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Zemanta Tech Talk at Audible



Tech talk about Zemanta's st

Tech talk about Zemanta's st



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Zemanta Tech Talk at Audible Zemanta Tech Talk at Audible Presentation Transcript

  • Audible Tech Talk 23. April 2012 Andraz Tori andraz@zemanta.com @andraz
  • Todays plan• Short story of Zemanta• The Zemanta technology
  • Where am I right now? View slide
  • Wonders of modern communication View slide
  • Ljubljana
  • Strip mine• A system for Slovenian National television in 2006• Closed captioning → web page for each episode ofeach show• Natural Langauge Processing, InformationRetrieval...
  • Start-up? Why not? v
  • Tour de Slovénie
  • Sales
  • Seedcamp• First European program inspired by YC (2007)• London based• 3 months, 50.000 EUR / 10%
  • Roller coaster12. August Deadline20. August Shortlist23. August Phone interview24. August Results3. September London week start7. September London week end16. September ==> London
  • 3 months in London
  • Back to Ljubljana
  • Back to Ljubljana
  • And then ...• Figuring out US is our target market• Figuring out where in US to be and who to have here• Partnerships• And naturally the business model
  • Technology
  • What do we do?• Zemanta – Personal Writing Assistant - on your current platform• While bloggers write we suggest: - images - related articles - in-text links - tags
  • Some stats• 80k bloggers monthly• 1.3 million posts enhanced in 2011
  • How does it work• Natural Language Processing• Big database of “meanings” (entities, concepts, topics)• Word Sense Disambiguation • Linking out to Wikipedia, Freebase, … • Categorization, Named Entity Recognition• Information Retrieval • Solr based, using features from NLP • With some twists
  • Indexed content Content suggestionsPlain text Semantic (article) Analysis search Background knowledge
  • “Text Understanding”- Input is meaningful chunk of text (not a keyword or aphrase)- Input is (semi) English language- Has to work across all domains in the open world- music, celebrities, finance, entertainment, politics,gardening, parenting, …
  • Indexed content Content suggestionsPlain text Semantic (article) Analysis search Background knowledge
  • Background knowledge- Data from Wikipedia, MusicBrainz, Freebase… and the world wild web- Includes linguistical and semantical properties and unstructured data- Present in two forms: - in “original” custom built triple store on top of MySQL (150 GB) - processed into 7 GB optimized “memory mapped dump”
  • Analysis pipeline Known phrasesNamed Entity extraction Extraction (aho-corasick) Triple store Surface form features evaluation Statistical comparison to background knowledge Semantic coherence and hand-tuned heuristics etc. Disambiguated entities
  • Indexed content Content suggestionsPlain text Semantic (article) Analysis search Background knowledge
  • Connecting content• Indexing blogosphere and mediasphere• Solr based index • Twist: complicated queries – 50 terms• Filtering out spam is “fun”• Probably best “related content” in terms of accuracy• Coming soon: social signal
  • But why just for bloggers? Lets open up the API!
  • Some API users
  • Back to reality.
  • Age of “smart”
  • Blog me up, Scotty! 23. April 2012
  • Some takeaways• Accelerators are good• World is getting flatter But it will never be flat• Start monetizing soon – to learn, not to earn• Be where your market is• Many markets left to innovate in
  • Thank you!