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Sharing our experience in local campaigning - this presentation was part of the Cycling UK Space for Cycling event held in Durham on 21 January 2017

Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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  1. 1. Newcycling: sharing our experience in local campaigning Claire Prospert 21 January 2017 Durham
  2. 2. 6 years of campaigning for a transport transition
  3. 3. Practical stuff Forming a formal campaign group Constituted unincorporated group: - Most simple model - Requires a constitution - Sets out membership arrangements - Annual report, accounts, and an Annual General Meeting - Governed by a management committee (Chair, Secretary and Treasurer) which meets regularly Allows to: - Open a bank account - Apply for grants - Set up online donations via localgiving (giftaid) - Reply to consultations (e.g. Traffic orders)
  4. 4. Core activities & tools • Communication: up to date website, email account, facebook group, twitter account, e- newsletter, press releases • Policies and campaign statements, replies to consultation (strategic, engagement and technical) • Engagement activities with decision-makers: meetings, surveys, rides, infra safaris, events & conferences, and public talks
  5. 5. Minimum stuff • Up to date website: history of the campaign, accountable for activities, build a track-record • Core group of volunteers with roles and functions • Focus: agree key message, spread it, articulate a campaign plan around it (i.e. annual priorities) and define/target the change agents/decision makers • Clarity: how much you can do, what you don’t do, (what you’d like to do if you had more volunteers)
  6. 6. Media • Requires resources and dedicated volunteers • Social media: twitter, facebook, slideshare, youtube…. • Press/Radio/TV: high staff turnaround, contacts list to be regularly updated Photos, visuals and short messages such as Space for Cycling!!
  7. 7. Who/what do we campaign for? Current cyclists VS future of cycling • A campaign is for community support of a discriminated-against minority (cyclists, cycle lobby, cycle community) • However we do not only campaign FOR that minority, but the wider population – creating the environment to enable people of all ages and abilities to cycle • Cycling versus cyclists • Not just about cycling – sustainable & liveable cities
  8. 8. It’s a journey! Have fun!! Thanks for listening
  9. 9. Useful references • in-15-minutes • the-first-time-or-veteran-cycling- infrastructure-campaigner/ • Have a look at our annual reports on