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Summary of case studies 2014 D Group Summary of case studies 2014 D Group Document Transcript

  • D GROUP Page 1 of 3 Guidance on Representation Essays (30 MARKS) The question could be on the following areas:  Gender (The exam usually asks you to look at males or females specifically)  Ethnicity  Age (once again, this could be more specific- older people/younger people)  Issues  Events  Regional and National Identities (Again it could ask you to focus on either National Identities or Regional identities) We have covered the following: Gender: WOMEN  Case Study 1 - The Hunger Games – (2012) Gary Ross– subverts stereotype of gender roles. Convergence of Feminine Masculinity. Is the convergence of femininity – e.g. retaining sex appeal and masculinity – e.g. handling weapons/indifference to violence  Case Study 2- Cosmopolitan (March 2013) Front cover– Mollie (The Saturdays) - ambiguous representations- part stereotypical, part subverted  Case Study 3 - FHM Magazine (Dec 2013) – Diane Vickers- stereotypical representation of women – the sex object, male gaze theory  Case Study - Beyonce – Rule the World (Girls) (2011) music video – representation of a strong yet sexualised woman. MEN  Case Study 1 - Joey Essex (2012)– This Morning TV clip– make over clip and The Only Way is Essex gym clip (subverts stereotype of men normally seen)  Case Study 2 - Aero Bubbles advert (female gaze)  Case Study 3 Skyfall (2012) Sam Mendes(Stereotypical rep of men)  Case Study 4 - Print - Men’s Health Magazine - March 2010 (Jason Statham)/could also use Kerrang (Feb 2013) - Black Veil Brides –as an alternative representation Ethnicity:  Case Study 1 - Top Boy (2011) Channel 4 – dominant, negative representation, use of stereotypes link to Alvarado theory of ‘dangerous’ to help you discuss.
  • D GROUP Page 2 of 3  Case Study 2 - Cosmopolitan Magazine (May 2013) – Alesha Dixon, comments on racism in magazines  Case Study 3- The Sun – ‘Unveiled’, 17th September 2013 – issues of Islamophobia and negative representations and stereotypes in newspapers  Case Study 4- Four Lions – (2010) Chris Morris – alternative representation through comedy – is this problematic?  Case Study 6 - Honesty Policy – (2014) representation through viral music video, offers an alternative representation of Muslims  Case Study 6 - Eastenders and Coronation Street (2014) Soap operas– Muslim families, tokenism, positive representation? Age - YOUTH:  Case Study 1: ill Manors (2012) music video (can be used for ethnicity, gender, age and events (if you are desperate!) – Stereotypical representation with ideological message. Good for audience response too.  Case Study 2: Teen Awards (2013) – ‘Heroes’ clip – positive representation  Case Study 3: Attack the Block (2011) (can be used for ethnicity, gender, age) – negative representation with positive under tones  Case Study 4 - Skins Trailer Season 3 (2009) – stereotypical representation, depending on target audience OLDER AGE:  Case study 4: BBC News (24th April 2014) – Elderly as economic burden – negative representation of older age  Case study 5: Catherine Tate’s ‘Nan’ comedy sketch (2009) – elderly stereotype featuring idiosyncrasies – comedy and stereotypes  Case Study 6: Saga Magazine (Feb, 2013) – Front cover analysis – Helen Mirren– confident- challenging stereotypes of older age. Regional and National Identity - NATIONAL:  Case Study 1: Dolce and Gabbana advertising posters (Spring 2014) – Italy as glamorous, Catholic, wealthy  Case Study 2: Sky News internet story on Olympics not being ready in Rio (April 2014) – Brazil as disorganised and Third World
  • D GROUP Page 3 of 3 REGIONAL:  Case Study 3: Somerset flood photograph (The Telegraph, 2014) – Somerset as middle/upper class, rural, a natural disaster zone. Events -  Case Study 1: Nelson Mandela’s funeral (2013) – BBC News John Simpson report and Daily Express online news article.  Case Study 2: The class did group presentations on a variety of events (including the Oscars, tennis match, Celebrity Big Brother). You will have your own notes/PowerPoints. Handouts were given out by other members of the group. Issues -  Case Study 1: Poverty in Channel 4’s ‘Benefits Street’  Case Study 2: The class did handouts on a variety of issues. These can be found on iLearn: Go to MS1 Representation – scroll down to ‘Saffron’s Students’ Representation resources’ – you will find them there.