gangs kicked in doorsall against one student from reachingher educational goalsGod would not judge herbut grant her creedCancer Cellpneumonia first called its name within the walls of a cell. Blindedpneumonia, carrier of disease that roamed an ill virus through variousblood cells. Horrific pneumonia, spectra merging through cellularwalls. A sickly virus from a destructive cold. Mania pneumonia thatmarked itself in place a lymph node a cold, ill place where bacteriaroams to claim cancer. A pneumonia cell that spreads word to otherenzymes cancer has claimed a host called death. Death has no agelimit.
  • 84. P a g e | 8442PassionVegas Dreams (Spoken Word)Out of Vegas, the city that never sleeps, where anything is possible.That dreams are made of what inspires you. I am from what ishonorably knownas the West side in Vegas. My hood is home of the Crip. Some knowit as the ghettowhere many fear to be seen. My hood comes from where you don‟tknow how to act of the middle class - administrators, senators,educators, athletes, police offi cers, gangmembers, pedal pushers, drug addicts, erotica and the sons anddaughters of future Crip. The west side is affluently known for blacksettlement in Vegas of the sixties. It is the home of the Moulin Rougewhere only the black stars had facilitation for entertainment andwhere they were housed in its hotel. Vegas the home of the north townblood. Vegas home of the south side Crip. It is all about zones. Whatcomes from the hood stays in the hood. The west side is a familyraised in a village. It is the doctrine of faith and value stood. The westside is a community of faith where everyone knows his place, knowswhere he comes from, knows how to speak and give back to the placeof residence. No relations to drive bays, gang bangers, homicides.It is a unity of peace and love with who you identify with. Home ofthe high dropout rate because youth can earn as much doing servicewithout a degree. Home of where schools were not desegregated
  • 85. P a g e | 85until after 1978. Home of high teenage pregnancy rate, where babymomma drama is a concern. Home where jail bait was 15 years adult.Home where curfew was at 1 AM in the morning. Home of the blockparties where kids hung out in the street late nights to roam duringthe summers. Home where athletes were not educated and could notread after high school. Home where players had to be from anothercountry or mixed to be popular on the team. Home where drug dealerscan earn 30 grand selling drugs off the street. Home where prisonshold the abundant youth due to social poverty. Home where there ismuch fear of disaster. Home where there is much love. Home wherea college degree can mean something to the development of thecommunity and must not be taken for granted.
  • 86. P a g e | 86Passion 43Baby Momma DramaIt takes two to make a childin desolate of ignorant mindsthat led a child to conceive a babybabies having babiesat the age of tenhaltering a child of owndelivered by a paramedicsnapping hips backto console to secrecyworried about being caughtvowed through deceptionfrom an under aged teenagera baby momma dramahow old, old enough to conceal childinadequate mask
  • 87. P a g e | 8744Passionto growing up too soonfrom child to adulta forced responsibilitysomewhere out thereis a 30 something childto a 40 then and some motherwhose child does not know whotheir mother truly is?Judgmenta fatal cry of deceptionmorally advisedNeglected by each emulated touchfondling dreams of anger lie insideHazy, vivid memorygrowing young in his possessionDisturbing images from abuse
  • 88. P a g e | 88Passion 45wanting to break through, to recoverfrom an oppressing manifestationStereotypesStereotypes, is that a gesture? Are you entitled to pass judgment basedon preconceived thoughts? Is the circulation of thoughts based onrumors? Do you judge because you do not care to understand myposition? Is it because you never got to know me and do not care? Canyou really tell by first impression that I am different? Is it my outwardappearance, you base judgment that I fit those stereo types? Can youtell by looking at me, what you do not like about me? Is it my outwardappearance you hesitate to retaliate towards? Must we bargain with aliturgy? Is it something I said that you‟re against? Is it over somethingsomeone said about me that has got you all fired up? Did I not followthrough based on your ideology of reasoning that frustrated you? Is itright to judge, because of how I acted out that you must try to changeto your preferences? Shall I admit something is wrong with me? Howdoes one respond to stereotypes? I am who I am.To Love oneto love is to embody emotion to penetrate deep down in your soul. It
  • 89. P a g e | 89isthe emotion to love oneself; because one must love oneself in order toallow others to love you. Love is feeling of greatness that you placeGod above oneself; because God it the gatekeeper of your soul. Areyoufeeling me? Loving one means you are blessed that you feel goodabout yourself and you are doing right by God. Loving one meansthat you have an attitude of pride. You represent that feeling ofrevelation that you have reached redemption of the mind, body and
  • 90. P a g e | 9046Passionsoul. The way you carry yourself is how others will judge you. LoveGod,love life and love one.FaithMay your soul be filled with God‟s wisdomTo become an apprentice of faithMay your heart be touched by nature,To live by God‟s words of hopeTo encourage others to be followers of GodMay spiritual education open the door to a closed mind,To not be perturbed of evilTo become enriched in fate to guide the blindSo he too may seek holy spiritual freedomBecome a PR actioner of faithWhere hate is abandoned in fear of GodTo be a protectorate from evilTo defend the belief of the ChurchWhere young minds can understand God‟s leadershipFor religious purposes of a spiritual creed
  • 91. P a g e | 91Passion 47That defends the nation against wrongful deeds of hateWhere fate in God leadership to promote world peaceMay God protect the female holy veil for equalityOpen her eyes, Open her soul to the covenant of GodMay men be teachersMay men be leadersMay men be role modelsOf the familyOf the communityOf the churchMay man think of Church as an audacity of hope of the familyTo anticipate the love and guidance of social freedomsGod is my Shepard I shall not wantAs I walk through the valley of fire I shall fear no evilGod is my temperamentMay I profess the faith God gave meI believe he is the deliverer of my fateMay God guide me from sinAs I live this journal to heaven.
  • 92. P a g e | 9248PassionA Time RemisedConfusionDoubtEmotionally stressedVenerable inheritPainfully assistDamper horizonModerately sensedModifi ed solutionDangerously ad missedTranquil upsetFervently blessedInhale jeopardyExternally confessedAn imagery, a conceptFiguratively obsessedA silent memorialA gesture remised
  • 93. P a g e | 93Passion 49A time remisedA time remisedA time remisedA time remisedA time remised (silence)I‟m outOur LoveHow I love theeAs enchanted as time passesYou are forever in my memoryThrough every sentiment sigh of retrievalCompassion expels happinessValued in each kissI yearn for your warm caressMissing the sentimental tokenAn epiphany of treasure unspokenIn captivated by words of choiceThat persuade meaning
  • 94. P a g e | 9450PassionIn how I conceive youMy heart thrust compassionConsumed in lustIn dire need of every moodMy soul craves harmonyIn unity of a companionWho cares for meFailing to meet your desiresYou beat me with your fistYou curse me with your angerYou train my mind to obeyI cannot handle my fateBefore I lie dead in your possessionForsakenWritten by, PassionWe have been taken as an enemy of allIn prison our ability to communicate with GodWe have mistaken our old tired liesCreating fear within our delicate skin
  • 95. P a g e | 95Passion 51IIDrugged addicts holding us backAlienating a rafters dark stepsThe ghettos furious life sentenceDevious of the calm watersIIIWe entrap our minds in dissolute timesAn image of a storm perturbs warm watersA roots bough underneath the soils foilA shadows emerges a hallow pathIVTo taste its breath of poisons airHovering silence embrace for peaceTime‟s client is an admissive stareGhostly hands deplete death entrapmentVGhastly sign of escape of insanity
  • 96. P a g e | 96Trying to vacate his unsought welcomeThe river trails defeat and defile voices behindHis huge plow hands hold in singes of dirtVIHis back hold gashes of violet sups of bloodHis heart meditates for a saviorThe dark night encloses desire to be freeLord, grant me strength
  • 97. P a g e | 9752PassionPerilous dreams deferredEnvious puppets emulate denialIf tears could speakIt speaks of fearVIIAlign the dark shoresTo compromise life in deceptionHammering light conspiracyTo position for failureVIIIA quilt made of old tired jeansA sewn patch from each generationA coveted patch woven in gayetyA smoldering vintage kept hotVIIIIAnd in the middle of the dayWe would all exitThe storm
  • 98. P a g e | 98Amongst a clay of dustAnd mother will bequeath loveAnd nature will provide fruitAnd prayer will be inevitable truthAnd the new born will never speak in silence
  • 99. P a g e | 99Passion 53Red NatureRed tepid waterdrains through buildingblocks of slothful thought.Thrust winds, rain, sleet buildred energy from lightning inthe sky moldering in deception.A scented red rose withlong thickly sharp prongsspeak of gayety pride.A red liquid imprint froman old newspaper personaldreary same sex ad.A tornado battled winds blewdown the red old country barnin depravity of old tired accusations.Awakening death dreary darkblack clouds with tiers ofred voices speak ofdespair, agony and fear.Red sun rays piercingconfused signs of life ofa lustful inquiry.
  • 100. P a g e | 100Chilly air rips throughthe wear and tearof a red oldwitheredjacketbeatenanddenied.
  • 101. P a g e | 10154PassionOn GamblingI spent the day whooping a dime awayI sipped on jinn and juice boozing my life awayI bargained in debt suicidal thoughtsAs I spent every quota on a dollar afterthoughtI wondered the casino had a quarter to spareWhen betting commission with my family life to spareI hoped that much energy it took to roll the diceWould make me a millionaire for half the priceA fallacy that took all I hadFor all that‟s worth, my badPimpI sat in the salon getting duties up for the pensionAs a pimp undressed me with unsought commissionI had the body and the hair to match his admissionThe pimp saw interest in his missionAlthough bargained I had no intentionI was too clean to forsake cheap submissionStill Here
  • 102. P a g e | 102I may be usedI may be abusedI have been lied onI have been beatenI may be lonelyI may be seducedAnd my prayers and dreamsShattered the truthBut I am still here
  • 103. P a g e | 103Passion 55Brass MonkeyI walk like I am disabledThere is a monkey on my backI carry the load of intoleranceFat BoysHis butt is so fatWhen he turns a cornerYou better look twiceYou do not want to miss itYou may run into it againUntil nothing is leftMake me a WomanOld age has caught up on meWhere wisdom is patiently counting dawnKnowing Ones PlaceI know where to goI know what to say
  • 104. P a g e | 104I know when to stopI know my placeBelieve in God AlwaysI asked for Strength.........And God gave me Difficul..es to make me strong.I asked for Wisdom.........
  • 105. P a g e | 10556PassionAnd God gave me Problems to solve.I asked for Prosperity.........And God gave me Brain and Brawn to work.I asked for Courage.........And God gave me Danger to overcome.I asked for Love.........And God gave me troubled people to help.I asked for Favors.........And God gave me Opportuni..es.I received nothing I wanted........I received everything I needed!Dreary BluesMy skin lives by day and nightThe moon often receives its pension for grantedThe stars redeems my colored soulNight and day compensates for paying rentRise up and SingAwaken, vision the riverDistance our past
  • 106. P a g e | 106Broken gutters, rusted box carsA deterred realityInto a virtual culture of bluesRuptured by nightAfrican DanceFling my armsWiggle my feetBody movementTo the African drum beet
  • 107. P a g e | 107Passion 57Bounce my headTap my feetSnap my figuresTo a passionate beatFondle that guitarPeddle that pianoBlowing that hornTo the bee, bop rhythmOf the harmonic drumEight BallHigh on the cornerSipped 8 ball juiceGot me reminiscentOf all the women I seducedHigh on hog dreary bluesTalking all that jiveSipped 8 ball juiceGot me thinking out loudOh my troubled mindGot me prayingGot me drinking
  • 108. P a g e | 108The blues awayFellowshipScared, my body tremblesMy knees knocked, bear groundAs my hands clasp togetherMy head bow downDreams
  • 109. P a g e | 10958PassionWishI make a wish upon a starI wonder, I wonderThe distance of heaven; afarUp above the sky, so brightHeaven within my grasp tonightMy eyes see the gloryOf divine lifeColdest DayThe devil‟s breath is as coldAs hell is hotAn EagleA whisk of wind whipsSoaring, gliding, wings sailingTrailing over the horizonLooking down on its preyKeen eyes on looking onwardWings a brisk selling downwardTowards the bottomless pit
  • 110. P a g e | 110Savoring the vegetationIt devoured a slimy, icky worm.
  • 111. P a g e | 111Passion 59REFLECTION POEMSDeathAn Autumn DayThe frolic leafs‟ of an autumn dayDense forest Piercing time Against the windAloft - Silenced - CrushedMurmuring whistle cries death:Rust, Scarlet, Auburn masks of leafs‟Lifeless a dry, humid hole.ColorIf a color pertains to a hueHow depth of the hue pertains to lightWhile a mixture of hues define a contourHow much contour is needed to defi ne beautyIf I were black, brown, yellow, white or purpleIt would make solid black however you defi ne itThe beauty in is if opal is in fashionBlack goes along with everything.ReunitedThe etching of a Caterpillar steps
  • 112. P a g e | 112Paint images of the patience it took teach graceThe autistic of spindling of a spider‟s webResends a creation of motivation of inspired conceptsThe beauty of the sun settling beneath the seaAnd of night parching the end of dayEnchants memories emulating peaceThe gift to breathe life, there is loveThe agility to smile, there is loveThe spirit of hope, there is love
  • 113. P a g e | 11360Passion18th Century to PresentTake these worn shackles off my feetYou are wearing me downWith your controlling episodes of emotionYou do not own meLet me be free to express myselfI felt you hold on to remit a fantasy of yoursWhen I don‟t feel the same way as kids doI want to feel free from being tied downI am tired of being reminded of youWhen I don‟t exist, time does not persistAnd I must move on, because there is a soulInside of me peeping out wanting to be freeBut you won‟t let me escape from your spiritYou are not my soul mate, not the one I wantNot the one I dream of and still you wait for my returnYour ghost hunts me, stalks me follows my every moodNow, I must go to the pasture to hideFor I cannot love anyone now that you have broken my heartI AmI am up and downI am all aroundI am here and there
  • 114. P a g e | 114I am everywhereI am in and outI am all aboutI am omnipotentI am GodRememberingI can barely feel your presenceEmotions left and are not aroundI vaguely recall your whispering
  • 115. P a g e | 115Passion 61Within my heart, as my body tremblesWith fear of not having you herewith me, reminding me thatThe light traces your path to whereLife began, mourning not to sellYour soul to the devil; peacefullyYou lie to restCompassionTupac, a visionarynot to be mistaken for self-pityTupac, a legendnot to be misunderstood for self-hateTupac, an evolutionist with stylenot to be minted for self-envyTupac, a revolutionnot to be mistrusted for self-afflictionTupac, an artistnot to be mistaken for self-denialTupac, spiritual advocacyLeft a rose in the cracks of the streetPithing the way for others soon followIt is more than a dream...it is a way of life
  • 116. P a g e | 116ReflectionI vaguely trace your appearancea distorted figurine from the pastBlotches of ink splotches across the canvassSplotches of oil dances life to an unknown postulantImagery emerges a distant path of discoveryfading fast
  • 117. P a g e | 11762PassionA LetterI remember my struggledefending who I amI felt all alone, with no purposeYou made me faithful with yourheart and your love, all-powerful Godyou entered my soul and made me wholein my sickly mind, your Spirit prepares mefor the future, I rejoicefor you to judge my lifewith the lives of others,your Spirit faithfullyreigns over the world.Like a turtle in its hollow shellDon‟t AskA haze and a junkieJiving highLiving on the streetInhaling a lie addictionSaving for a raining dayTo get my stuff together
  • 118. P a g e | 118A weeper over collegeA choice jiving highA cigarette stick and a pregnancyHustling pool on welfareMeet you at oneMeet you at threeOne day immoral embarrassingA smile be your umbrellaDon‟t askThe games we choose to play
  • 119. P a g e | 119Passion 63Death of Loved OneMy soul quivers with emotion.My heart divided by the loss of a true friend.I experience phases of unearthed passion;Perturbed with urgency, seeking soon your return.Eyes of a ChildWhite orchards hallowingin the windBopping heads bouncein laughterPrayers of serenity dancein harmonic prayerScarsAbandoning interest to pursue life‟s conquestthrough the humility to change ideasis human evolution and spiritual inquirySuicide
  • 120. P a g e | 120Horrid wind - I lie to restunderneath your corral wreath.Blinded by your mask of illusion,I seek hollow guidance, where truthcan find my destiny.
  • 121. P a g e | 12164PassionGlobal WarmingPenguins that play in iceWhales swarming loops in the oceanSquires that hobbit in treesBirds that mate in the springOceans sting black pearls of oilSkis hover above clouds of Grey smokeTrees burned down by fireQuad mires destroyed by manIt is man‟s inventionof technologyDepleting nature throughinventions of energyfactories creating pollutionThe dark ages had the sameintention, to digirrigation deep seededin the earthOzone‟s in the atmospherein question by gassesdepleting withinIce melted by heatas its resource is used for
  • 122. P a g e | 122Cleaner water demandAn innovation by man determinesthe outcome ofthat affected the lives ofman, nature and environmentput to an endLife is too precious to destroy
  • 123. P a g e | 123Passion 65Self-ReflectionA dream falters into asomber whisper.It becomes easy to makeaspirations than to make ita reality. Become careful ofwhat you ask for, for tomorrowis never promised.LonelinessLoneliness is when youconsume your time makingexcuses to decide your pastLoneliness is when youconfiscate time to findreasons for being lateLoneliness is when youlose your memory and release itwith accolades of deceptionYou are all alonewhen you stopped enjoying life
  • 124. P a g e | 124To Dream to be an AmericanI am an African Americanand a composite of many dreamsI am a patriot of God‟s faithand an antedate of a black reverieI am an AmericanBorn and rearedfrom different attributes of peoplewho have each bled or shed a tear
  • 125. P a g e | 12566PassionFrom the battlefieldsto the highest courtfrom the past until nowhave stood like true patriotswith hope a new hope for all humanity to be found?I am a true Americanthough how difficult it must seemBut I am one true African Americanwho dares to dreamChildrenChildren are our future leadersin deciding the outcome of the fate as a nationChildren represent consciousness of actionsthat will determine level of competencies and inventionit is our duty to teach children to develop reasonso that they will be prepared to instructthe next generationA Day in My LifeOne must walk a mile in moccasinsTo observe an internal journey; exasperation
  • 126. P a g e | 126To mock the confusion and trifle; each stepTo a journey through madness, seclusion and obliteration; wordsTo emerging forces of betrayal and envy; voicesTo emerge from an inclusive identity; unknownInsanity; schizophrenia
  • 127. P a g e | 127Passion 67On LoveI can feel the passionI can feel the painit feels all the sameTears fall down, down, downinto an inferno of emotionsGod only understands what I fear for youa puddle of tear fall down, down, downYour breath is the wind of confusionarising to the tide of afflictionhaltering a sun ray of deceptionthe tear a metaphor for delusionI fear the passionI fear the painIt all means the sameIt All means the sameIn My DreamsI once dreamed of human evolutionit is a world that created opportunity for manWhere equality of every man was probableit is a world where technology was possible to every man
  • 128. P a g e | 128I once dreamed of human mobilityit is a world where education did not discriminateWhere the state of man was comparableit is a world where health care is inevitableI once dreamed of peaceit is a world where we solved problems through minds not killingsWhere is a world ridden of povertyit is a world free of hatred and deniala world free of sin
  • 129. P a g e | 12968PassionFallingFalling from deceptionnot knowing where it all endsFailing to conceive a notionof what ailment I strive to beHopeless feeling of defeatWhole became emptyin confronting my worst fearAnd denialbecame serenity for departurein a world full of despairFalling from heavenfalling from lifefalling from deathFinding ever ending peacewith my identityTruth – Hip Hop PoetryIt is not what you know it is who yo knowStartling those fake rimes that react slowIf you got the flex to get in the mixYak do know who is feeling you
  • 130. P a g e | 130cause your whack has no flaxand your dope rhymes are not flyI ricoshade rhyme to a melody woo uniquethat all you could say is byI am super fly rhyming highso elevated you want to crymy beat is so depth you cannot competeto a lyrical tune that want make mom groovesit back and listen to the creative inventions of word upthe master of funk gone drop on yo luckbeep bop to fleet lock to a murderous sound
  • 131. P a g e | 131Passion 69so depth in depth no other can croon to the rhymeso by no more lines no alibi or excusesthe beet just rocks like a cradle a motionless beatbee bop to feet lock an original soundrocking I could do me all night longmy beat got swaggermy beat got feetmy beat got yo hair growingout of your seatwhen I move people swaywhen I groove people sayplay that beat, play that beathave yo grandma out of her seatthere just no other with rhyme like minerhyming is hard to findits not who you know it is you got to goReflection – Hip Hop PoetryYea//Yea//Yea//I am on a mission//it is my pleasure to defeat you//treat you//beat you//with the bust rhymes//so high to greet you//witha voice so high//the streets look yo rhymes do not match the heatthat I swear// a voice that adds strength//a popular request I lead thisjoint higher and higher//right out their seats//bobbin their heads to the
  • 132. P a g e | 132hypnotic beats//drill en holes in the concrete//rhymes so real it hassex appeal//it is my intention//a mission//to add flavor to the swizzlethat has base and time//it is my pleasure to create words on paperso innovative//let me bust this rhyme//ah ha, ah ha, ah ha//I am ona mission//moving and grooving and moving//like it is supposed tobe//adding amazing grace to spirituality//yea, yea, yea//I am on amission//with rhymes so depth I am making history//a voice in thecrowd they want to hear//they like my temperament//they hear mystyle//having you all jealous and proud//if only you could race a mile//you are in defeat my brother//ill in it feeling it//cranking the upwardbeats//it is just a matter of time//I defeat you with my depth rhyme//
  • 133. P a g e | 13370Passiontick tock tic took//it is about time//A super Women//a black deli ma//Broken hearted female//Lost in addiction//A corner whore//To supportan infliction//A single mom//Trying to make ends meet//On welfareselling her body//Just to afford nicer things//Cause child support isnever enough//To raise a family//Father is in prisonGreen PasturesGreen PasturesGreen, green grassy landBlew wild, wild wind whalingSpreading serial seeds of fertilitynurturing a natural notionPretoria practice of penancerelying readily on reissuancefaithfully, fearing another‟s fateChangeA Promise isa dream sparseinto a somber whisperthe presentdictates a vision
  • 134. P a g e | 134it is easy to make a proclamationthan to keep onebe carefulfor what you wish forfor the future is neverpromised
  • 135. P a g e | 135Passion 71Super WomenBroken hearted femaleLost in addictionA corner whoreTo support an inflictionA single momTrying to make ends meetOn welfare selling her bodyJust to afford nicer thingsCause child support is never enoughTo raise a familyFather is in prisonThe father lay dead in the streetFrom dealing a cocaine habitPassing aids from jail loverA grandmother in churchCries out to GodI need youMy family needs youLifeLife is a continuum of itself;
  • 136. P a g e | 136Life is a reflection of a journey,from its course in choices you make of itNatureA woman is feminine by natureShe carries her weight with graceShe can be affirmative at timesShe can be superior and raise a family and workA woman can define sensuous traits
  • 137. P a g e | 13772PassionShe can dictate spaceShe can be lead a raceA woman can be an innocent roseShe can be psychic and recognize reasonShe can be compassionate in what she doesBy nature, a women is instinctRageState of mindContrary to what is saida delusional hatredto be mistaken for loveVoices. Voices that welcome madnessImmoral words that imitate denial and bigotryWords used to break you downRob you, make you a criminal of self-thoughtwas that what I thought you said?A blind man relies on touchA sane man on logicDelusional voices, that make me madThat make me sad, That make me want to fi ght backTo defend my youth, defend my cultural heritageWhere prejudice has no warrant
  • 138. P a g e | 138Spoken words, only justifies reasons to be misunderstoodI will not be judged or profiled or prejudged by fault only credibilityFor I too am AmericaSkyAzure sky mounted behind gaseous clouds,Metallic ocean flutters beneath mystic barriers,Vegetation barely over muddled olive terrain,Orange horizon to the break of mourningLife surrenders to nature‟s beauty.
  • 139. P a g e | 139Passion 73Paranoia SchizophreniaI hear the voices everywhereThrough every sourceThe television and radioBy campus, travel and shoppingI hear the voices talking to meAnticipating the will to do wrongFinding fault of my present and pastI hear the voices talking to meKnowing everything about meDetail for detail saying thingsThat hurt, make me cry and screamI hear the voices in my headVoices that say I am unhealthyVoices that question that I stealVoices that say I cheatVoices that threaten me and my familyI hear voice, the voices in my headThat tell me to back offThat tell me to quitConversing back and forth with a voiceTalking to God, “God bless the meek and humble”“As I walk through the valley of fire,
  • 140. P a g e | 140I hear no evil, I feel no evil, I fear no evil”The voices state I will remain innocentThe voices are in a confrontation with GodGod protects me from sin, the voicesI hear voices in my head that are delusionsfrom a past that does not existI hear the voices conversionI hear the voices that say“Do not give up.”The voices follow me everywhereThey are desperate trying to acquit meI pray each day for forgiveness
  • 141. P a g e | 14174PassionA promise I will do betterHoping someday the voices will get toknow me and stop their voicesLesbian Self LoveI discovered my lover selfMy soul mate that met me sexuallyA self-touch explored my bodyWith warm caress in pleasures unspeakableI discovered my lover myselfDesirable fantasies from a male loverA female self-loverWho showed me how to love myself moreIn their memoryA self-loverWanting to feel what I could only desireI discovered my lover myselfMy inner self desiring to love oneselfA lesbianA self-One LoveBright Stars
  • 142. P a g e | 142Stars shine so brightlyso far awayMystical dome of planetsa source of lightof any given daythe horoscope awakensillusioneach to find his waysparkling so high abovethe heavens
  • 143. P a g e | 143Passion 75granting life, there issomeone out therewatching us through truththe stars a sign of heavenis present in the lives aboveGhostsMy mind is playing tricks on mewith what I write changes memoryA re path from intentional meaningMy mind is playing tricks on mewith what I see is an imagethat is not clearMy mind is playing tricks on mewith what I remember is not what is soIt is a mere delusionMy mind is playing tricks on mewith what I saidis not what I meantMy mind is playing tricks on mewith what I hear is distortedIt is a gibberish feelingMy mind is playing tricks on me
  • 144. P a g e | 144with what I feelHas no emotionMy mind is playing trick on mewith a touch from a ghostthat reminds me of why I am crazy
  • 145. P a g e | 14576PassionLYRICAL POEMSSorrySorry I never took the timeSorry I never said goodbyeSorry I never made the timeTo be with youI wish I could hold you nearHair blazing in the windTo ease away the pain awaySorry I was not therefor you to holdwhile being lonelyIn need of a true friendSorry I did not understandyou, wishing the pain awaySorry for the times I did not askwhat was on your mindI find excuses I turnI wish I could hold you neara reign of tears fallwishful thinkingSorry for the times we spent
  • 146. P a g e | 146Apart all apart from our heartMy heart painsI wish I could breathe withinAnd take all hate awayA promise to bring you back to lifeIn my memory for us never to partSorry for all the timesI meant to be there for youAnd could notSorry for the timesI could not speak
  • 147. P a g e | 147Passion 77what words and emotions sayI take it all awaySorry I could not be a friendI take it all awayJoyful tears fallDown my faceIt is not what people thinkIt is not what people sayI respond if we can do it all againI would take it all awayFor the memory of itNever us partSorry in regretI would do it all againYou Don‟t Know What Love isConfusionDoubtEmotionally stressedVenerable inheritPainfully assistDamper horizonModerately sensed
  • 148. P a g e | 148Modifi ed solutionDangerously ad missedTranquil upsetFervently blessedInhale jeopardyExternally confessedAn imagery, a conceptFiguratively obsessedA silent memorialA gesture remisedYou have everything to gain
  • 149. P a g e | 14978Passionnothing to losejust feeling the vibesFeeling the groovesConfusionDoubtEmotional lee biasedVulnerabletradition,Alter raptly insetsBroader horizonModerately obligedModifi ed solutionDanger sly ad missedRemitted projectionExtra denary blessedInternal expression Literaly confessedA supplemental gestureFiguratively abscessedA silent memorialA gesture remisedYou have everything to gainnothing to losejust feeling the vibes
  • 150. P a g e | 150Feeling the groovesConfusionDoubtvulnerable etraditionbroader horizonModifi ed solutionRemitted projectioninternal expressiona supplemental gesturea silent memoriala silent memorial
  • 151. P a g e | 151Passion 79You feeling meJust groin and movingyou feeling the wordsFeeling the grooveEmotionally biasedVulnerableAlternately horizonmoderately solutionDanger sly projectionExtra denary expressionliterally a gesturefi guratively remisedA silence remisedA silence remisedA silence remisedA silence remisedA silence remisedA silence remisedA silence remisedA silence remisedA silence remisedDeep down in the heart of me
  • 152. P a g e | 152there is something disturbing insidethe image in ME must confideMiss Notion not to beMy heart is yoursyou carry my soulyou carry my soulyou carry my soulto serenity, to love, to unfoldmy heart is yoursforever to consolemy heart is yours
  • 153. P a g e | 15380PassionI am broken for our loveIt figures our emotions would distantour feelings no longer consistentLeaving it up to God aboveThere is no resolutionwhat we had is left a memorynow alone in solitarywe had to part as the only solutionMy heart is yoursyou carry my soulyou carry my soulyou carry my soulto serenity, to love, to unfoldmy heart is yoursforever to consolemy heart is yoursCannot I reminisce over youyou took my broken heart for grantedto have my only true love abandonedLove is only you, you, only youMy heart is yoursyou carry my soulyou carry my soulyou carry my soul
  • 154. P a g e | 154to serenity, to love, to unfoldmy heart is yoursforever to consolemy heart is yoursI picture us once moreEnveloped in admirationyour healing touch full of compassionin actuation, love will soarLet us fl y togetherFlying high above the heavenLeaving regrets behindLet us fl y together
  • 155. P a g e | 155Passion 81I am yoursAnd you are mineMy heart is yoursyou carry my soulyou carry my soulyou carry my soulto serenity, to love, to unfoldmy heart is yoursforever to consolemy heart is yoursProtestThere are people askingWhy, Why, WhyAre people dyingIn a senseless warWhy, Why, WhyAre our soldiers dyingWho are we lying toSo many body bagsSo many dismantled bodiesWhy, whyin a senseless war
  • 156. P a g e | 156Who are we protectingwho are we defendingthe war is getting us nowherein a war already wonby the people thereWhy, why, whyAre people that die each daysome of oursMany of theirs that want peace
  • 157. P a g e | 15782PassionDeterred from liesWhy, why, whyin a senseless warA fight for oilA fight for world peaceA fight for democracyA plight to pleaA fight to controlWhen we are not wanted thereWe fight to create world hopeAnd we are getting nowhereWhy, why, whyin a senseless warWe see the changeswe deny retreatin a nation unstableWhy don‟t we just fleaWhy, why, whyin a senseless warWe fight for the principlesour for fathers gaveto create unityin a country enslaved
  • 158. P a g e | 158by chaos and fatiguePeople lead in insanitaryWhy, why, whyin a senseless warPlease let us find a solutionto stopping the violenceto fight for a common defenselet us leave this war with good intentionWhy, why, whyin a senseless warWe have the lowest education in the nationThere are homeless living in the street
  • 159. P a g e | 159Passion 83Our children do not have no health insuranceAffirmative action is in questionWe want to avoid World War IIIOur economy is in secessionOur reputation is in questionOur sanity is in questionWe have standards to meetOther nations are building nuclearWe fight terrorism to defeatWhy, why, whyin a senseless warRealityI dream of the dayI would come to sayIt is not just another dayI would say safely from returnOf delusion, illusion and allusionI would reminisce of high grandioseDoing things unmanageable thingsOf being a star athlete, a writer and pageantryI dream of the day
  • 160. P a g e | 160Where I could sayWhat I did was of todayI would live my lifeWhere my present in my daily lifeWas a daily chore full of ambitionFull of glamorI would be thankful I could help someoneOr do a good deed where my past meant no moreAnd my past was not just a dreamI dream of the dayI would come to say
  • 161. P a g e | 16184PassionIt is not just another dayIt is not a dreamI would return safely fromdelusion, illusion and allusionWhere acts of kindnessWere a cliqueyI would dream of what I could do nowNow is all that really mattersI could be meIf my life were not a dreamI would be meRainRain fall downLet it rainLet it rainLet it rainWe are at warFor no reasonLet me find my serenityMillions die of AidsHow can it beLife in jailed in surveillance
  • 162. P a g e | 162An institutionalized slaveryKids wish their lives awayWith drugs and alcohol each dayWe pray thatThe rain falls downLet it rainLet it rainLet it rainThe rain falls downLet it rainTeenagers getting pregnant
  • 163. P a g e | 163Passion 85and ditching schoolParents are in wonderif they are the foolsAnther man lynched down southAnther man out of workThousands of mothers on welfareThere just aint no hopeThe rain falls downIt fall hard and deepLet it rainLet it rainLet it rainThe rain falls downLet it rainNo one goes to churchWithout burden and weakIn prayer to let them make itThrough another weekLet it rainLet it rainLet it rain...Rain downRain down, let it rainRain, Rain, RainLet it rain
  • 164. P a g e | 164Running AwayI think I want to run awayTo a better state of mindI think my life has to findA piece of mindIf only I could stayI think I want to run away, Run away, Run awayTo capture meaningOf what I cannot grasp
  • 165. P a g e | 16586PassionThe meaning of being grownAnd on my ownTo find a piece of minda better state of mindAt piece with who I amWhat I have becomeTo find meaning of loveforward lifeRun away, run away, run awayTo capture the meaning of lifeIf I run awayIt will be another dayIn any wayI cannot stayI‟ll just run awayto capture meaningof being grownDeny all ethicsOf staying aliveLife will have new meaningI will fi nd loveI will run awayI will run awayRun away, run away, run away
  • 166. P a g e | 166And fi nd loveLoveI am in love with youI cannot explainThe way I feel for youMy love is deep, so deepThe world would endfull of emotionsfull of emotions
  • 167. P a g e | 167Passion 87I must defendI am in love with youI cannot explainThe ways I feelFor this love is realMy love is deep, so deepI cry about the break upHoping we would make upAnd it ends in silenceDeep, deep silenceYou will always have my loveTo travel near of farI cannot let you goWithout saying thatI love youand this love is trueJust to make up to break upFull of emotionsI must defendMy love is deep, so deepThe caged bird sings.Life
  • 168. P a g e | 168It is bad enoughI had to say good byeTo find you so flyOf all the alibisNow I am all alone and confusedWondering whose next to fit your shoesThere may not be anotherJust like youWhat else am I to doSending shouts out to yesterdayI am left cold, no way
  • 169. P a g e | 16988PassionI am all aloneI am all aloneMy life‟s in fearI will always be alone, in tearsNo one but no one can make it aloneAll alone without a friendTo talk to, hang out and live in sinWhy oh why, does it have to be this wayCould we not just be friends, I am afraidTo be without you...sadFor what we had was trueA new beginning, is what is life aboutI will have to take another routeTo comfort, to love another like meIf you were not so permissiveWe would see it is not workingFrom you to meI am aloneAll aloneI am aloneLonelinessMy heart wonders around inside my soul
  • 170. P a g e | 170Dwindling the pain of lossDwindling hurt emotions of failureDwindling remorse from the present and the pastDwindling time as time passesNot a day without wonder ofwho I am what I am worth or ifthere is a possibility of hopemy life endures painwaiting for the pain to go away, go awaymy heart dwindling the pain to go awayheartbreak voices surround inside my mind
  • 171. P a g e | 171Passion 89will not let go, dwindling away timeMy heart that wonders inside my soulThe feelings of loved onesCarries my soul forever intentionsto live as long as love livesMy heart wonders around inside my soulInside my soulInside my soulDwindling the pain of loss and failureNo remorse, no presence no pastDwindling time as it passes byI sit in wonder why I live this choiceIt is God‟s decision for me to liveinside my soul, I prayThank you oh LordFor lifeSecrecyShahI got a secretI am keep en from youShahDo not take it as a surprise
  • 172. P a g e | 172It is kept a trinketdown in my soulThat embellishes truthOf a matter of factKept hidden underneath my skinShahI got a secretUndeniably innocent from a lieSaying where I goWhere I came fromDon‟t tell
  • 173. P a g e | 17390PassionShahI got a secretI been holding it insideI clam up to ignoreEmulations of fantasyLike a never ending storyThat hunts my desireLocking you in sightMemories unfold fallacyA tale about you tooShahI got a secretIs it meant for youBe not pretentiousEvidence lurks back at youShahI got a secretIf I told anyoneIt will erupt from insideI don‟t want anyone to know thisMy love is an impostorTwin invalidShah
  • 174. P a g e | 174It is a secretNo one must knowShahI got a secretShahI got a secretShah I got a secret, a secretShahI got a secretI don‟t want anyone to knowShah, I keeping itFrom me to you, shah
  • 175. P a g e | 175Passion 91I got a secretIf I were to tellits purposeIt would not add meaningTo its pretenseIt is held enveloped insideI am your secret admirerShah, don‟t tellI remember you as someone elseOr did I represent a twinWhy does this kind of thing happensWith something withinShah, can you read my mindI felt passion with your ghostI could feel your presenceYou‟re the oneYou‟re the oneIt was you I saw in a dreamMy pretend friendI felt your presenceHolding my soulEasing the painErasing all fearShah, do not tell
  • 176. P a g e | 176Unless you feel it tooLife StruggleMy biggest struggleWas getting over youWhile you controlled my lifeI lie in deathLonging for your returnTo be fooled our loveMeant something
  • 177. P a g e | 17792PassionTo both of usMy biggest struggleWas letting goI wanted to believeYou needed meIn your lifeTo make life completeYou left me destituteLike a prostituteMy biggest struggleIs to carry onLike we had no meaningMissing youGetting over youMy biggest struggleWas replacing youWhen it seems there isNo better than youMy biggest struggle wasGetting over youStruggle, la, la ,laStruggle getting over youLa, la, laGetting over you
  • 178. P a g e | 178Losing LoveYou, You are allAll of meAll I had kept inside meFor so longIt seems too badThe memories I feelLetting goYou, You are the one
  • 179. P a g e | 179Passion 93Who made me feel wholeYou light up my lifeWith so much soulOn high knowing youMissing youTouching youFor so longI cannot bare letting goYou, you are allAll that belongs to mereminiscing about our pastHow we were true friendsI needed a shoulder to cry toI needed a friend to talk toI needed a lover to sharemy hearts has fallenI was crazy about youI needed youWanted youMissing youYou, You are allAll that is insideCrazy about love
  • 180. P a g e | 180You, You are allAll its aboutFeeling for the pastRecalling your every moveI cannot believe you are goneTouched by a friendLike angelWho was there for meTo lean onTo cry onTo feel forAll that is inside
  • 181. P a g e | 18194PassionCrazy about your loveYou, it‟s youAll its about youIf I could rain heavenDown on earthLife would be a disguiseTo fi nd reasonHow I could live aloneMyself, by myselfAll alone fi nding reasonTo keep you here insideThere is a placeDeep rooted inside of meThat treasures all feelingsMaking it possible to shareThe gift of love you gave meWith othersNow that I know how to loveI want to stayBelieving reasonIn me, it is about youIn me, that I learn to surviveIt is you, I feel like believingI am free to escape
  • 182. P a g e | 182It is you, all about youit is you, all about youI am who I amI am freeDreamsDreams are made of the feelings we sharetogether as one hoping that ourlove will never endI would make your dreams become trueonly if you would want me to
  • 183. P a g e | 183Passion 95If your dream were to travelI would sail around the worldto the depth of the oceanwe would enjoy the rideIf your dream were to fight for lifeI would challenge deathto console your soul with prayerto do what is rightIf your dream were to be richI would empower your self-esteemand be an anchor to your dreamIf your dream were to be a soldierI would be your Sargent at armsprotecting you from your enemyguiding you from harmIf you dream were to fi nd fameI would attract popularitywith gainful employmentwith fame and popularity the sameIf your dream were to fi nd peaceI would give you my soulwe would be in this togetherthrough rich or through poorIf your dream were to fi nd charity
  • 184. P a g e | 184I would give you my heartor love would be foreverfrom sickness and health do we partIf I could answer your prayerI would give you my faiththrough all hopeLove will give or takeIf man can dreamI would be your counterpartto love, to hold, to CherishForever love, forever love, forever loveXO
  • 185. P a g e | 18596PassionRemembering LoveYou do not know how goodYou make me feelWhen you are aroundMy life is completeWith your presenceWith your touchI feel loved by youIt is a feelingI never had beforeTo trust my lifeIn your handsWas a big stepYou do not know how it feltTo feel your warm embraceI opened up to youTo allow this to happenWith so much emotionI felt loveLove like no otherYou captured the essenceOf my heartWhen we talked
  • 186. P a g e | 186It added meaningIt was a friendship tiedIn a knownHead over heels for youI remember what love was likeSince your life has not been the sameYour love is foreverIn my memoriesI remember my fi rst loveMy fi rst kissMy fi rst hugI reminisce, I remember
  • 187. P a g e | 187Passion 97PrayerI believe in miraclesI believe in dreamsI lift my voiceto be heardHeaven only knows what I feelI believeI believeChorus:I believe in a celestial of starsDancing in heaven aboveI believe in showers falling down on meis a sign of love, a sign of loveI believeChorus:I believe in family helping one anothereven in times most need beI believe in miraclesI believe in being friendsI believe in you and meChorus:I believe in the LordHaving a helping hand
  • 188. P a g e | 188Always listening to our callTo deliver us from the badI believe in the causeTo surrender love effortlesslyI believe in GodI believe in miraclesAll hope foreseesI believeI believeChorus:When I was in doubt, in doubtI felt the pain, a special healing
  • 189. P a g e | 18998PassionTo deliver me from death and destitutionTo a place where a rock liesGod answered my prayers, he delivered meWhen I failed to prayI walked a lonely roadGod carried me, he delivered me and are freeYou see I was never alone, he cares, oh yes he caresWhen I was in doubtFaith led my way, I was never aloneI followed his word, yes his holy wordAnd I was healed, I believe in miraclesI believe in loveI believe in guidanceYes, Lord I believe in youMemoriesMemoriesMemories honor our time togetherHonoring our time apartThat we spent togetherA promise we were meant for each otherThe good memories of our pastMemories
  • 190. P a g e | 190Remembering our last words we spokeRemembering our laughter brokeInto tears, we felt the affectionOur hearts broke into reflectionThe memories we shared were trueMemoriesOf the times of us togetherSpreading good news for our love foreverOf the times we shared in peace with GodMemories, oh memoriesMemories...It is hard letting go of loved ones
  • 191. P a g e | 191Passion 99when our time is valued as a couplewhen our days outlive timeof our hearts intertwinedthe memories of our loveMemories of our loveMemories of our lovethe memories, memories, remember usRemember what love isRemember, remember, memoriesRace and EthnicityII feel that racial profiling is wrong and discriminatory while beingobjected towards race and ethnicity. Often I hear on the radio howpoor groups are harassed by police officers based on their race orethnicity. While groups are pulled over for suspension of being drugdealers because of the car they drive. It is unfair for the police tostereo type groups for being motivated and convicted of crimes theydid not comment. While groups are convicted of a crime for beinghostile based on their demeanor. There have been reports of kidsbeing murdered by police officers while defenseless. Racial profilingis wrong, while the people who actually doing the crime from other
  • 192. P a g e | 192groups get fewer years in prison or are acquitted for the same crime.I feel tougher laws should be mandated when presented with caseslike these.IIAffirmative action for state university enrollment is fair where nostudent admission should be denied. Students are admitted to collegeaccording to academic grades, activities, achievement score andacademic program. Colleges want to enroll students that can do the
  • 193. P a g e | 193100Passionwork. Competition to being admitted in college is demanding the beststudents. Students of ethnic and race is a defining matter for creatingdiversity in school. Student athletes are required to have as muchcriterion as students with high academic criterion to being admittedin college. Affirmative action should only be admissible when studentwho reflect the enrollment demand and can create more diversity atthe school.IIIIt is important to promote property taxes on individual schooldistricts for public schools, while many cities rely on their childrenattending public school. The overall cost for going to school is costly.Prerochrial school expenses rely on the church. There is a law thatdesignates separation of church in state. Jim Crow laws after slaverydid not permit all races and ethnic groups to attend public schools.Today, laws have changed and schools are more integrated. Bussingallows kids the opportunity to go to better schools or the choice togo to a local school near them. Bussing allows kids from differentareas to attend public school and with this grants taxes on individualneighborhoods more affordable to parents.IV
  • 194. P a g e | 194History classes should adapt to multicultural perspectives. I had oneyear of black history the twelve years in school. Within that year,I was taught Indian history, Nevada history, world and US history.Some feel that history is his – story and other races and ethnicgroups are often disregarded and not taught as part of the curriculum.History covers a mainstream of multicultural values which should beaddressed. If history is ignored and not taught in school, it will repeat.There are civic issues that go on in the news that the uneducated willnever understand if they do not know the basis of what is going on.
  • 195. P a g e | 195Passion 101VThe United States constitution permits freedom of religion. Thusreligious observances should be recognized for Christians and non-Christians in school. There are a lot of ethnicity groups around thenation. Not all are of the same religious belief or background. Noone should be denied a fair education based on their background, buton their ability to do the work well. There are schools designed forreligious faith to grant a fair education to their group. Some culturesprefer to home school their children for accuracy in education. Schoolsshould observe diverse religious belief as a standard.VII am appalled to some stereo types I view in the movies about race.The history of blacks in film evolved around with painted black faces.It evolved around with dark skinned as evil and light skinned as good.It evolved around with buck wheat on the Little Rascals or Amos andAndy. The stereo types for blacks were thought to be obedient andsilly. Film today reflects blacks are drug dealers and drug addicts,gang members, prisoners, adulterers or film has changed to havingpositive roles by actors in some films like Tuskegee Men or televisionshows like Bill Cosby Show. I would hope that film continues toprogress to the positive attributes of blacks.
  • 196. P a g e | 196VIIColumbus did not discover America, America was salted by westernAsians who first migrated here. Columbus discovered the West Indieislands. Columbus brought many European settlers to America underthe direction of Queen Isabella, a teenage Spanish princess thatresulted in the genocide on the American Indians tribes. Columbusmission was to prove the world was round by taking a short cut to
  • 197. P a g e | 197102PassionIndian. The native Indians were got their name from a mistakenidentity from the Indonesians. Because of Columbus many navigatorsand settlers came to America for personal freedoms. For discoveringthe new world that resulted in those freedoms, Columbus should berecognized.VIIII have experience several changes in history books throughout mylife. As time passes, history changes and therefore; the books shouldimpact changes. History should affect events and movements becausenothing is the same. History is not ordinary. There are bits and piecesof history we do not understand and a lot we do not know and needs tobe addressed. Making changes to these books addresses each positionto reflect things going on. An education should not use books fouryears old on current history. History entails circumstance. Researchshould not be over four years old. As time change, education shouldbecome more challenging. Books are an important resource that iseminent to learning process.VIVRacial disparity should be discontinued. U.S. law says a person isinnocent until proven guilty beyond doubt. It is sad when people are
  • 198. P a g e | 198given the death penalty that is innocent. Recently; there was a casewhere a man was put to death thought to be innocent. As a youngblack male, Troy was put on trial for a rape case. Evidence showed hewas innocent and his sermon did not match the woman who claimedhe raped her. A town in Florida, committed genocide on a black townblaming an innocent black man for raping a white woman. The U.S.has a right to make reductions on the unlatch.
  • 199. P a g e | 199Passion 103XAll government agencies should equip a multiracial staff to equatediverse issues within an entity. No one should discriminate againstrace or ethnicity. Effective hiring practices should allow diversityto educate problems is correct. A more diverse staff can come to acatharsis when creating programs and addressing problems that noteveryone can understand.ReligionIPrayer should be allowed in public schools when a student orgovernment official dies. In Prerochrial School, we said prayer andour pledge allegiance to the flag every morning before class starts.In public school, prayer was allowed when something scandalousor horrific was done. Not everyone believes in a Christian god. Noteveryone believes in our government. Prayer should be observed forspecial times like when we are in war. Soldier pray before battle.Athletes pray before a gay. Prayer should be inclusive.II
  • 200. P a g e | 200The Christian religion should play a role when teaching health and sexeducation in school. I was taught about contraceptives in health class.Catholics do not believe in using contraceptives, condoms, and birthcontrol in any form. Public school taught me about abstinence andcelibacy. Abstinence practice is to not have sex until you are ready.Catholics do not believe in having sex until after they are married.Public school taught me about celibacy. Celibacy means to having sexinvolves two responsible adults. I believe that to wait to have sex untilyou are old enough to understand it, relationships and willing to takethe responsibility to raise a child.
  • 201. P a g e | 201104PassionIIIThere is a history behind money, especially when you think of howa slave was sold for a chaise. People began to sell their sheep andother objects in replacement of money early on. In Africa, theirdaughter was sold for land or animal wealth. Later gold was used as acommodity. Nations could use gold to make jewelry. Nations startedto trade for paper money. The value of a dollar had a gold strip insidethe dollar. Paper had a value. Our nation writes on the dollar, “In GodWe Trust.” To me the phrase is designating that there is a God.IVI feel that faith based entities should all pay reattributes andpunishment for all religious authorities that have sex with children.The religious leaders before working should have a background checkfor being child predators and medical test for being gay. The religiousleaders are leaders in the church and should be more responsible andmore accountable for their actions. There is sex abuse not only in theCatholic Church, but all churches.National/International PolicyI
  • 202. P a g e | 202The Constitution of the United States of America states that webelieve in providing aid or government assistance to other countriesduring natural disasters and during unfair war. This is justifi able whenthose countries want our help. Like in Afghanistan, they don‟t wantus there; we should let them fight their own battles. If like in Serial,where there is genocide, we should give help. If what happened inThailand happens, we should give assistance. If like what happenedin Haiti, we should help. What happened in 911 was a calling andwarning we should have not have involvement with.
  • 203. P a g e | 203Passion 105IIWhen our nation is at threat, we should take precaution. We shouldprepare ourselves for the threat for we are in crisis. We do not wantthem to build their army to attack our country. We do not want ourcountry to be weak for attack. There was a need for breaking done ourally to protect our country from arsenal threat when threat still existstoday.IIIWe cannot give China too much trade power. China is believed ourally. China is a third world country. Trade policy with China shouldrestrict their country when they believe in having unfair workpolicy such as slave trafficking or sex trafficking which is againstour countries moral belief. When America starts to go outside ourdoctrine to practice outside common belief, it endangers everyone.IVMilitary and war was originally predicated for men. It is the men whowent to war and hunt, while the women cleaned and took care of thechildren. Today, women are allowed in the military; but are restrictedto fight in combat. Men were thought to be stronger than women and
  • 204. P a g e | 204less sensitive and so they can fight in wars. Women were allowedin the military during the World War, but they were taught etiquetteskills on how to act like a lady. Military service should be restrictedfor combat.VThe second wealthiest nation in the world is China. We borrowedfrom China, during our depression. China has the second wealthiesteconomy in the world. China has the second highest manufacturing
  • 205. P a g e | 205106Passioncountry in the world. China has a high work ethic where their peoplebelieve in a good education and strive as a nation.EducationINational testing is important for competition in America schools.National test show us where we stand in the country and aroundthe world by reporting scores. Bush issued a law “No child leftbehind.” This was an initiative to create standards in overall schoolachievements. This law raises the bar for students to meet expectations.National testing is good for schools to teach outside the box to makegood students to award schools.IITracking should be used in deterring courses for public school/children and achievement scores should be used as a determiningfactor when deciding whether their child is good enough to attendtheir school. If entering an engineering school, students must knowmath. If attending the school of the arts, students must know the arts.If attending a magnet school, students must be advanced. If attendinga culinary school, they must know the mechanics of cooking. If a
  • 206. P a g e | 206student wants to become a nurse, students must be good in math andscience. This is the reason behind tracking students to schools.IIIFunding for school should be a priority. Teachers often go beyondthe call of duty by paying for items to help guide student instruction.Teachers are awarded for extradinary work by improving instruction.Schools are not funded when the students do not meet standards. The
  • 207. P a g e | 207Passion 107teachers who have access to instructional material can provide a betterinstruction and education, while the schools that lack this usually fallbehind. If all schools had proper funding, there would be no child leftbehind.IVSchools with fewer students per class are proven to give more attentionto the student. Schools that have teacher assistants in large classes canhelp with the instruction process so all children are helped. In smallerclasses, teachers can help every student in class by giving individualattention. With larger classes, there is not time to help every student‟squestions. The teacher is there to help student reach their educationalgoals. Every student is important and should not be over looked witha class of forty students in a class.VThere are benefits for home-school, public school and online students.Home-school students learn on that pace and are taught by theirparents. Public schools are taught structured classes by a teacher.Online classes are taught by the aid of a computer at their own pace.The benefits of home-school students, is that they do not experiencepeer pressure or educational stress being taught at home. Public school
  • 208. P a g e | 208students can interact with their classmates to get help with assignmentsand questions they do not understand. Online students can conductresearch and are more accountable for their education. However thediscipline, students are held accountable for their education.
  • 209. P a g e | 209108PassionOn the American DreamThe American dream is a historical belief that if you work hardenough that anything is possible. American belief is that no matterwhat background you have poor or rich; it is possible to acquirewealth by working toward your goal. When America said, give meyour huddled masses, it granted every American the personal freedomto pursue their dream.A person like Fredrick Douglas, through this ethic is able to graduatefrom college and head his own school, the Tuskegee Institute. Peoplelike President Obama, is able to overcome obstacles, to becomepresident of the United States. People like Martin Luther King Jr.,was able to march on Washington and lead the poor people march, tohelp poor black people to enable personal freedoms. Martin LutherKing Jr. believed that one day that blacks would not be judged by thecolor of their skin, but the content of their character. For this premise,I feel he wanted people to be judged for what the person is capable ofdoing. It is the Langston Hughes‟s dream that one day would be ablesit at the table of brotherhood regardless of race or background withcommon ground. President Jefferson stated in the constitution on thepremise that all people are created equal. America is a melting pot thatattempts to engage on the mission of moral toughness.
  • 210. P a g e | 210People like Rocker fellow, had the ability to achieve from littleto becoming a self-made millionaire. Romney came from poorto inheriting wealth through hard work. There is opportunity inAmerica. People who struggle hard in work will overcome to engagewith the possibility of opportunity. It is comforting to know thatthose who pursue their dreams will be rewarded through promotionor pay increase. There is a hierarchy in remobilizing the work ethic.The hierarchy is the reasons given to strive for goals to creating abetter way of life. America is a melting pot that is not dominated oroverwhelmed by discontent.The American dream does not discriminate against its people.Carver was able to create many inventions. Charles Drew was able
  • 211. P a g e | 211Passion 109to create a medical breakthrough to store plasma. Chasm was able tobe the first black woman to run for president of the United States. Itwas through determination that the bar was raised to the level theseleaders pushed for greater opportunities for others to follow.I feel I can learn a lot from these role models. I believe if I workhard towards a goal, my dreams will come true. The poem, “TheUnknown Citizen,” states that a person who does everything that isexpected is well noted in society. God bless me for the things I canchange to close the gap of exchange and for the things I cannot changethat I will not be forgotten.Through ability to reason, I have worked hard throughout myeducation. I was able to stay in college for over 25 years and I wasawarded a diploma for my hard work. I could not thank my instructorsenough for helping me through this process. My instructors‟ responseis that I taught myself and that I earned that grade. Some mayquestion how I did it. I studied hard and did not give up, with themoral support of family and teachers that I would graduate. I had tobelieve in myself. I felt that once I made my mind up to achieve mygoals, I could accomplice my dreams. Quitting is not an option in myAmerican dream.My American dream is to become a renowned poet and lecturer and
  • 212. P a g e | 212teacher. I believe I can reach that goal. My first step is through takingclasses to improve my skill. I feel I must practice writing poetry tomaintain my skill. Continued learning is an ongoing process that willdetermine the fate of my goal. The outcome from my writing is wellworth the desire to completing a task well done.The Drug EnactThe most analytical drug is suicide. Suicide is a convert excuseto getting rid of social problems. Suicidal thoughts are a delusion todetermine final judgment. It knocked on the door of the young to createa painful antidote towards punishment. It is a form of physical abuseas a result to mental abuse. By taking a drug overdose, is a remedy offinding a solution to end the mad voices within. No sermons, justifiedjudgment.
  • 213. P a g e | 213110PassionThe voices are confirming its call loathing with all the envy anddistress to the pain within. Occasionally I see ghost sobering withdeception saying, “Lire, stupid, crazy!” Mirages of failure destroyingconcentration to prevent cause to live a normal life.Suicidal thoughts are a facet of self-hate that converges into denial.I first heard the voices at age 15. The horror of being a teenager isenough to die over. Teenage years are in the middle of being a childand an adult. As a teenager you make choices over grades, boyfriendsand true friends. Those choices can make you mature. “I don‟t wantto do that again because it is bad for me.”If everyone were afraid of making decisions, the worst thoughtswould make us all victims of self-hatred. The voices are oftendisturbing thoughts that repeat in our conscience. The voices remindme that I am not well liked. The voices remind me I am not perfect.The voices remind me of inflicted pain that I endure on the daily basis.Suicide can make you isolated. I would want to be alone so I amno longer reminded of my defi ciencies. I first took the pills in highschool for this very reason. In college my coach warned me, “Off thedrugs,” she said. Some sniff glue or take their parents medication. Iused aspirin with another off the counter pill so that I would not feelthe crowed while on the college basketball court. I used the drugs so I
  • 214. P a g e | 214would forget about the games and everything surrounding it. I was inmy own world of self-pity.There are over 25, 000 Americans who are addicted to drugs forthis very reason – to get their minds off their problems. The horridfeeling that you do not want to live is what affects everyone. Suicideaffects families, friends and others who care. No one wants to burytheir own child due to neglect. We live in a culture where drug abuseis a remedy to suicide. It is a feeling as if I can harm my body, the painI feel will substitute for the mental abuse and once it is over I can goon. Some people feel that they cannot live without drugs abuse. It is auniversal culture that should count for manslaughter.Drug users want to solicit drugs legally for commercial use.Everyone does it from time to time. Drug use is an addiction. Drugscan alter life where addicts depend upon it daily where they cannotlive a normal life without it.
  • 215. P a g e | 215Passion 111I am a product of drug use. I tried to overdose on drugs in highschool. I was catatonic and had two seizures as a result of it. I havechanged where I no longer rely on drugs for a quick hit and insteadI rely on drugs to keep me living a healthy life. Not everyone is thislucky. Drug attacks are criminal narcissist of self-destruction.People should be supportive of others by being encouraging ofothers to do their best. You should surround yourself with positivepeople that make you feel your best so you are less depressed andsuicidal. Hope and love is what makes others carry on.On Being GayWhy is being gay a controvecial issues amongst Americans?When does politics modify authority? Contrary to belief, thegovernment is at the state of reason. Being gay is a right to choose.America is being primitive to ineffi ciency.Being gay is amongst us. Some people are born genetically gaywhere their body parts are made to belong to each sex. Gay men likeother men and lesbian women prefer to like other women. Somepeople are unisex where they will not date beyond same sex. Oncea straight goes gay they prefer to stay a unisex after sexual analintercourse. After intercourse they can only get aroused by their male
  • 216. P a g e | 216mate. One can tell the difference from a gay man to his partner bylooking at their chest and the shape of their hips and their behind.Lesbian females there is a male female partner and girl female partnerinvolved in this relationship. For both gay and lesbian the personalityis reflected on who is male or female.Some people are bisexual where they are more sexually aroused byboth man and woman at one time. Bisexual couples like both womenand man. Bisexuals play the roles of their persona. Some peoplepractice bisexual sex as a part of their culture. Some cultures believeyou have to be gay and like the same sex so you can know how torelate to the opposite sex.Some people are against same sex marriage. Religion plays a bigpart on what a marriage is based upon. Being gay is referred to as
  • 217. P a g e | 217112Passionimmoral in the church. Some countries outside America approve ofsame sex marriage where two people are mature adults who can havethis choice. Gay people feel comfortable in their own skin and areemotional moral people with an understanding this is what becameof them.There is no giving up once you are gay you can change. Somepeople feel that gay men and lesbian women cannot have a child. Godmade women to give birth to a child. A gay man can get a lesbianwoman pregnant with child and have a natural child birth.Is being gay as dysfunctional by traditional belief, that we areknow some people are gay at some point in their lives and ignoremoral standards. Some same sex values involve practicing sex withone self. It is where carrying on self-fantasies with imaginary sexpartners confirm to being self-evident of being gay.We must immerge from our behavior as sexual to become awareof our own actions before contradicting a phase of what is quiteevident when dealing with what defines a relationship. Gays can beadventurous that creates common initiative.Reflections: Meaning of life. A Narrative.
  • 218. P a g e | 218Why people believe in God? Throughout history man has beenknown to believe in a type of entity with superior powers who willdeliver them from known evil. There have been pagan gods of theMiddle East and human Greek gods for example. Christianity wasderived from the Jews cascade into slavery for many years beforeJesus was said rise from the dead and to forgive all sins. Other formsof Christianity spread throughout the world with different deviationof the chosen race who will be delivered from sin. Jesus was a timewhere the Jews believed in pagan gods. It was a new ideology tofollow. Jesus challenged sins from the blind, adulterers, raising thedead and saving prostitutes and good Samaritans. It is said Jesus diedon the cross and rose from the dead for the first time in history to raisethe buried sinners to bring them to heaven with him. After his death
  • 219. P a g e | 219Passion 113many followers pursued faith that God is omnipotent and the creatorand judge over man. Followers of the Christian faith pray for goodintentions and believe God truly exists.The shooting at Virginia Tech was a tragedy. America should notfail to see the devastation act of violence inflicted towards the nation.It must have been an act of traumatic stress to have such an outbreak.America hears about acts of infliction to places like Calamine highincident where students feel some type of neglect or hate crime againstthem to the point they want to retaliate anger on others. Tougher gunlaws need to be made where the mentally ill and criminals are notallowed to purchase a gun. Precautions should be made in schoolsacross America such as gun detectors, higher campus police patroland cameras in the classrooms. This act could have been prevented ifsomeone has a documented psychiatric diagnosis and teachers detectfowl suicidal or hate signs, like in the students writing, the councilorsin college should be notified and the student should be under thedirection of the college to send that student to therapy. I would hopethis never happens again.We live in a world where we try to justify reason with theory. It isinviolable to find fault in delousing reason. And best of all we try tolet by genes be by genes and go on with life.
  • 220. P a g e | 220In life‟s tribulations we will come across problems. And it is withthese problems we will try to come to justice with our actions. We willtry to talk things through because we are caring humans. We want tounderstand our own actions. This is how we mature.Comes a time in life of letting go of pinned up emotions andfi nding the serenity to move forward. We must lie our burdens downand forgive one another.God said in order to see beyond fault, one must pull the beam outof his own eye. God did not make man perfect. Daily we ask God toforgive our trespassers and we would ask to be forgiven. Life is notpromised and so we ask for God to help us change to become betterpeople. One would need to ask God to help you to ask for forgivenessand for you to ask the strength to forgive others so you grow closerto God.Sometimes we say and do things we do not mean or to what we
  • 221. P a g e | 221114Passiondo not understand. One must accept God in his life to overcome theseobstacles or at least find reason to define and understand.Human understanding is a healing ailment to spiritual growth. Thedevil was an affliction of God.God created heaven above in his reelects of all divine. In heavenwas all good. God created holy angels as his apprentices. Heavenis to represent all good. There was no evil because in God‟s eyeseverything was good.Damian was a good angel gone badly. He practiced faith in Goduntil one day there was a disturbance in heaven. Damian wanted tohave the power that God had. Damian understood with God‟s powerhe could do unbelievable things.When God felt the uncivil disruptions from Damian encounterto take over, God kicked Damian out of heaven and thus evil wasknown. It was sinful to go against God‟s wishes.God created man in his likeness. God created the Garden of Edenas a place where freedom was unmanageable. God created women outof man‟s rib. God told them they can have eternal happiness unlessthey ate from the tree baring fruit. Eve felt temptation encouraged
  • 222. P a g e | 222by the devil to eat the forbidden fruit - an apple and thus they werethrown out of heaven and placed on earth.Adam and Eve had children - Cane and Abel. It was dishonorablejealousy from the devil that one of the brothers was killed and ledlegions of generations of family to determine good and evil.Intro: you like some other people questioned and doubted I had everbeen a victim of racism in order to write civil rights poems. I mayhave never been a victim. I hear voices all the time in my head. Ithas become my conscience. I write about social conditions that effectsociety today. I can express myself this way.The Narrative: I am a poor celebrity. Once I was in los Angeles at abarbeque restaurant and two young girls screamed when they saw me.They were screaming because I am a poor starving artist. They evenwanted to sit next to my table. No one in my family knew this. I was at
  • 223. P a g e | 223Passion 115the book store and a young girl screamed. Her mom threatened to shuther up. The little girl had recognized me as a celebrity. I was at theunited artist theatre when I was again recognized. I am paranoid aboutpeople taking pictures of me at the airport or at Hollywood squares.Ergo asked me out on a date while walking down the Hollywoodsquares. Someone approached me at the black theatre in los Angelesasking if I were a starving artist. I am too poor to be a celebrity. Mostlook up to celebrity for their popularity, personality and wealth. I donot know what to do. The kids never asked for my auto graph.Inspiration, byYoung women must find the time to equate her with other resources.I have been athletic my entire life. I did swim meets at the YMCA. Iwas in the junior Olympics in figure skating, gymnastics and volleyball. I won many awards. I decided to do dance teams as squadronleader and choreographer. I played basketball as captain of the teamin high school and college. My background gave me the leadershipskills to continue a positive life. I also played college tennis andtrained with the Serena sisters. I could have gone professional. I reflectback to many challenges and obstacles that could have prevented mydreams from coming true. I suffer from a learning disability that didnot keep me from trying in college to getting a degree. There is alot of team spirit that goes in competing in team sports. As a teamleader you must demonstrate craft and have the ability for others to
  • 224. P a g e | 224follow. I recall the coach telling me that conflict is a part of being ateam leader. I had obstacles in coaching basketball with federation ofcollege coaches. I recall in dance and basketball the team questioningmy leadership skills. In dance I taught the team that I will lead andthey will follow. Sometimes people still steps before competition so Iwould use ideas and once they saw me lead they knew how to followthe routine without any other team knowing our steps. In basketball, Iwas pushed down and fowled many ways because they wanted me onthe bench. Coach taught me to fight back through discipline in that Ido not knock others over but I demonstrate craft in playing the game.As captain, I learned that if all plans fail you must improvise andmake up as you go along. Never give up. I almost drowned in YMCA
  • 225. P a g e | 225116Passionlast meet but I won in the long run. Sports have a lot of discipline init. I spent many hours after practice developing technique and skill todo each sport. Never give up. The first cheer leading championshipwon with my steps in which because of my race unfortunately Iwas unable to attend. The second championship our team won and Iwas there as captain proudly leading the team. I could have lost mylife in gymnastics on the balancing beam. It did not stop me fromtrying. Do not give up. Life has many challenges in its core; one mustdemonstrate the ability to believe in herself to pursue her dreams. Thefi rst women‟s professional basketball player was shot in the left sideof her neck. She did not give up. We must thank the people who pavedthe way. Do not give up on your dreams.
  • 226. P a g e | 226Passion 117The Ghetto QueenOnce upon a time a long, long time, before you were born, therelived a poor black girl, named Maya. She lived where there was drugsand prostitution. In the projects where there was graffiti that pavedthe walls, garbage trashed the empty lots of barren vegetation andgun shots alluded death‟s calling. Maya lived in the home of hergrandparent because her dad was in jail for robbing a convenient storeand her mom abandoned her for a cocaine habit and refused treatmentand now lives in a half-way house. Her grandma promised to keepher from living house to house under adoption that may result to herbeing homeless once she turned 18. Maya was a good kid. She wouldkeep the house cleaned, cooked dinner and read many books. Readingled to Maya‟s way of escaping the poverty and abandonment. Mayacould read the powerful words in a book that led her imaginationto escape reality. Maya knew her grandma loved her very much andwould not let anyone hurt her, not gangs, not violence, not drugs andcertainly never result to prostitution. Maya had no friends; but had alot of book smart and it was with God‟s gift of reasoning would leadMaya to the promise her grandma intended for her to have. Hopeand prayer. Maya was raised in the church. Maya did well on schoolsubjects – creative writing being her best. Maya ma mea encouragedher to write; because, it was her best subject. One day the teachercalled on her in class to read a poem she had written about her family.
  • 227. P a g e | 227She was embarrassed. When she wrote this poem, she merely wantedto get done with her assignment. Ms. Scott, third grade teacher, toldthe class this was award winning piece.She stood up in class and began to read her poem, “I can do Badall by myself.”Bless us merciful Lord through this journey where we are carriedand our faith is restored. It is said that Jesus fasted before beingtested. When by it was the devil‟s that asked him to feed his peopleif he were the Lord not to leave them bitter. Jesus testimony was thatpeople should live by God‟s word alone. Question yourselves. Areyou willing to lose your life for God by defending the church belief tobe accepted into heaven? The word of God is this strong. Man shall
  • 228. P a g e | 228118Passionaccept God righteously to practice his faith. A man went to jail for hisbeliefs. Jesus wanted him to repent for the kingdom of heaven is athand. Jesus made a promise to man to use faith as a guide and to savelost souls from sin. One must repent his sin to ask for forgiveness andto ask God the strength for man to forgive other‟s sins so his soul tobe redeemed. Jesus chose fishermen to become his decuples. The callto God is blind. God was willing to accept all sinners into heaven ifthey believed. “Come after men, and I will make you fi shermen ofmen.” Fish is good for nourishment. The fishermen were chosen forthe purpose as journeymen. They become followers of God withoutknowing what it involved. God asks of you to become practitioners offaith. God ask you to follow him and use his words wisely to administerfaith. God calls you to listen wisely. He has created the Beatitudes toshare. His words are a revolution of power. It is by example words tolive by; it will be blessed by God for those who follow. In order toproclaim your faith you have to believe in it. One cannot trust withoutreasoning. To be a follower in Christ one must practice his faith. Lightis a resource where there is light we can see. When afraid we relyon light for safety. This is the same way with the church. We needreligion as a resource to guide us to safety. The commandments areGod‟s law. One must practice law to be accepted into heaven. Weneed rules to live by to know right from wrong. It is with these lawsas Christians we have a contract with God. When broken we mustask for forgiveness and promise to not do this sin anymore. We must
  • 229. P a g e | 229change by praying and admitting our sins to answer his calling. Itis good thing to not hold anger. After time the anger will build upand destroy you inside. No sacrifice is greater than to give alms tothe Lord. One must submit his burdens before God to recompensefrom sin. If anger builds up, it will explode. Ask God how to makecommends to the church. Pray for change, through the will of God; askfor God‟s guidance to help you to making the right decision. Ask forforgiveness. Ask for greater faith. Do not hold in anger. Lust is sinful.It is better to turn from lust than to face its consequences. Marriage isa commitment blessed by the church. A woman who is loosed is nogood company. A man who lust is just as guilty to sin as the womenwho is lustful. It is sinful to look lustful intentions through the media
  • 230. P a g e | 230Passion 119or through action. One should only be committed their spouse by notcheating through the divinity of the church. One must not swear inGod‟s name. It is called blasmophy to profess false witness on behalfof the church. Be careful who you call a devil worshiper. Those whojudge allows you to be judged. Do not cast the first stone. One cannotimpose one faith on others. He can only justify reasons for his faith.If you are disturbed by infrastructures, God is only testing your faith.If you follow God‟s word you will be saved. God leads you on ajourney. You will go to heaven if you live by God‟s word. God willdecide at the end of your journey when it is time to die. Then willyour soul go to heaven. Practice what you preach. Ask of others nomore than what you want for yourself. Do not want more than whatyou can give. A Good Samaritan gives all the time. God is good all thetime. It is easier to lead a life through kind acts. Trust in God to liveby his words. Following God is easy. No man is born without sin. TheLord knows we are sinners. God will test our faith until we die. It is aGod‟s calling. Life is a journey where we must chose righteously andlearn from our mistakes and become true followers of God. The devilhas many disguises. You will be confronted with others testimonyof faith. You will be tested on how strongly your faith is. The devilthrust can come upon you like a ghost where you become humbledin God‟s mercy. Proclaim your faith. The house of God is a rock. Arock is composed on a foundation where proclaiming what is rightis justified. Teaching is based on scholarly wisdom. It can only be
  • 231. P a g e | 231broken when the covenant is portrayed, then it is crushed and must berebuilt. The divinity of faith is determined by your connection withGod and your fellowship of mercy. Through what you are willing tosacrifice can be contained with God‟s mercy.The teacher saw Maya had rare talent and entered her poem in awriting compaction. With enough said, this gave Maya the confidenceto write more poems. She kept her first poem in the Bible. It meant alot to have a gift God gave her and this was her calling. Maya wouldread her poems to everyone. It was now junior in high school she wasin the Miss America pageant. Maya was chosen by her peers to bethere. Maya thought the pageant would be a disaster where everyonewould laugh at her and make fun of her because she was from the
  • 232. P a g e | 232120Passionghetto. Maya decided to read her poem she wrote in the third gradefor the pageant for talent. There was complete silence and after thepoem there was applause. Maya won the pageant with the supportof everyone. Maya began to use her spare time writing poems andsharing them with the church. Maya vocation was to write if it meantshe would touch the life of a child and maybe create the promise thatthey too would use poetry to create insight and to make a favorableimpression on the life of a child. It takes a village to raise a child. Ittakes love and support to make dreams possible. Note that despiteall obstacles, of poverty, drugs, violence, hate crimes if you set yourmind to it and you believe in your dream it can become a reality.GesturesIt was imaginable. It was that thing. The notion of remarkableimagery. It was a mark like no other mark that has an imprint onmy mind. It is a mark that has traveled throughout history. A markof burdens. It represents character. It describes a movement. It wasno ordinary mark. No. It was a mark that was passed down fromgeneration to generation. It was a mark of indignation. It was a ridiculeof hatred. People have been spit on, cursed at and beaten and that markrepresented a movement. It was a mark of persecution. Where witcheshave gone on trial for neglecting social standards. The mark stoodobsolete from the pen marks. A spider‟s web draped from the wall. A
  • 233. P a g e | 233cob web dangled from the wall unnoticed. But this mark; representedall the pain my ancestors faced throughout history to be recognizedthrough this mark. The mark was someone disturbing because I couldnot figure it out. It was different. A wall did not disserve to be sodistinguished. It was different than anything I had ever come across. Itbothered me to discover something that represented a rite of passage.It was a journey in time. It described the evolution of man slowlymaking its mark in history. How a mark could eluded me so muchpleasure. I was pleased to see something different that reminded meof my past that I could not quite understand the truth behind it. Theimagery eluded my imagination. I stared at the mark on the wall and it
  • 234. P a g e | 234Passion 121had moved me. It made me feel welcome. No other wall in the househad been so privileged to having this mark. The mark had a favorableimpression to me. I saw my personality and years of undulation thatmade me cry, made me angry which resulted in laughter. The markon the wall represented the conflict between race and gender. I knowit represented indignation and denial to conformity. To get excited; itrepresented the right to protest because it granted me the right to do so.The mark actually made me fearful. I was scared to reveal this markto the world. It would have to be kept a secret. If anyone knew thissecret, man would destroy the purpose behind it. I decided to coverthe mark with year of frustration. I would imagine it never existed.The more and more I wanted to hide it, the power behind the markwas noticeable. I could not hide it. No. It was too relevant to hide.Other people have seen the mark. It was prevalent it existed. No onefigured it out like I did. It is amazing how so many people passed thiswall and never noticed how beautiful a mark in history had changedman. No one could relate to it. It never crossed their minds that sucha mark reflected their fate. The mark on the wall will leave its mark inhistory and historians will make gestures without psychiatrist reallystudying the beauty of it.StoryIt was a hazy day. It was no ordinary day. A fog overcast down
  • 235. P a g e | 235on a small town in Mississippi. It was predicted the uncertainty of astorm to come. Lycia was in no mistaken mood of discovery. She washot. She was together and had it made. Her hair was always right.Her dress was well cultured. Her attitude was preppie. Lycia was noordinary girl. She indeed was special. Today would make a differencein her life.It had been mid-noon and a heavy overcast of dark sky set themood. Lycia greeted her friends to coffee with a bagel at Starbucks.Diane presently pretended to be Lycia‟s friend. She was on a mission.They had the kind of friendship driven by competition of who could
  • 236. P a g e | 236122Passionout speak who, only Lycia could bark the loudest and Diane could hadsmall talk with a little bite. Each of Lycia‟s friends had much play.They had many boyfriends and believed in playing the fi eld. Lycianever believed in playing games. Lycia had the same boyfriend sincecollege. “What are up, chicks?” exclaimed Lycia. They all replied,“Me!” and they laughed. Kim kept quiet. Lycia wondered, “What iswrong with you, girl? Why so quiet?” Kim proclaimed with a longface that she lost her best friend. Lycia knew she acted differentlylately and had to go deeper to find out what was going on. Dorispadded Kim‟s back, “It‟ll be all right girl. Just wait.” As if she knewsomething.Late that evening, rainfall trickled from the sky. Doris foundsomething in Kim‟s journal giving secret information about a badrelationship with Kim‟s XO. Doris found she wrote letters in herjournal as if she was talking to (him)? The journal talked abouthow Diane crept with Lycia man of 5 years and how she hoped itwould work out and that she did not want to hurt Lycia. She took thepregnancy stick and was pregnant. Doris called up one of her friendsdreaming up a scheme to set the record straight of events to happen.Her best friend David was gay and acted as if he knew had to dreamof vengeful devious schemes. Everyone knew this about him.Thunder escaped passes a dust of wind as if rain met its mate.
  • 237. P a g e | 237Doris and David planned to reveal the secret to Lycia that her bestfriends, Chris, went on the down low with Kim and were expectinga child. They planned for confessions to be made at the house partyon Lycia anniversary. Dian felt if she had to find out the juice hadto explode at the right time. They planned to show diary and all thathappened that led up to breaking them up hoping she would leave thischeater and ending her friendship.Lycia was so in love she said she had planned to marry Chris.Kim was always jealous of Lycia. Lycia had everything she wantedincluding a good man. Kim would embellish attitude at times. Lyciawould give Kim the clothes off her back to help her cousin out. Kim
  • 238. P a g e | 238Passion 123knew this. Kim always felt pretentious. She wanted more. She wantedwhat Lycia had and so she stole her man with a baby. How naïve ascam to get ahead.Lycia‟s friends planned the works, as usual, for Lycia anniversaryparty. Everyone would be her guest. It had been cold and snow fellfrom the heavens above. It was winter and the day planed had asmuch doubt and confusion. Champaign was poured by the host togive a toast to the glorious occasion. To their surprise; Chris got onone knee when Doris came up with the diary questions to proposethe toast. David exploded with the truth before any more details werelet out. Doris got her face slapped by Kim as she ran outside. Lyciastarted to cry and told everyone to leave. “It is not the time for this,”thought Doris. “Well, well,” thought Lycia. “How could you, of allpeople do this to me?” Lycia asked Chris, “When I expected moreout of you. I thought you were special?” “And now leave me destitutewith an incubate by your cousin?” By the look of Chris stoic faceexpression, it looked like he had some explaining to do. Doris andDavid scheme was a cold game to play on family. They knew thisnow. It was not the right time; but something had to be said. A cryof silence dispersed energy of the moment to gesture innocence hadbroken ties to bitterness. Lycia just did not get it. She knew how muchshe loved Chris and had to let him make a decision or the right choiceand until he had made a decision she must wait.
  • 239. P a g e | 239Chris told Lycia that he was sorry. While Lycia was keeping busy,she lacked keeping company in her man. Chris needed someone therefor him and only Kim could keep him company as a close friend.Amber planned a baby shower for Kim. Lycia picked up pink andblue clothes she thought would look right on her great grandniece ornephew. The dark past of deception left the aria with hope and faith. Itwas important that joy would overcome hate in spite what happened.Chris and Kim were making the relationship work due to the baby.Many tearful years had passed since Aisha could be herself again.
  • 240. P a g e | 240124PassionShe kept a cheerful eye on her friends for now on. She had to watchher back from devious friends. It became hard to trust. Lycia knew shewas different and because of that she made enemies fast. It was thisthat Lycia found why her friends played the field. They were waitingto choose from the first real thing to come and then they would havefound true happiness.
  • 241. P a g e | 241