Catalunya: l'estat més nou d'Europa?


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These slides form part of a lesson on Catalonia for a year 8 KS3 SoW on Spain.

I have not included the materials for this lesson, so be careful before using it yourself as without your own materials this lesson will not work!

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    'Catalonia sees the biggest' etc:
    'Music': (i just have this in the background whilst talking about the article - helps to keep time too!)
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Catalunya: l'estat més nou d'Europa?

  1. 1. Note to fellow SlideSharers!Note to other users. This lesson relies upon pupils being given differentiatedresources for a variety of human and physical characteristics about Catalonia.For my lesson, I have decided on: culture, language, economy, politics, publicopinion and history as these are of particular interest to the kids I teach.N.B.1. This lesson is NOT aimed at churning out Catalan nationalists, the speechis merely a consolidation task.2. This lesson is part of a SoW on Spain, and follows on from learning aboutThe Basque Country and Galicia.3. I’m not sure how to make animations appear on SlideShare. This mayexplain why some of the slides appear unusual!I hope you find these slides useful!Adam Radford
  2. 2. Whilst we’re watching the video, answer the following questions (they are also on yourworksheet):1. Where is this being filmed?2. Why do you think these people are singing?3. What flags and decorations do you see in the crowd?4. What slogan (or slogans) can you see?Bonus! What flag do you see at the very end of the video? Why do you think this flag ishere?5Before we begin - what do you think is happening here?Did you know? September 11th is the national day for Catalonia. It commemorates the fall of Barcelona in 1714 (during theWar of Spanish Succession) - Britain fought in this war on the side of Catalonia
  3. 3. Títol: Catalunya: lestat més nou dEuropa?Title: Catalonia: The newest state in Europe?Learning Outcomes:1. To be able to describe where Catalonia is2. To be able to describe the key characteristicsof Catalonia3. To learn about key places in Catalonia4. To explain in what ways Catalonia is distinctfrom SpainDid you know? St George is the patron saint of Catalonia. It is tradition for partners to give each other a book and a rose.5
  4. 4. Catalonia sees the biggest separatist demonstration inhistoryMusic
  5. 5. Barcelona
  6. 6. Girona
  7. 7. San Feliu de Guixols
  8. 8. Montserrat
  9. 9. LO 1On és Catalunya?Where is Catalonia?
  10. 10. LO 1 Where is Catalonia?Task: Describe, using as much detail as you can, whereCatalonia is. Consider:• The world• Europe• SpainMake sure you use:1. Compass directions(e.g. north of/southwest of…)2. Specific places (e.g.France, the Pyrenees,Valencia)5
  11. 11. Task – its is over to you!I’m not going to stand here and tell you the information – it is yourturn to be forensic geographers!Task: In pairs, write a presentation on why you think Cataloniashould or shouldn’t be independent from Spain. You may bepresenting to the class. Use the information on your tables.Success Criteria:• Your presentations have to last 3 minutes• You have to include at least 5 facts from each of the differentaspects (language, culture, public opinion, economy, politics).• Both people in your pair need to contribute.• You have to clearly state why the information you present leadsyou to believe Catalonia should/shouldn’t be given independence.
  12. 12. Mr Radford’s recipe for success…1. In your pairs, read through the information sheets in front of you. Highlight theinformation you think is particularly important. Remember that you need at least5 facts from each aspect. Share the workload fairly! Either one of you could beselected to read out their speech!2. Decide with your partner whether you think Catalonia should or shouldn’t getindependence. Don’t spend too long on this!3. Leave 4 at the top of a fresh page.4. Now, both of you write a paragraph for each of the aspects – the important factsof which you have already highlighted! Copying from the sheets won’t be goodenough; you need to say why you think this particular aspect means Cataloniashould/shouldn’t be given independence.5. Once you have both written your 5 paragraphs, go back and add the bestintroduction you have ever written! It neeeds to set out, in a persuasive way,what your opinion is. This should be easier to write now that you’ve written theimportant, fact-rich part of your speech!Sentence starter: Ladies and gentlemen, it is my firm opinion that Catalonia should/shouldnot be granted independence from Spain because…
  13. 13. Let us hear your presentations! But first, let us vote,members of Parliament! Shall we grant Cataloniaindependence?No! Ha de romandre a Espanya!No! It should stay in Spain!Sí! Visca Catalunya!Yes! Long live Catalonia!
  14. 14. Presentation time!