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  • 1. GRANADA
  • 2. INTRODUCTION 1-History 2-Monuments and important places 3-Districts 4-Sports 5-Transport and Trade 6-Relief 7-Education
  • 3. HISTORY In 1238 , Alhamar (Islam governor) formed Granada. He belonged to the Nazari dynasty.
  • 4. HISTORY (II) The main language was the Arabic , but there were anothers less important like Castilian and Ladino. The main Religion was the Islam. Coat of arms Flag
  • 5. HISTORY (III) In 1492 , Catholic Kings conquered Granada and they changed completely the way of life that Muslims had had. The new Religion was the Catholic. The new language was the Castilian. Coat of arms
  • 6. HISTORY(IV) Granada has got a lot of Kings of different dynasties along these time , nowadays Granada belongs to Spain and it´s governed by the Bourbons. Nowadays the official language is Spanish and you can practice the religion that you want because there is a democracy.
  • 7. HISTORY (V) Granada’s flag Coat of arms
  • 8. MONUMENTS AND IMPORTANT PLACES Granada has got a lot of monuments and important places. The mains will be explained in the next slides (The Alhambra , Cathedral of Granada , Royal Chapel of Granada , The Generalife and The Science Park)
  • 9. THE ALHAMBRA We don´t know exactly when it was built ,but the first indication of its existence was in 889.
  • 10. CATHEDRAL OF GRANADA It was built between 1526 and 1561. It´s an Renaissance and Baroque cathedral.
  • 11. ROYAL CHAPEL OF GRANADA It was built between 1505 and 1517 in the Gothic style and dedicated to St. John the Baptist and St. John the Evangelist.
  • 12. THE GENERALIFE The palace and gardens were built during the reign of Muhammad III (1302-1309) and redecorated after by Abu I-Walid Ismail. (1313-1324).
  • 13. THE SCIENCE PARK It was inaugurated in May 1995. It is one of the most important in the world.
  • 14. DISTRICTS We can find a lot of districts in Granada , they are very important and they have so much culture. They are Realejo , Albaycin , Zaidin , Sacromonte , Bib-Rambla and Cartuja.
  • 15. THE REALEJO Realejo was a Jewish neighborhood , nowadays it is a normal neighborhood.
  • 16. THE ZAIDIN Every Saturday morning there is a big outdoor market. You can find The Carmenes.
  • 17. THE ALBAYCIN It was an Arabic neighborhood and it is very old, it attracts many tourists.
  • 18. THE SACROMONTE It is a cultural center dedicated to the preservation of cultural forms Gypsy
  • 19. THE BIB-RAMBLA Nowadays Bib-Rambla is a high point of gastronomy.
  • 20. THE CARTUJA It contains The Cartuja (an old monastery) and also you can find some Universities.
  • 21. SPORTS In Granada , the sport is based on football because Granada CF is in the first division of the Spanish football , Granada has not got Basket because it disappeared last year.
  • 22. GRANADA CF Granada CF is the football team of Granada , It was born in 1931. It has not got trophies because he is a bad team. Equipation Shield
  • 23. TRANSPORT AND TRADE In Granada , the transport is good , there are some buses , an airport , a train , taxis , and also there is a metropolitan in construction. Also , there are some good commercial centers like Serrallo Plaza , Kinepolis , Neptuno and a lots more.
  • 24. RELIEF Granada is situated on a plain , at the foot of Sierra Nevada . Also , there is a river Called Genil that crosses Granada.
  • 25. EDUCATION Granada is very famous because of his universities. In Granada there are around 2.000 foreign people studying in his universities because they are very prestigious. There is a problem “the money” , nowadays , there are a lot of problems of lack of money in Spain and the education is being punished because of this. The universities are located in Cartuja and the centre of Granada.
  • 26. EDUCATION (II) The most important universities in Granada are: Pharmaceutical Medical
  • 27. EDUCATION (III) The rest of the education in Granada is similar to Spain , but it is controlled by the Government of Andalucia. We can distinguish 2 types of education centers: -Public centers-> It is free. (It belongs to Government) -Private centers-> It is not free. ( It belongs to a person)
  • 28. THE END By :-Alejandro Cabrera Rivas 4ºA-Miguel Ángel Serrano Ríos 4ºA