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  • 1. The Research Plan<br />
    • What is your Independent Study Project About? Answer: What are three things that you hope to find out and learn?Objective 1: Objective 2: Objective 3: How has the process so far allowed you to accomplish these three goals? Interview Who are you going to interview?When will you interview this person?What do you hope to learn or already learned from the interview?Notes: On Location visit Activity: You are also required to go on location to take photos and video of your research project topic.Where have you visited or plan to visit?What do you hope to learn and gather from the visit?ProjectPlease describe what your final showcase will look like and include:How does this project demonstrate your skills and abilities to be part of ELP?Step 5. ReflectionWhat concerns or questions do you have at this point?What else do you need to get done to be ready for May 4th?Step 6. Considerations What will you need for the Showcase Night? We cannot guarantee laptops or other electronics. I have warned students to stay away from PowerPoint to keep the need for laptop needs to a minimum. Please let us know what you will need and we will try to make the necessary adjustmentsStep 7. SourcesYou have been asked to use the research forms provided. Please include below the websites, books, and other materials used to gather your information below. It is important for us to give credit to the sources we have used. We will be working with citing information next week so please document all sources.Step 8. Journey ReflectionWhat have you learned through this process? I am not talking about facts from your project, but in terms of yourself while working hard the last four weeks. How do you think this will help you as you progress in life?