ADHD and the Workplace


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ADHD and the Workplace

  2. 2. IntroductionWho we areWhy this topicWhat we hope for todayFormat
  3. 3. Who We AreJenna Knight g LD/ADHD Task Force Leader Student Adult i h Ad l with ADHD MRC consumerOse Schwab ADHD Coach Former MRC consumer
  4. 4. Objectives of WorkshopLearn more about the challenges of ADHD that impact g pthe workplaceBecome more aware of the strengths and resources youcan bring to the workplaceLearn how to self-advocateBecome familiar with the ADA law andaccommodations
  5. 5. FormatImpact of ADHD pThe Full Scoop of ADHD: You and Your BrainTake Heart and Take Action: Adjustments You CanMake in Daily Life and Perspective
  6. 6. What Are Your Work Challenges?
  7. 7. Impact of ADHD at Work p
  8. 8. Prevalence in US Work ForceSurveys conducted in 2001/2002 by WHO reported y y p ADHD in: 5.2% adults overall (USA) – 9 million adults 4.5% employed/self-employed 7.1 % unemployed p y More men affected than women
  9. 9. Impact on WorkAdults with ADHD: Lose more days to lack of productivity Lose more days to poor quality work Are absent more Make less money ($41,511 vs. $52,053) Are in lower positions (blue collar, white collar technical) Spend S d more on h lth healthcare Underrepresented in professional positions
  10. 10. Reported Work ChallengesStaying on task ( y g (75%))Concentrating on what people say (70%)Wrapping up projects (61%)Organizing projects (50%)Following through on tasks (61%)Have to work harder than peers (65%)Must work longer to complete tasks (45%)Sitting still in meetings (60%)
  11. 11. What is ADHD Really y
  12. 12. Medical Community Says… Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder ( yp y (ADHD) is a ) “family of related chronic neurobiological disorders that interfere with an individuals capacity to: Regulate activity level (hyperactivity), Inhibit behavior (impulsivity), and Attend to tasks (inattention) in developmentally appropriate ways.”
  13. 13. Executive FunctionsExecutive functions enable us to activate, orchestrate,monitor, evaluate, and adapt to different strategies toaccomplish different tasks.TheyTh are necessary in order for us to be able to: i d f t b bl t Analyze situations Estimate time Prioritize tasks Plan and take action Regulate R l t emotion ti Focus and maintain attention to Adjust actions as needed to get the job done j g j
  14. 14. Executive Functions: CEO
  15. 15. ADHD Influences
  16. 16. Factors That Influence ADHDYour perspective p pWork environmentPhysical health (sleep, exercise, nutrition)Role (engineer vs. manager of engineers)RelationshipsStress
  17. 17. Know Y K YourRights and Responsibilities g p
  18. 18. Self Advocacy at WorkSelf-advocacy is knowing: y g What you want What you do well and what y have difficult doing y you g Your rights and needs Being able to express that information to the appropriate g p pp p person How to update and revaluate
  19. 19. Disclosure“Disclosure” by definition means to make something known. This implies thatdisclosure of any kind is a personal decision; as such the decision as to whether & whatto disclose about one’s disability in an employment . You need to remember thatdisclosure of a disability is required to secure “reasonable accommodations” in theworkplaceThere is no law that says a p y person with a disability has to disclose that disability to a y ycurrent or perspective employerIf a person makes the decision to disclose a disability during the job application processthere are many times which it can be done. Example: prior to an interview, at theinterview or after an offer of employment, and at the time of starting a job.There are both advantages and disadvantages to disability disclosure Advantages: Itprovides legal protection against discrimination (as specified in the Americans withDisabilities Act (ADA) and other disability nondiscrimination laws), it may reducestress, since protecting a “secret” can take a lot of energy, greater freedom tocommunicate should you face changes in your particular situation. Disadvantages: situationexperience exclusion, treated differently than others, viewed as needy, not self-sufficient, or unable to perform on par with peers.Who to tell: your supervisor or manager. The EEO or Human Resource staff, or theperson you have the interview with
  20. 20. Examples of DisclosureWithout Disclosure With DisclosureJoses job requires him to do a quarterly report. Lucille is expected to take minutes at theBecause Jose has trouble organizing and outlining g g g monthly staff meeting, but she has trouble meetinghis thoughts, his reports are not always as clearly writing down whats been said andwritten as they could be. He is often embarrassed listening to the conversation at the samewhen his boss makes revisions to his writing. But time. time So Lucille asked her boss if sheJose has great artistic talents and wondered if hemight work out a trade with another employee. One might tape-record the staff meetings to beday, he asked his co-worker, Carol, to help him sure that she doesnt miss anything. Thenoutline and organize his quarterly reports and to she can play back the tape as often asreview his drafts before he submits the final copies. necessary when preparing the minutes.In exchange, Jose offered to design the layout andformat of Janices reports. p
  21. 21. Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)Established by Congress in 1990 to: End discrimination in the workplace Provide equal employment opportunities for people with disabilitiesFor businesses with 15 or more employees: Private employers State and local governments Employment agencies Labor organizations
  22. 22. Is ADA Applicable to ADHDYES. The ADA provides for "mental" conditions or pmental illnesses, but as with physical impairments, thediagnosis of a mental illness or mental impairment isnot sufficient to qualify an employee for protectionunder the Act.But,B conditions must be met for ADHD to qualify f di i b f lif forcoverage
  23. 23. ADA Conditions for CoverageCondition must cause significant impact or limitation ina major life activity or functionThe individual must be regarded as having a disabilityThe individual must have a record of having beenviewed as being disabled.The applicant must also be able to perform the essentialjob functions with or without accommodations toqualify as an individual with a disability under themeaning of the Act
  24. 24. ADHD and the ADACan an employer or potential employer ask if I have ADHD? No. Your N Y employer or potential employer cannot ask questions about your medical or l t ti l l t k ti b t di l psychiatric history. An exception, however, is if an applicant asks for reasonable accommodation for the hiring process. If the need for this accommodation is not obvious, an employer may ask an applicant for reasonable documentation about his/her disability.Do I have to tell my employer that I have ADHD in order to be covered by the ADA? Yes. Yes Several courts have already ruled that in these situations, lack of knowledge of the situations condition or of how the disability may affect the employee may be an used as a legitimate defense for the employer.What are reasonable accommodations? An employer is required to provide a reasonable accommodation to a qualified applicant or employee with a disability unless the employer can show that the accommodation would be an undue hardship, such as being too expensive or creating other problems within the workplace. k l
  25. 25. Reasonable AccommodationsAn employer is required to provide a reasonable accommodationto a qualified applicant or employee with a disability unless theemployer can show that the accommodation would be an unduehardship, such as being too expensive or creating other problemswithin the workplace.Reasonable accommodations for an employee who has ADHDcould include: Job restructuring Part-time or modified work schedules Reassignment to a vacant position Adjusting Adj i or modifying examinations, training materials, or dif i i i i i i l policies
  26. 26. ADHD and Work AccommodationsFormal requests for an accommodation must be made in writing, and theaccommodations you ask for shouldn t place an undue hardship on the operation shouldntof the employers business. In order to seek protection under the Americans withDisabilities Act (ADA), you need to show that you are otherwise qualified toperform the job, and the company you work for must have at least 15 employees.Avoid the perceived threat, which puts a companys executives and humanresources on the defensive. If a boss hears the words "disability" and the y"American Disabilities Act" in the same sentence, he or she will suspect thatyoull be filing a lawsuit. To succeed on the job, you want your company workingwith you, not against you. you youLet the boss or human resources know, nicely, that you need XYZ because youhave ADD (a disability)—and that you would work more efficiently if you gotXYZ. At this point, dont mention the ADA.
  27. 27. Examples of AccommodationsIssue Action ResultOffice Assistant needed focus and Bought compact bicycle pedal Used throughout day and especiallyattention to detail when doing machine which fit under desk, was while on phone. Improved circulationsedentary work and also had poor hidden and quiet and blood flow.circulation because of medical Generated dopamine which improvesproblems.problems concentration and memory memory.Legal Liaison worked in cubicle in •Moved away from loud, distracting Removed from probation, awardednoisy/active environment. Constantly co-worker, major contributor citation, andon phone discussing detailed legal p g g •Given a chair with wheels and p promoted to staff training position. gpprocedures in time-sensitive basis. longer phone extension cord to moreOn probation for slow work, easily reach materials.inaccurate legal instructions, and •Detailed information organized ininadequate customer service to color-coded notebook with plasticimportant clients clients. sheets and tabs. tabsER Physician in busy hospital had •Got vibrating watch which helped Doctor on time and got work donetime management and memory with pacing and paperwork with less stress. Hospital happy forissues.issues Nearly fired because fell completion. completion cost savings savings.farther behind each day with •Also offered to cut hours frompatient appointments and record- 50+ to 30 per weekkeeping.
  28. 28. DiscriminationIf you think you have been discriminated against inemployment on the basis of your ADHD. Contact the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission h l l i i i within 180 days of the alleged discrimination. or call 1-800-669-4000 Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination: or call (617) 994-6000
  29. 29. Success StoriesRichard Scarry“Richard Scarry hated school, andhe never paid attention in class class.Hed find slithering garter snakesin the grassy courtyard and setthem wriggling on smoothtabletops at th libt bl t t the library. H Hedelighted in the terrified screamsof little girls. The head librarianscreamed once or twice too often, ,and finally she banished him fromthe library forever.”
  30. 30. Success StoriesNancy Ratey“Nancy Ratey is a master certified coachand received her master s degree from master’sHarvard University. She has written twobooks: Tales from the Workplace andCoaching College Students withAD/HD. A third book, “TheDisorganized Mind,” was published in2008. Nancy was previously thepresident of ADDA (The AttentionDeficit Disorder Association) as well asbeing on the professional advisory boardof CHADD (Children and Adults withADHD). Nancy h bA ) has been di diagnosed with d ihADHD and dyslexia. ”
  31. 31. Success StoriesAri Emanuel Past: ‘Maybe I should kill myself.’ ‘A I ever lf ’ ‘Am going to make it?’ ‘Am I ever going to be successful?’ Now: Co-C.E.O. of the second-largest shop i dl h in Ari Emanuel, brother of Rham Hollywood. Married Emanuel learns persistence with three kids. through the experiences of ADHD g p and dyslexia.
  32. 32. Success StoriesHowie Mandel “What did Howie Mandel do before becoming famous? Howie Mandel was fired from his job as an amusement park ride p operator in Toronto for making jokes to riders about th rides safety.” b t the id f t ”
  33. 33. Final Questions, Thoughts, and i lQ i h h d Takeaway y
  34. 34. ReferencesAccommodation and Compliance Series: Employees with Attention Deficit- Hyperactivity Disorder Deficit Disorder Association Articles http://www add org/articles/index htmlCoping with an Annoying Co-Worker ADHD Affects the Workplace for Handling ADD/ADHD in Your Work http://www addconsults com/articles/full php3?id=1419Workplace confrontations: Beat the bully
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