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S Ta R Chart Presentation


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Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1. Texas STaR Chart Presented by: Amelia Cepeda
  • 2. Purpose/Agenda
    • The Texas STaR Chart is designed to help campuses determine their progress toward meeting both Long-Range Plan and district goals.
    • It is a technology data-gathering tool provided by the state.
    • We will look at the STaR Chart Data for our campus.
  • 3. Critical Questions
    • What is district’s current educational technology profile?
    • What evidence can be provided to demonstrate the district’s progress in meeting the goals of the Long Range Plan for Technology?
    • What areas should the district focus on to improve its level of technology integration to ensure the best possible teaching & learning?
  • 4. STaR Chart Website To go to the STaR Chart website click on the link below:
  • 5. Four Key Domains:
  • 6. Teaching and Learning
    • Technology should be used to provide equitable education for every student in Texas, regardless of location, size of school, or disability.
    • Teachers must integrate technology skills into content areas to create technology literate students by the eighth grade.
  • 7. Educator Preparation and Development
    • graduate from programs that model technology integration in instruction
    • master the SBEC Technology Applications Standards
    • use technology to help create classrooms that engage all students
  • 8. Leadership, Administration, and Instructional Support
    • Provide leadership in planning for technology integration, research-based data-driven decision-making, and technology use for collection and management of data
  • 9. Infrastructure for Technology
    • The infrastructure system will provide: equitable access to 24/7 learning opportunities, just-in-time technical support, secure and accurate data monitors, and standards for interoperability and accessibility.
  • 10. STaR Chart Levels of Progress
    • Early Tech
    • Developing Tech
    • Advanced Tech
    • Target Tech
  • 11. Henderson is an Advanced Tech Campus
  • 12. Sample Student STaR Chart
  • 13. Completing Campus STaR Charts
    • Go to the web site and complete STaR Chart Summary online
    • Once you have completed the online form you will be able to view and generate summary charts and graphs
  • 14. Where Do We Go Now?
      • Align goals, curriculum, instruction, assessment, and technology use
      • Provide appropriate budget to support technology plan
      • Move toward a 21 st century classroom model
  • 15. Questions
    • ???