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  • 1. MARTIN TRUST CENTERfor MIT Entrepreneurship
  • 3. OUR MISSIONThe Martin TrustCenter’s mission is tobuild capability andinspire MIT’s men andwomen to become thenext generation ofentrepreneurs whocreate successful,innovation-based, newventures worldwide.
  • 4. HISTORY
  • 5. MIT ENTREPRENEURSHIP ECOSYSTEMStage&1&Inspira(on*Inven(on**Idea*Genera(on*Stage&2&Technology*Devel.**Idea*Refinement**to*Prac(ce*Stage&3&Commercializa(on*Planning*Stage&4&Development*of*Business*Plan*Stage&5&Real*Company*Forma(on*(e.g.*first*customer,*team,*network)*Stage&6&Early*Stage*Growth*Stage&7&HighJGrowth*LemelsonEduca(on*Other*Ac(vi(es*By Venture Stage
  • 6. MIT ENTREPRENEURSHIP ECOSYSTEMBy Primary ClientsStudentsFacultyStaffAlumniNon-MITTLO Lemelson Deshpande Trust Center Legatum VMS Ent Forum
  • 7. MIT ENTREPRENEURSHIP ECOSYSTEMBy Functional FocusIdea CreationIP LicensingLinkage to MarketAcademic LearningAction LearningOn the Job TrainingMentoringNetworkingFundingCelebratingTLO Lemelson Deshpande Trust Center Legatum VMS Ent Forum
  • 9. ENTREPRENEURS INRESIDENCEMarcus WilsonPaul SchautJennifer LumDave BalterElaine ChenBrian HalliganMatt LauzonJeff BehrensZen ChuJean HammondVijay ManwaniAlbert BrunettJim DoughertyFrederic KerrestSuzanne Oakley
  • 10. EDUCATE25 Courses and 6 IAP15.360Introduction to Technological EntrepreneurshipInstructor(s): E. RobertsRoom: E62-276Units: 3Prereq(s)/Restr(s): Permission ofinstructor, Restricted to E&I StudentsDescription:-15.366Energy VenturesInstructor(s):Room: (Th) 36-101/32-124(F) E40-160Units: 12Prereq(s): 15.910 or 15.911; 15.390or 15.371J; 10.391 or 19.579;or Permission of instructorCoreq: 15.933 recommendedDescription:---mended.15.369 H2Corporate Entrepreneurship: Strategies forTechnology-Based New Business DevelopmentInstructor(s):Room: E62-223Units: 6Prereq(s): 15.311Description:--15.371J/10.807JInnovation TeamsInstructor(s):Room:F E40-160Units: 12Prereq(s)/Restr(s): 15.911Description:-15.383 H2Entrepreneurship and SustainableEconomic Development:The Case of Puerto Rico(meets H2 into IAP)Instructor(s):Room: E51-372Units: 9Prereq(s)/Restr(s): noneDescription:---15.385Social Innovation and EntrepreneurshipInstructor(s):Room: E51-376Units: 9Prereq(s)/Restr(s): 15.911Description:--15.386 H2Managing in AdversityInstructor(s):Room: E51-345Units: 6Prereq(s)/Restr(s): noneDescription:--15.387Technology Sales and Sales ManagementInstructor(s):Room: E62-276Units: 12Prereq(s)/Restr(s): noneDescription:15.390 A/BNew EnterprisesInstructor(s):Room: (A) E62-276 (B) 32-141Units: 9Prereq(s): none Coreq(s): 5.91115.391 H2Early Stage CapitalInstructor(s):Room: E62-250Units: 6Prereq(s)/Restr(s):Permission of instructorDescription:F15.399Entrepreneurship LabInstructor(s):Room: E51-376Units: 12Prereq(s)/Restr(s): 15.910 or 15.911or Permission of instructorDescription:15.615Basic Business Law for theEntrepreneur and ManagerInstructor(s):Room: E51-149Units: 9Prereq(s)/Restr(s): noneDescription:W4:007:00
  • 11. •150 applicant teams for 10 slots•$1k/month per MIT student•A temporary board of advisors meets with the teams andsets milestones for the summer•An additional $20k/team for reaching all milestones•Educational programming throughout•Ends with a Demo Day on September 8th
  • 12. •Beejli is developing technology to enable remote monitoring and control of solar panels that are distributedin the field.•LiquiGlide is a revolutionary super-slippery coating platform.•Mediuum does for art what iTunes and the Kindle Store do for music and literature•Optimix uses newly developed algorithms to help businesses with a relatively fixed capacity, such asairlines, train operators or sports clubs, maximize their occupancy and revenues.•Peddl makes selling as easy as snapping a photo. With the push of a button, people can set up an instantonline storefront through which they can accept credit card payments.•Sasa is an e-commerce platform that connects craftspeople from developing regions to the globalmarketplace, using a simple mobile phone.•Schmooze Butler aggregates data from all social networks and across the web, merges the data, andanalyzes it to construct the "Social Ge- nome".•Smart Scheduling takes the guesswork out of scheduling for medical practices by using algorithms tominimize the no-show problem.•Wecyclers uses an SMS platform to incentivize low-income households to recycle in exchange forredeemable points.•WiCare develops innovative medical devices that are clinically effective and affordable worldwide. We findcutting-edge solutions to complex problems through smart design.Space, Structure, fellowShip, Status
  • 13. The Teams:•AudioCommon•Delightfully•Eone Timepieces•ePowerhouse•Essmart•Family Story Vault•GeckoCap•GeriJoyTechnologies Inc.•Glassy Media•Gradeable•Home TeamTherapy•Indivly•Infinite Analytics•JanusData•Kaymbu•Klaviyo•Linked Sports Data•Loyalitics•Mediuum•Modalyst•Oak Robotics•Optimix•Phoodeez•Podimetrics•Q ProjectDevelopment•Rallyt•Sistine Solar•Smart Scheduling•Solid Energy•Thunder Wake•Tinker Stories•Truonex•WiCare
  • 15. Thank you for visiting!Any questions?