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Destiny for dad


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Destiny for dad

  1. 1. DESTINYDestiny where do I find you?Destiny where can I look for you?Destiny where are you hiding?Why are you hiding from me?Destiny what do you have for me?Destiny what are my options?Destiny which door is open for me?Destiny do you have anything for me that I might want?Destiny can I get any satisfaction from you?Destiny are you my friend?
  2. 2. UNMISTAKEN DESTINYDreamt about the destinyFollowed hard to pursue the destinyBumps and humps but still like a sticker stick on to itDefinitely it is not a mistaken oneRead the signs and the co-incidencesEverything was spokenWritten mostlyWith no regrets and forgiven for not being the unmistaken destinyExpectations and set backsDestiny motivates and smilesReminding it is meant to be the fruits of those seedsFate of being the unmistaken destinyMatching skills and experiencesFamiliar thoughts and incidentsSimilar appreciation and thoughtfulnessMistaken the destiny as unmistaken destiny
  3. 3. MY DESTINYMy destiny lies beyond the Borders of AfricaMy destiny lies beyond the majestic Maditerenean SeaNot even I, can begin to define the greatness of my destinyBecause my destiny lies beyond the exotic animals of AfricaMt destiny was planned,iziHlwele ze (Indigenous language word for Ancestors of) AfricadancedBecause my destiny was predstined in Mama Africas bossomwhile fighting for freedom my destiny was knitted in my mothers wombMy destiny is to EducateAnd prejudice IradicateOur African rythm and curves will American girls intimidateWhile leaving European menunable to breathe and comprehendThat is where Wanelisa destiny liesIS THE WORLD READY FOR THE REVOLUTION THAT IS I?
  4. 4. FATE AND DESTINYWho can tell us what Fate and Destiny are?Who can tell us what our Fate is?Who can tell us what our Destiny is?Fate. Destiny.People say we cannot choose our Fate, but we can choose our Destiny.People say we are Fated or Destined to do/become something.Fate. Destiny.Are they different?Are they the same?People say we can choose Destiny and we are Fated to do it.People say that our Destiny is open, but our Fate is sealed.Are Fate and Destiny the same?If our Destiny has yet to be chosen but our Fate is sealed, then is not our Destiny alreadychosen, but unseen to us until the opportune moment?Fate. Destiny.When is the opportune moment?At what point in our life will our Fate and Destiny be revealed?Or will we realize what our Fate and Destiny are only when it is too late?Or will we pass our Fate and Destiny without knowing it?Fate. Destiny.If someone tells us what our Fate and Destiny are, will we like what we hear?Or will you strive against the path set before you?
  5. 5. DESTINY (PART 1)My destiny is trueFor all I had doneMy destiny is youFor what you becomeFrom time to time you cameMy heart is brokenUpon the sadnessThat you stolenMy destiny is goneWithout an answerYou came to meWith so much pleasureIm feeling hopeAnd sad for youDont tell meTell the truth
  6. 6. DESTINY (PART 2)Destiny has comeUpon me and youDont you knowIts my point of viewDay by dayDestiny goesWho am ITo say noMy destiny is hereWithout no doughtDo you hear meWith your shoutIm far awayFrom your loveTime to timeI must bust
  7. 7. PERSONAL EXPLICATIONSI chose these poems about destiny because they reminded meof my writing style.Rarely any rhyming but sending a message about who you are.I appreciate these poems because not only do they send amessage that the writer wishes to get across, but they alsoinject personal afflictions into them as well. For example. In“My Destiny”, The author writes about wanting to leaveAfrica and prove herself to the world.And in the last poem, “Destiny”, The author writes about hisfeelings toward a woman that he cares deeply for and hasgreat affection towards. You can tell just by reading thepoem that he loves her greatly.
  8. 8. PERSONAL EXPLICATIONSIn the poem “Fate and Destiny” The author talks about Thedifferent yet similar topics of fate and destiny he quotes afew times throughout the poem. “Fate, Destiny, are they thesame?” The poem seems to express his concern for theoutcome of his life as well as the outcome for others, andwhat they intend to do to change their destiny to what theywant it to be and what they intend to do to stop the fatethat await them.In the first poem titled “Destiny”. The writer asks if Destiny isworth the time and if destiny is a friend. The writer seemsunsure as to what his/her destiny is in life and wonders if itis anything worth-while. The author is also confused itseems, Confused as to why his/her destiny is hiding.
  9. 9. PERSONAL EXPLICATIONSThe poem “Unmistaken Destiny” is aboutsomeone who had a dream that they had foundtheir destiny, and they go out to search for itThe writers seems to see things for what theyreally are, and seems to see the unoriginality inthe world today. The writers uses a uniquewriting style that really helps get the pointacross that everything has been done andeverything has been spoken.
  10. 10. DESTINYHello, What? Where?I did not hearThe sound that echoes through these hallsWhat was that?You fear the end, the clock ticking downTicking away our very souls till we vaporI do not understandWhy? Why end this already shamed worldProsperityI believe in rejuvenating the world to prosperBeliefsNothing but empty promises and empty thoughtsReligionForce feeding brain washing the massesWith images of a higher powerDestinyThis is mine to control, mine to figure outWhat is destiny?
  11. 11. A BITTER HEARTA burning sensation deep in my heartForbid me to see you right from the startYour love and your passion then drove me insWhile the lover inside me grew further in vainHigher and higher the flame in me grewWhile the fire inside you out the wind blewAway you went and left me aloneTo ponder outside and freeze to the bone
  12. 12. THE HAND For reasons I look for reasons I stareFor reasons I can no longer seeWhile search I do for my destinyThere is no stopping us, weWe the children, we the peopleWe stand together and we stand proudWe stand forever and shout it outFate’s hand will take your lifeBut only you can decide your own destiny.
  13. 13. BELITTLEMENT Belittle me belittle my esteemBelittle what I am belittle my dreamsBelittle my heart belittle my mindBut belittle not what I have plannedDestiny is mine and mine aloneI control it with plans to take controlControl is what I desire mostDestiny, Divines, and an arrogant boast
  14. 14. POLITICAL DAMNATIONI hear them, the words they so solemnly speak.I see them, making the rules we are forced to follow.I feel them, The heaviness I receive on my shoulders at aglance.Those who control me those who command me, with theirwordsI have nothing, they have it all.They have the power and the rule over me; they have thepower to do away with me.Who are they?They are what stop the chaos that awaits, while still causingchaos.
  15. 15. POLITICAL DAMNATION 2They take away ones pain while inflicting pain to another.They are the very reason we over protect and under achieve.Yet, we still serve them, we still live to please them.We are the brainwashed masses that thrive by appealing tothem.Them, they are the reason for our hardship and oursuffering.They do nothing to help and everything to avoid.We, we as the hero’s and the people suffer through it all.
  16. 16. POLITICAL DAMNATION 3While the fat cats sit back in their chairs and play us likemonopoly.I refuse; refuse to be played like a pawn in their game.Life is treated like chess, you are forced to play until everypiece is gone.Every piece of you is gone, Why do we go on?We go on because we are told riches await us.We go on because they tell us we want to.I go on for the hopes of one day finding life.Finding something worth living through this for, outside ofthis political damnation
  17. 17. EXPLANATIONI included these poems for my theme of Destiny because theyeach represent something different but at the same timethey all revolve around Destiny. I chose Destiny as mytheme and my father as the recipient for many reasons. Ichose Destiny and my father because they meshed togetherperfectly as a theme and recipient, My father always pushesme to go through with my dreams and always pushes me toget out there and sing in front of crowds, so I always havesomething to strive towards to find my own destiny.Destiny: I chose this poem because it pretty much begins toestablish the theme but at the same time also correspondsto my confusion as to what my destiny will be.A Bitter Heart: I chose this poem for the reason that I amhorrible when it comes to dating. And it expresses myconcern as to how I feel on relationships.
  18. 18. EXPLANATION CONTINUED.The Hand: I chose this poem to represent the destiny of myfamily and friends along with myself “We The Children, WeThe People, We stand together, we stand proud. Representsmy family, friends and I standing together to overcomewhatever may be thrown our way.Belittlement: This poems expresses my hatred for beingbelittled by people around me, The people that put me downand the people that feel distinguish towards me. This poemrepresents my thrive to make them eat their words, so tospeak.Political Damnation: I included this poem because it expressesmy despise of the government and those who look downupon us and those who belittle us. It explains my concernthat we are helpless in this world and helpless to the powersthat look to control us.
  19. 19. BIBLIOGRAPHYHere is the link to the website where I found the poems ondestiny.