Bennington Recreation Center Community Survey Results

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Results of the Bennington Recreation Center Task Force report on the community-wide survey on what the community would like to see in a community center. December 6, 2012 Visit us on Facebook at …

Results of the Bennington Recreation Center Task Force report on the community-wide survey on what the community would like to see in a community center. December 6, 2012 Visit us on Facebook at

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  • 1. Bennington Recreation Center Community Survey Results Bennington Recreation Center Task Force Joanne Ernhouse, Chair Kiah Morris, Chair Nicole Rau, AmeriCorps VISTA Member Sue McGuire, Survey Workgroup Leader December 6, 2012
  • 2. Background• In the spring of 2012, the Vermont Council on Rural Development held meetings throughout the town of Bennington on a number of different topics.• People from the community were asked to participate in open discussions on topics they were interested in.• Community members then voted on action steps to reach different goals; one of those goals was to explore expanding the Bennington Recreation Center to create a larger community center with a variety of programs.
  • 3. Background• A task force of volunteers came together to work on this project and launched a community survey to find out what types of programs or features were wanted in a potential space.• The task force collected the responses and will make recommendations for next steps (based on the results) for the community to review.
  • 4. Survey OverviewGoal of Initiative: To create a survey that collects feedbackon what the community would like to see in a communitycenter and present the results to the task force as a whole(as well as the greater community).• Surveys distributed throughout greater Bennington Area from October 2012 through November 2012• Surveys were in both paper and online formats• Promoted and distributed through various channels – Schools – Employers – Online via Facebook & email – To other Municipalities whose residents might have an interest in using the facility – Civic Groups like Elks, Lions etc. – Printed in the Bennington Banner – At public events like Fallapalooza and the recent elections
  • 5. Survey ResultsIn total, 2,015 Surveys were collected• Majority of responses were from Bennington• Most did not currently use the recreation center but would consider “if it offered more services”• The top four areas of interest were (in order of response): – Organized Sports – Fitness/Wellness Classes – Outdoor Activities – Arts and Crafts• Many respondents included comments that specified their interests. Those items are included in a “word cloud” which is presented later in this presentation.
  • 6. Survey ResultsTo analyze the comment sections, we categorized the specific itemsalong themes or words and turned them into a “word cloud” to show theimportance or frequency of certain results.The largest number of comments were about the Pool and programs that are eithercurrently utilized or desired.Basketball was frequently mentioned with an emphasis on indoor basketballprograms.Indoor running and a track for running or walking as well as groups and classes wererepeatedly mentioned.A desire for a game room with a variety of features like video/computer games,billiards or darts was mentioned. Many youth and adults cited a desire for a place forteens in this respect.Outdoor activities like skiing, snowboarding, hiking or trail riding were mentioned asrelated classes and outdoor excursions.Ice Skating, Ice Hockey and Indoor Rock Climbing were all given significant butequal mention in comments.Visual Arts and Hunting-related programming were also given substantial mention.
  • 7. Survey Results• For Youth, the top areas of interest were: – Organized Sports – Outdoor Activities – Fitness/Wellness Classes• For Adults, the top areas of interest were: – Fitness/Wellness Classes – Arts and Crafts – Outdoor Activities
  • 8. Survey Results
  • 9. Survey Results
  • 10. Survey Results
  • 11. Survey Results
  • 12. Survey Results
  • 13. Survey Results
  • 14. Youth Responses• For these responses, youth are defined as any person aged 18 or younger.
  • 15. Survey Results - Youth
  • 16. Survey Results - Youth
  • 17. Survey Results - Youth
  • 18. Adult Responses• For these responses, adults are considered any persons, college-aged, working or retired.
  • 19. Survey Results – Adult
  • 20. Survey Results – Adult
  • 21. Survey Results – Adult
  • 22. What is a Word Cloud?• A word cloud is a method used to make a picture out of words. It is a different way of showing how often words or themes appear and can help identify important concepts that might be missed otherwise• Here, we created a word cloud to show all of the different comments that were hand- written onto the surveys to make sure they were included and heard.
  • 23. “Word Cloud” of Comments
  • 24. AnalysisMany of the types of programs requested are currently in existence in thecommunity; some are not.We believe there is an opportunity to look at an expansion project for thecommunity recreation center to better suit some of the larger communityrequests.To support the many other types of programming desired, an expandedRecreation Department will be needed but can be staffed with acombination of paid employees and community volunteers.Rather than duplicate programs already in existence, cooperativeagreements with outside organizations should be pursued to meet thedemand.The Recreation Department can act as a centralized hub for informationand coordination of registration utilizing software programs like Rectrac.(Vermont Systems)Teens and children were mentioned several times and the community hasshown a desire for their consideration in programming and spaceallocations. Youth must be engaged in this process.
  • 25. Next Steps• To create a report of all of the findings and share them with the public• To create a comprehensive list of all recreation opportunities currently available in the area• To begin fundraising efforts and develop a business plan• To create new conceptual drawings of the proposed space• To present this information to the public for feedback and approval
  • 26. Contact Us Find us on Facebook