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MS1 AS Media Studies Exam guidance


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MS1 AS Media Studies Exam guidance

  1. 1. Exam guidance: 23rd May 2014 AM • The exam is 2hours and 30mins Before you begin answering the questions you should spend 10-20 minutes analysing and writing brief notes or bullet points on the print based media. Question 1 • This will always focus on textual analysis and will test the students' ability to analyse a media text in detail using appropriate language. • Students must be able not only to recognise a layout technique etc. but also to examine their purpose and effect. Those students who only describe are limiting their chances of achieving higher marks. Spend 45-50minutes on this question
  2. 2. Example from Jan 2012 paper Study the two film posters for Winter’s Bone (2010) and Unknown (2011). 1. Analyse the two film posters commenting on: • visual codes • Layout and design • genre [40]
  3. 3. Question 2 • The focus of Question 2 can be either representation or audience and this question may be stepped. • Take note of the mark allocation of the various parts of the question and relate this to the length of your answers. • In the final part of question 2, students will be asked to refer to their own examples. Discuss approximately 2/3 detailed examples relevant to the question and covering more than one media form or format. • Generalised examples e.g. ‘newspapers offer negative representations of youth’ should be avoided. Students must not rely on the stimulus material for this part of the question Spend 35-40minutes on this question
  4. 4. Example from Jan 2012 paper 2. (a) Choose one of the film posters and suggest two different audiences for this film. Give brief reasons for your suggestions. [6] (b) With reference to the other film poster, explore how audiences are attracted to this film. [9] (c) With reference to your own detailed examples, which must not include the resource material examples, explore why audiences may respond differently to the same media text. [15] [30]
  5. 5. Question 3 • The focus for Question 3 will be either representation or audience depending on the area set for Question 2. • Students will be expected to explore 2/3 of their own examples in depth considering more than one form or format (e.g. magazines, films, computer games etc) For example, an exploration of representations of youth in the media could include an analysis of: • a television programme e.g. Waterloo Road • a teenage magazine e.g. Sugar • a local newspaper If audience is the focus, they will use 2/3 of their own detailed examples to consider, for example: • how audiences are attracted to texts • what affects the way in which different audiences respond to texts • how texts construct and position audiences • how theories can help to understand audience responses, where appropriate. Spend 35-40minutes on this question
  6. 6. Example from Jan 2012 paper 3. With reference to your own detailed examples, explore the representation of gender in the media today. [30]
  7. 7. More Detailed Guidance For more detailed guidance see the full guidance notes pdf on the blog or go to WJEC website here: 94.pdf