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20120608 tsigos.v trip_social_media


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My presentation today at the City Unity College in Athens, in the context of their Social Media Diploma, on start-up entrepreneurship and social media

Published in: Business, Economy & Finance
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20120608 tsigos.v trip_social_media

  1. 1. City Unity CollegeDiploma in Social Media Δημήτρης Τσίγκος Founder & CEO Virtual Trip Αθήνα, 8 Ιουνίου 2012
  2. 2. «Πώς ένας start-up entrepreneur μπορεί να αξιοποιήσει τα social media»
  3. 3. Επιχειρηματικότητα «Πώς ένας start-up entrepreneur μπορεί νααξιοποιήσει τα social media»
  4. 4. • Eίναι το ίδιο με το «κάνω εταιρεία»;• Όχι, είναι μια στάση ζωής!• Γιατί υπάρχει μια εταιρεία;
  5. 5. Πουλάω άρα Υπάρχω!Μια εταιρεία υπάρχει ΕΠΕΙΔΗ υπάρχει ένας Πελάτης
  6. 6. Start-up «Πώς ένας start-up entrepreneur μπορεί νααξιοποιήσει τα social media»
  7. 7. • Νέα επιχείρηση – Μέχρι 5 ετών• Ταχείας ανάπτυξης – Προοπτικές• Καινοτόμος
  8. 8. Κοινωνία «Πώς ένας start-up entrepreneur μπορεί νααξιοποιήσει τα social media»
  9. 9. Αξιοποίηση «Πώς ένας start-up entrepreneur μπορεί νααξιοποιήσει τα social media»
  10. 10. Πάνω απ’όλα ακούω & σέβομαι τον Πελάτη
  11. 11. Όχι μόνο για σήμερα αλλά και για αύριο Remember: «Boiling Frog»
  12. 12. Boiling Frog
  13. 13. Αμφίδρομη Επικοινωνία!
  14. 14. Social Media «Πώς ένας start-up entrepreneur μπορεί νααξιοποιήσει τα social media»
  15. 15. Ζητήστε τη βοήθεια ενός εξειδικευμένουSocial Media Consultant
  16. 16. Not Really!!!
  17. 17. • He knows no fear.• He knows no danger.• He knows nothing!
  18. 18. Φούσκα?Απολύτως!
  19. 19. Τα social media & τα mobile apps είναι το νέο dotcom bubble social-media-innovation
  20. 20. Dot-com bubble dot-com bubble (also referred to as the Internet bubble and the Information Technology Bubble) was a speculative bubble covering roughly 1995–2000 (with a climax on March 10, 2000, with the NASDAQ peaking at 5132.52 in intraday trading before closing at 5048.62) during which stock markets in industrialized nations saw their equity value rise rapidly from growth in the Internet sector and related fields. While the latter part was a boom and bust cycle, the Internet boom is sometimes meant to refer to the steady commercial growth of the Internet with the advent of the world wide web, as exemplified by the first release of the Mosaic web browser in 1993, and continuing through the 1990s.
  21. 21. Από το ΤΙ στο ΓΙΑΤΙ
  22. 22. • Να βρείτετι είναι αυτό που σας ευχαριστεί να κάνετε• Να σκεφθείτε έναν δημιουργικό τρόπο να το κάνετε με οικονομικά βιώσιμο τρόπο• Να έχετε πάντα στο μυαλό σας πως δεν μπορείτε να διασωθείτε ατομικά
  23. 23. Μια εταιρεία ΠΡΕΠΕΙ να είναι στα Social Media
  24. 24. Λάθος!
  25. 25. Μια εταιρεία πρέπει να ακούει και να εξυπηρετεί
  26. 26. Πουλάω άρα Υπάρχω!Μια εταιρεία υπάρχει ΕΠΕΙΔΗ υπάρχει ένας Πελάτης
  27. 27. Σε ποια social media πρέπει να είμαι; Τι ρούχα πρέπει να φοράς; Τι γλώσσα πρέπει να χρησιμοποιείς;
  28. 28. Λίγα λόγια για τη Virtual Trip We are switching to English now! Ναι, ακριβώς, επειδή αυτές τις διαφάνειες τις είχα έτοιμες 
  29. 29. Virtual TripEntrepreneurial Ecosystem Next Generation AngelInvestments Fund and Startup Accelerator
  30. 30. Innovation• One of the most heavily overloaded terms of our era• Everybody is talking about innovation, few really understand it, even fewer do materialize it• No, it’s not about the next Nobel Prize – Neither it’s about nicely set-up spreadsheets resulting to amazing EBITDA…
  31. 31. What is the value of an idea?
  32. 32. Zero.An idea turns valuable after – or, in the process of – materializing it.
  33. 33. Have people run out of ideas?• Absolutely, not.• People just do not try to turn their ideas to sustainable business activities.• Plethora of reasons: – Lack of entrepreneurial culture in the society – Barriers by the legal system – Access to capital – Access to market
  34. 34. If you have to choose?
  35. 35. You do need both• A startup needs Customers much more than it needs Capital• However, securing financing in the very early stage is an “if and only if” condition
  36. 36. What else does a startup actually need?• Management & Strategy Consulting• Mentoring / Coaching Services• Legal advisory• Marketing communications• Administrative Services• Infrastructure – Focus to MIS / IT
  37. 37. Entrepreneurial Ecosystem • “An entrepreneurial ecosystem is a group of non-competingcompanies, including start-ups, established companies and one or more coordination entities, which share the same vision, values, culture, strategy and business processes and decide to form an organization in order to explore economies of scale in business functions such as business development, financing, market analysis, marketing communications, IT / MIS infrastructure,human capital management, legal support, financial & accounting management” © Dimitris Tsigos | Virtual Trip, November 29th 2009
  38. 38. Ecosystem Services• Strategy – Advisory Services• Financing – Access to Capital• Business Development – Access to Markets• Talent Management• Financials & Accounting Management• MIS & IT Infrastructure• Marketing Communications• Legal Advisory• Business Administration• Offices / facilities
  39. 39. Background• Virtual Trip Ltd was founded in September 2000 at the Science & Technology Park of Crete• Initially focused to consulting, development & integration projects• Started a s/w vendor activity in 2003 and spawn products out as subsidiary companies• Created a central business unit for common strategy, business development and administrative tasks• Virtual Trip Group became a gold member of EBAN in 2009 as an “early stage investor”• Virtual Trip España SL and Actech LLC founded in 2009• Entrepreneurial Ecosystem LLC founded in SF/CA in February 2012
  40. 40. Our Vision• “The Virtual Trip Entrepreneurial Ecosystem aims to be recognized as a leading international start-ups incubator in the ICT sector.” • Materializing Innovation • “Our start-ups create value through high technology for their Customers and their socioeconomic environment”
  41. 41. Ecosystem Figures• Personnel: 5 → 45• Revenues: 100K€ → 10.5M€• International presence – Antenna office in Madrid, Spain since January 2009 – Subsidiary in Ohio, US since September 2009 – Antenna offices in SF and soon in London, Budapest, Brussels• Broad spectrum of markets, products & services – Products: SOLO Gateway, eFront e-Learning, mVision, Insurance Manager, Diagramma, OpenVote, S4Trips, Verita – Services: S/W Engineering, Systems Consulting, GIS, e- Learning, Mobile applications – Markets: Mobile and Fixed-line Operators , Small & medium businesses, Infotainment, Advertising, Education & Training, e-Government
  42. 42. The Virtual Trip Group• Incubation Services – Entrepreneurial Ecosystem LLC,• Services – Virtual Trip Ltd, – Infomap SA, – Next Generation Learning Services SA,• Vendors – Epignosis Ltd, – MVNS SA, – AbZorba Games, – SOLO Gateway SA, – Insurance Manager SA, – Diagramma Ltd, – S4Trips Ltd, – Verita Ltd,• Distributors – Actech LLC, – IT Center Ltd,• Antenna offices – Virtual Trip Madrid, London, Brussels, Budapest
  43. 43. Management Team• Executive – Dimitris Tsigos, Group Founder & Chief Executive Officer • – Thanassis Parathyas, Director Virtual Trip – Thanassis Papagelis, Director eFront e-Learning – Manos Moschous, Director AbZorba Games – Vangelis Mihalopoulos, Director SOLO Gateway – Giorgos Kripotos, Director Insurance Manager – Katerina Kastriti, HR Director• Non – Executive – Prof. Christos N. Nikolaou, Non-Executive President • Greek National Education Council, Rector of the University of Crete •
  44. 44. The Ecosystem Strategy• 2000 – 2010 – Investing in Internet Technologies start- ups• 2010 – 2020 – Investing in Cloud Computing and Software-as-a-Service start-ups
  45. 45. How has Virtual Trip been financed?• We tried for the famous 3Fs – Unfortunately, we were limited to friends & family • Great support by the banking system – Not because of our innovation or extroversion, but because of the revenue materialized out of the integration projects and the collaterals that were offered• Many services projects in Greece, both private and public sector• 30+ R&D grants by the European Commission and the GSRT• Not, it has not been efficient. It has worked, however.
  46. 46. The next step?• Looking for an IPO opportunity and /or a strategic investor for Virtual Trip Holdings• Looking for receiving VC funding for mature spin-outs, like eFront, SOLO Gateway and AbZorba Games• Keep investing to existing ecosystem members and actively looking for investment opportunities in high-tech startups• Focus to creating even better “access to market” channels and improving quality of offered ecosystem services
  47. 47. Thank you 