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Networked NGO in India


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Networked NGO in India

  1. Becoming A Networked NGO Using Social Media Effectively Day Four: Action Learning ProjectsJune 11-14, 2012India
  2. Day Three: Effective Social Media Practice Overnight ReflectionsTHINK and WRITE:• If you are going to do a presentation for your staff back at the office, what will you share?• What materials will you use from the wiki or USB stick or FB to create your presentation?• Share in the Facebook Group
  3. Day Four: Action Learning Projects Today is our final day together. We are going to design an action learning experimentwith Facebook, prepare for our work together after theworkshop, and reflect on what we have learned so we can move ahead effectively.
  4. Day Four: Agenda AGENDA OUTCOMESPost-Workshop Support and ActionLearning Projects Design an action learning experimentLab Time: Work on Action LearningProject Design as a Silent Meeting Learn how to use Tools for follow upHow To Use the Wiki and Practice Plan next stepsHow To Use the Facebook Group andConference Call PlatformDemo of ToolsDealing with Information FRAMINGOverload, Privacy, and Other SM Work Balance of peer learning &Challenges expert sharingCulmination Exercise Interactive Fun! Don’t Be Shy! Laptops up/Laptops Down
  5. Day Four: Post-Workshop SupportHow are we going to work together after this workshop?• The Action Learning Project: What is it? Why are we doing it?• The Monthly Conference Calls: These will be scheduled today. Practice with the phone system and webinar platform.• The Facebook Group: The place we will all stay connected.• Experiment with Silent Meeting: Decide whether or not we want to use it• The Wiki: Filing Cabinet and Journals
  6. Day Four: Action Learning Projects & Using the WikiPost-Workshop Support and Action Learning Projects Your Action Learning ProjectWe will start on Facebook – where each one of you willbe doing experiments. We will add other channels aswe go.Check-ins and support will be provided by Beth andStephanie on the calls and in the Facebook Group.
  7. Day Four: Action Learning Projects & Using the WikiPost-Workshop Support and Action Learning Projects Your Action Learning ProjectDebrief SILENT MEETING
  8. Day Four: Action Learning Projects & Using the WikiPost-Workshop Support and Action Learning Projects The Wiki: What is there? How Do We Use It?
  9. Day Four: Action Learning Projects & Using the Wiki How To Use the Wiki and PracticeLet’s practice navigating thewiki!Set up your accountEdit you a wiki page (yourprofile)Add Notes from LearningProject DiscussionAdd image of your Map andSMART Objective
  10. Day Four: Post Workshop Support – July to December Call Topic 1 – July 13 Social Media Policy 9:00 am FB Community Policy 2 – August 17 Strategy 9:00 am FB: Smart Objective, Audience, Benchmark, Measurement 3 – Sept. 14 FB: Outreach and Engagement 9:00 am 4 – Oct 12 FB: Content and Measurement 9:00 am 5 – Nov. 14 FB: Content and Measurement 9:00 am 6- Dec 14 Culmination 9:00 am
  11. Conference Call Structure Check In Next Topic Action Other DiscussionCall Design
  12. Day Four: Action Learning Projects Conference CallsPost Workshop Support – July to December Primary Dial-in: 1 (888) 291-0312 Participant Passcode: 7299 096 Alternate Dial-in: 18002004473 India Freephone 91 22 3301 9461 India-Mumbai Local
  13. Day Four: Conference Calls Post Workshop Support – July to December• Please arrive on the call promptly as well begin shortly after the call starts• Please announce yourself once you get on the conference call• Call from your land land line, if possible. The 888 number is a US number and long distance charges may apply. If you use the local 800 or Mumbai numbers it may less expensive.• Dial the participant passcode slowly or you may get a message that says the code in invalid. If you get this message, please try dialing in again and re-entering your code - SLOWLY.• Please do not use a speaker phone or speakers without a headphone as this creates an echo• Speak up on the call If there is background noise, please mute your phone.
  14. Day Four: Conference Calls Practice Method for Check-In CallsAgenda• Roll Call• Content• Five Minute Coaching Sessions• Follow Up Tasks
  15. Day Four: Action Learning Projects Slide Sharing PlatformPost Workshop Support – July to December PASSWORD: 7405939
  16. Day Four: PRACTICE A SILENT MEETING Begin by downloading Skype – and following the prompts to start your account. Here are the steps:• Install Skype – and follow the prompts to start your account• When the File Download screen is displayed, click Save• Select your language• Set up your account – create your Skype username• Set up your Skype Profile – include an image• Update your Privacy Options• Configure your Audio and Video settings• Add Beth and Stephanie as contacts
  17. Day Four: Silent MeetingYour Change To Ask Any Question
  18. Day Four: Action Learning Projects & Using the Wiki Lab Time: Work of Action Learning Project Design Do you think this might be a useful way for us to support you remotely? A chance to ask for specific help?
  19. Day Four: How To Use the Facebook Group This secret Facebook group is for all of us to stay incontact, communicate, share links, ask questions, and support one another. You may also invite others from your organization to participate.Facebook Group: • How will we use the Facebook group? • What are the mutual expectations? • How do we post? • How do we chat? Let’s get on the Facebook group and practice!
  20. Lunch Break One HourPhoto credit: JoviJovi on Flickr
  21. Day Four: Managing Your AttentionWorking in a networked way can be distracting ….
  22. Managing Your Attention QuizTake a few minutes to answer the questions on the Quiz Add Up Your Score: # of YES answers
  23. Your Score: How Are You Managing Your Attention?0 20 Let’s Line Up According to Scores!
  24. Your Score: How Are You Managing Your Attention?Excellent Attention Good Skills, But Attention Training You Need Help!!Management Skills 0 You might need to Needed! 20What’s your secret? address some bad habits
  25. What is Mindful Social Media Use? • Becoming aware of how you direct your attention – both online and offline • Pay attention to your breath and cultivate mindfulness • Social media does not control your awareness – you can take control back and through repeated conscious efforts • Understand your goals and priorities and ask yourself at regular intervals whether your current activity serves your higher priority. • Notice when your attention has wandered, and then gently bringing itSource: Howard back to focus on your highest priorityRheingold, NetSmart
  26. • Sometimes your goal might be to learn or deepen relationships – in which case – having fun or making small talk or exploring from link to link is permissible – and important. Don’t make attention training so rigid that it destroys flow.• To establish new attention habits, start small, find a place in your routine for a new behavior, and repeat until paying attention has become a habit.
  27. It’s okay that you’ll never be “caught up”
  28. 9:00 • Monitor RSS9:30 • Content Creation10:00 • Facebook10:15 • Twitter
  29. Don’t Live at the Post Office
  30. Know when to turn the damn computer off and take a walk
  31. Privacy on Social NetworksAsk these questions:• How open do I want to be in my online professionallife?•Do I trust everyone with whom I’m connected? Whatis my friending policy?
  32. Social Network Privacy and Security Tips• Don’t rely on social platforms as the single host for your information, it is very easy for governments to block access without warning• Be careful about sharing too much information in your status updates – even if you “trust” your friends• Avoid stating your location or where you will be• Only accept friend requests/add friends that you know• Do not share sensitive information on social network sites in private groups or private messaging
  33. Privacy on Facebook Public Friends of Friends Friends Me
  34. Privacy Settings Tips on Facebook• How public do you want your Facebook to be?• Do you want to manage a public/private profile?• Think about as you set your privacy settings• Keep your profile professional• Check for changes
  35. Day Four: Action Learning Projects & Using the Wiki Open Lab Time for questions and shoulder-to-shoulder
  36. BREAK!15 minutes to enjoy coffee & tea while you Tweet!
  37. Day Four: Action Learning Projects & Using the Wiki Open Lab - Continued
  38. Day Four: Action Learning Projects & Using the Wiki Culmination Exercise - River of Life
  39. That’s a wrap!You are all equipped and ready to move ahead. We look forward to seeing you online!