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  • Year 12 Parents' Evening Presentation
  • Y12 parents dec12

    1. 1. Ratcliffe College• Welcome & Introduction – Mr G. Lloyd• Academic Programme & Key Dates – Mrs J. P.Clayfield• Careers & Higher Education – Mr G.J.Sharpe Year 12 Parents’ Evening
    2. 2. Ratcliffe College AS Courses - a reminder!• Standard between GCSE and A level – Students should find the work more demanding than GCSEs• Most are now 2 units (except for Sciences, Mathematics, Music and Applied A Levels)• Examination sessions in January and June This January - Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Economics &Business, Design Technology, Applied ICT.• No restriction on the number of re-takes• Grades A to E & U – Worth half an A Level Year 12 Parents’ Evening
    3. 3. Ratcliffe College AS Courses• Grade boundaries Grade A - 80% Grade B - 70% Grade C - 60% Grade D - 50% Grade E - 40%• Aggregated score every mark counts! Year 12 Parents’ Evening
    4. 4. Ratcliffe College A2 Subject Choices• Students taking 3 AS courses in Year 12 – expected to continue through to A2• Students taking 4 AS courses in Year 12 – Most will do 3 A2 courses in Year 13 – In exceptional circumstances, some may continue with all 4 subjects• A2 courses are more demanding – standard much higher than AS level Year 12 Parents’ Evening
    5. 5. Ratcliffe College A2 Subject Choices - the procedure• By end of Spring term, students should have an idea of which subjects to continue to A2• Decisions made by Monday 18 March 2013• After AS exams attend A2 lessons only• If in doubt…. – attend all 4 subjects until end of term. Final decisions then made at beginning of September Year 12 Parents’ Evening
    6. 6. Ratcliffe College A2 Subject Choices – points to note !!!• Some subjects appear in more than one block i.e. there are two AS groups• Possibility of groups combining for A2• This may result in slight changes to the option blocks• This may cause a restriction in a particular combination of A2 subjects Year 12 Parents’ Evening
    7. 7. Ratcliffe College A2 Subject ChoicesHowever…..• We aim to satisfy the greatest number of students choices of A2 as possible• The vast majority of choices are met!• More likely to affect those students who change their minds about a subject late on• We will keep you informed during the summer term Year 12 Parents’ Evening
    8. 8. Ratcliffe College Changes to A Levels• From next September, students will only be able to sit AS and A Level examinations in the summer.• As the changes come into force from September 2013, there will be no January examinations in 2014 for students whether they are in their first or second year of A level studies. Year 12 Parents’ Evening
    9. 9. Ratcliffe College Importance of Year 12• Universities can now take into account unit grades when making offers or deciding whether to make offers• Students need to prepare as thoroughly as possible to alleviate the pressure of re- takes in Year 13, particularly in those subjects dropped at AS• Overall success at A Level relies heavily on performance at AS! Year 12 Parents’ Evening
    10. 10. Ratcliffe College Our recommendations - students should ….. s• Spend 5 hours per AS subject per week on private study• Keep notes in an orderly fashion in their files• Spend time reading around the subject; refer to reading lists Year 12 Parents’ Evening
    11. 11. Ratcliffe College What do we mean by independent learning?• Students using their initiative• Reading books/articles linked to the subject• Making their own notes on research carried out /articles read in magazines• Using information on the student shared area provided by subjects• Answering examination questions• Supplementing/annotating their class notes Year 12 Parents’ Evening
    12. 12. Ratcliffe College Our recommendations - students should ….. s• Maintain a balance between academic and extra- curricular – but leisure should be guilt free! Year 12 Parents’ Evening
    13. 13. Ratcliffe College Other points:• Ensure they work hard to achieve their best grade in AS subjects- especially in the 4th subject• Mock exams in Spring term during lessons• A2 courses will begin after AS modules Year 12 Parents’ Evening
    14. 14. Ratcliffe College Academic Key Dates• Wednesday 9 January - AS examinations (to end of January)• Friday 8 February - Studies Cards• Monday 25 February – Mock AS Examinations• Monday 4 March – Higher Education Information Evening• Thursday 7 March – AS January unit results published• Monday 18 March – deadline for A2 choices• Friday 22 March – Reports to Parents• Monday 13 May to Wednesday 5 June - Study Leave*• Thursday 15 August * – AS examination results published*Provisional date Year 12 Parents’ Evening
    15. 15. Ratcliffe College Year 12 Parents’ Evening
    16. 16. Ratcliffe College Careers & Higher Education – Options• Higher Education – Degree [>90% of students] – UK? / Abroad?• Further Education – Diploma course• Full-time employment with training• GAP year – Employment & Experience• GAP year – Personal enrichment Year 12 Parents’ Evening
    17. 17. Ratcliffe College Careers & Higher Education – Factors• Interest• Ability• Career intentions / thoughts• Character & personality• Level of maturity• “Is it worth the money?” Year 12 Parents’ Evening
    18. 18. Ratcliffe College Careers & Higher Education – Factors ‘A’ level grades count• Natural Sciences at Cambridge A*AA• Law at Birmingham AAA• English and History of Art at Leeds AAA• Business Studies at Lancaster AAA• Sport Science at Exeter AAB Twice as many A level A grades as ten years ago About 25% of A level passes are at grade A/A* Year 12 Parents’ Evening
    19. 19. Ratcliffe College Careers & Higher Education – Factors A grades are not always required• French and English at Reading BBB• Advertising and Media at Northumbria BBC• French at Hull BCC• International Business at Plymouth CCC• Internet Computing at Aberystwyth CDD Year 12 Parents’ Evening
    20. 20. Ratcliffe College Careers & Higher Education – Factors A level grades are not enoughUniversities look for evidence of:• Interest in subject• Awareness of subject (work experience?)• Initiative• Interpersonal & teamwork skills• Ability to handle responsibilityIn other words: Mature, motivated, interesting people Year 12 Parents’ Evening
    21. 21. Ratcliffe College Careers & Higher Education – Support StudentCareers dept On-line resourcesParents Tutors & pastoral staffCareers advisers Subject teachers Making the right decision Year 12 Parents’ Evening
    22. 22. Ratcliffe College Careers & Higher Education – Stages• Year 12 – Autumn: Higher Education convention H.Ed. booklet – Spring : Mon 4th March – H.Ed. Info for parents. What next after the 6th form? ISCO ‘Course finder’ Thu 21st March – H.Ed. Convention (L’bro’) – Summer: Choose course Decide long list of universities Complete draft personal statement Year 12 Parents’ Evening
    23. 23. Ratcliffe College Careers & Higher Education – Stages• Year 13 – Autumn: UCAS applications completed before half-term – Spring : Student finance applications UCAS decisions finalised – Summer: ‘A’ level results (Thu 21st August) University destination confirmed Year 12 Parents’ Evening
    24. 24. Ratcliffe College Year 12 Parents’ Evening