YBI Global Forum, Monday: Strengthening our network


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Andrew Devenport , CEO, YBI
Kevin Cornwell, Change Managment Consultant .

YBP Working Group Representatives:
Impact Assessment: Mzwabantu Ntlangeni, Director.
International Relations & Partnerships, National Youth Development Agency, South Africa.
Resourcing, Alvaro Bazan, Executive Director, Innova, Bolivia.
Knowledge-Sharing, Boris Tkachenko, Programme Manager, Youth Business Russia
Brand Building, Rael Goodman, CEO, Keren Shemesh Foundation, Israel.

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  • Welcome back. We are going to continue the themes of the previous session but now focus on our network.
    We have heard on the growing significance and importance of networks and networking in today’s world. In many respects these developments are paralleled in our own experience.
  • This session,
    1 An overview of the nature of our network, why being a network has value for all of us and a vision of what success might look like for our network
    2 Our journey as a network, where we have come from, and what has been achieved in the last two years
    3 How the strategy for the next phase of our network’s development has progressed from its announcement in Edinburgh and the network strengthening projects that have become an important first step in this new phase
    Then Kevin Cornwell, an experienced Change Management Consultant and long time supporter of YBI will introduce the four ongoing network strengthening projects will in turn be presented by Mzwa Ntangeni, Alcaro Bazan, Boris Tkachenko and Rael Goodman
  • Before we begin it is important to note that the 2011-2014 strategy is work-in-progress.
    Over the last fifteen months many of you have already contributed considerable time and effort to it.
    Our plan is to complete the strategy by the end of the year and so what you will be presented with this week is not the completed version and therefore you feedback during and after the Global Forum is very valued and very timely.
    In my view this is the right way to do things, for it would diminish the value of being a network if we were to pass up the all too rare opportunity of a Global Forum to share ideas and proposed plans before collectively reaching a decision.
  • So lets start with what success might look like for our network
    Firstly scale – I believe that achieving significant scale means we make a meaningful difference to the numbers of unemployed young people through support for youth entrepreneurship. It means that we impact economic development in many communities around the world.
    Now of course the impact of our network should be measured in different ways, the number of young people we help to start sustainable businesses, the number of jobs our young entrepreneurs create, the aggregate turnover of businesses supported. But whatever the measure, big is beautiful.
    Secondly – profile . We want to be recognised as the global voice of authority in helping young people start their own businesses
    Thirdly- we want to be at the heart of a global movement. A community of programmes, with entrepreneurs and mentors that can connect with each other to share ideas and opportunities within and across national boundaries
    Fourthly in order to achieve the first three we must partner with major organisations to secure the scale of funding, access to funding and other resources required for our network
  • If the underlying growth rate of the network continues at around 30% per annum, a rate achieved in 4 of the last 5 years, then by 2020 the network will be supporting 100,000 new young entrepreneurs a year.
    If that is our vision of success then it maybe achievable by the end of this decade.
    This decade is the network’s second decade and I think a good way to look at our journey to date is to divide it up into three phases.
  • Ten years ago the network’s creation bought together nine organisations .
    Their vision, led by HRH the Prince of Wales, was to connect themselves together for mutual support and importantly to develop and prove the concept. They succeeded and the network endured.
    Incidentally this picture is from 2002 not 2000. We couldn’t actually find a picture for 2000 as it predated digital photography. But you can maybe notice something from this picture, many of the people from that 2002 gathering are here today and they haven’t changed a bit! The real secret of the YBI Network is that it delivers eternal youth to all involved in it!
    Well maybe I’m exaggerating somewhat but certainly the founder members of our movement made the invaluable decision that it should be a network. They realised the truth that should always bind us together that even though members are separate institutions members can achieve more for themselves by working together than by working separately
  • Starting roughly five years ago we entered the second phase of our development.
    A deliberate focus on building the capabilities of the network began in response to the realisation by many of the potential of our network and the large amount of network value that could be unlocked if we had the tools and processes to do it.
  • The focus in this phase has therefore been to create and develop network assets to support the growth of members both terms of their size and their number. And to support the growth of the network in a consistent way that would underpin its future strength and sustainability.
    The members and YBI, the network’s organisation, worked together on a number of key projects
    We began with the network working together to write down a common set of principles policies and procedures.
    Then the accreditation process was formalised
    Relationships with multinational supporters who supported more than one member took shape
    And the Entrepreneur of the Year competition was established which has become a very important way to celebrate achievement and raise profile of the young entrepreneurs and the support they receive
  • So what have been some of the bigger network achievements of the last two years ?
    Here are six good examples,
    Firstly every accredited member of the network has gone through the formal process instituted in late 2007 and this year we reviewed and overhauled the system to reflect the experience and feedback of the last two and half years. I would like to thank the many members of the network for their contributions to this review process, the feedback has been very valuable and the process is now nearly complete. We are also very grateful to Barclays who have financially supported the accreditation process for the last two years and committed to do so for another three, Accenture who have enabled the review of the system and that well known organisations WCoMC. Believe it or not WCoMC stands for the Worshipful Company of Management Consultants an industry body for management consultants who have decided to freely give their time to undertake the accreditation assessments
    2. Secondly big progress has been made on developing on operations management system or OMS. The aim of the OMS is to enable all members who wish it, to adopt a free state-of-the-art IT system that can handle all the operational aspects of running a youth business programme. The initial version was made possible by The Centennial Fund, now we have something really exciting which you will be hearing more later today.
    3. Thirdly the mentoring toolkit was launched. For the first time the shared experiences of all aspects of running a mentoring programme by network members was bought together in one place for the free use by all members.
  • 4. Fourthly the network admissions process has been now been formalised and policies and procedures developed to ensure that the quality of new pilot members is such that they are highly likely to will achieve accredited status in less than two years
    5. Fifthly, we have worked hard to support the establishment of a new initiative in the United States, Youth Business America. Following a fruitless search for an existing relevant organisation we now have the foundations in place for an initiative that will not only have value for young Americans but we believe for the network as a whole. As you can see this has been made possible by a number of donors and by the commitment of many not least Darcie Cookson who led the project through its early stages and Henry Rogers and Dina Finta who are with us today. You’ll be hearing more about Youth Business America tomorrow.
    6. Finally we established the YBI Patrons Council which now has 19 members. The members comprise of individuals, foundations, corporations and companies who have supported either three or more members or the network as a whole. The Council is proving a great way to sustain and grow the investment s and numbers large supporters to the network. Along with our President of course the Patrons are our VIPs and we hope to strengthen and add to the council over time.
  • To an extent projects of a capacity building nature will always be a feature of our network as it evolves and changes but Phase 2, where it is the primary focus of network activities, is coming to an end .
    I believe the next phase will be about realising network value to drive growth and sustainability.
    In essence, by this I mean promoting above all other things the importance and value of us being a network in the next phase of our journey.
  • We began the first steps to this new era back in Edinburgh in 2008 and those of you with an eye for geometry will notice that we don’t appear to have taken the quickest route - good observation and possibly true.
    Perhaps this is one of two reasons why I’m not a pilot. The other being that I’m colour blind although you would never have guessed it from my powerpoint slides would you!
  • The targeted support strategy was a very detailed analysis involving 15 members of the network with a concentration on the larger accredited members.
    The key question of the project was , in what way can YBI and the YBPs best support network growth?
    The findings to this question are summarised in the table. Perhaps its relevant that the questions were mostly asked of CEOs and Programme Managers.
    Interestingly aspects of network support scored lowly which may have been because the project was perceived by members as primarily a needs analysis exercise
  • The targeted support strategy created a problem of how best for YBI to address the needs of members from a bilateral perspective.
    Meeting the needs of 37 members individually would be impossible for YBI from a resourcing perspective.
    The working group for this Global Forum strongly emphasised the value of the network leading YBI to conclude that only a network based solution would be able to meet the needs of members.
  • The logic for us working together is straight forward and compelling. What we can achieve together is greater than what we can achieve independently and this difference is our network value.
    There is an important balance to be struck between the value of global scale and the value of understanding local differences. If we are to extract the maximum value we can from our network then it is important to understand where network value lies and what is required to realise it.
    Network value can be seen to come through four mechanisms - all of which exist for our network, but none of which I believe have been maximised.
    We should be all able to learn quicker and more efficiently through shared experience. Hopefully this week is a good example but sharing experience for real benefit is often easier said than done.
    Looking at cost sharing, organisations have the opportunity to share the costs of certain assets across all their operations and enjoy a key benefit of scale. We think the OMS will be a big leap forward in this department.
    Maximising brand value is perhaps the least developed mechanism of this network and yet maybe its most powerful. If, as a network we can pool our influence more often and more effectively I believe every member will all attract more and better resources for themselves. This is where the experience of GEW and YES G20 which we will be hearing more about later are so important.
    Finally there is the value we get simply by building a community of people who believe in youth entrepreneurship. There are already several examples of this, such as some key stakeholder relationships and as we grow stronger as a network these will multiply.
  • In order to achieve our vision of success that I shared earlier and repeat again here, we must maximise the value that we gain by working together as network. We will not achieve our goals unless we do this.
    At the risk of stating the obvious, we are far more likely to be successful if we
    work more closely
    focus on the use and adoption of all our combined knowledge . History tells us there is more to successful sharing than just making knowledge available
    take more collective actions
    be more consistent
    be more visible
    I don’t think anyone in the network is going to disagree with these commitments however they are likely to be just words unless we undertake specific actions where these behaviours are central to how those actions are undertaken.
    So we selected actions which we felt were likely to be very relevant for the network’s future – they are the last steps on our journey to the next phase of our network’s development
  • The first action which we will get into on Thursday is to consider that since YBI is a network organisation the core team only exists to support and add value to network members therefore it is very important that network members are involved in determining what YBI does and will do.
  • The second action is the selection of four strengthening projects undertaken by groups within the network that help to lead us all into the next phase of YBI’s development.
    I would now like to ask Kevin Cornwell who is an experienced change management consultant and longstanding supporter of the YBI network and has been leading these projects to introduce them and their presenters, Kevin
  • YBI Global Forum, Monday: Strengthening our network

    1. 1. Strengthening our network
    2. 2. The aims of this session are to 1 Give an overview of the nature of our network 2 Describe our journey as a network 3 Why network strengthening is so important for the next phase of our journey 4 Present four ongoing network strengthening projects Strengthening our network
    3. 3. It is work-in-progress - many of you have already contributed THANK YOU! - what we will present to you this week is a developing framework BUT IT IS NOT FINALISED! - your feedback this week and after the Global Forum is important DON’T FORGET! Building the strategy for our network
    4. 4. A vision of success for our network 1 Significant Size e.g. helping 100,000 new entrepreneurs in 2020, creating a multiple number of new jobs 2 Global voice of authority 3 A global and vibrant youth entrepreneurship community 4 Network sustainability ... each requires the other!
    5. 5. Our network’s journey Phase 1: Pioneering, proving the concept Phase 2: Network capacity building and expansion Phase 3: Growth and sustainability by realising network value Achieving the vision of success! 2000 2005 2011
    6. 6. Where we come from Phase 1: The Past Our network began as a small loose association of pre-existing likeminded institutions who established the sense of being a network
    7. 7. Our network’s journey Phase 1: Pioneering, proving the concept Phase 2: Network capacity building and expansion Phase 3: Growth and sustainability by realising network value Achieving the vision of success! 2000 2005 2011
    8. 8. We expanded and began capacity building a global network Phase 2: The Near Past and Present Together we developed a common set of principles, policies and standards built the accreditation process built network donor relationships established the Entrepreneur of the Year competition MEMBERS
    9. 9. 2.Operations Management System (OMS) Major donors The Centennial Fund, Accenture, Barclays Capital 3.Mentoring toolkit Major donor Accenture 1.Accreditation Overhaul Major donors Accenture, Barclays Capital, WCoMC 2008-2010: Building Network Capacity
    10. 10. 5. Establishing Youth Business America Major donors Extensive California based support, Barclays Capital, Deloitte, Diageo, Kauffman Foundation 4. Network admissions policy Major donor Accenture 6.Establishing the YBI Patrons Council2008-2010: Building Network Capacity
    11. 11. Our network’s journey Phase 1: Pioneering, proving the concept Phase 2: Network capacity building and expansion Phase 3: Growth and sustainability by realising network value Achieving the vision of success! 2000 2005 2011
    13. 13. Findings of the Targeted Support Strategy Project Nearly half the network members supplied extensive information on their needs and the priority of those needs and how they might be met PRIORITY NEED HIGH Financial Resourcing MEDIUM Knowledge Sharing Partnership Management Technical Assistance Product Development & Innovation
    14. 14. Meeting your needs • The Targeted Support Strategy Project raised the challenge for YBI of how to meet the needs of members • Meeting the needs on a one-to-one basis with all members would be impractical • The 12 members of the Global Forum Working Group emphasised the need to focus on the power of the network and the enthusiasm amongst members for it • To respond to the Targeted Support Strategy Project YBI decides to propose a strategy based around network engagement and potential
    15. 15. Why being a network now is as valuable as it has ever been • We learn quicker and more efficiently • We share costs • We build a common network brand identity • We create value by building a community
    16. 16.  working more closely  focusing on successful sharing of our knowledge  taking more collective actions  being more consistent  being more visible Using our limited resources we need to get more value out of our network by... ... and the best way to do this is to undertake actions that strengthen the network Vision of success Significant scale Global voice of authority Network community Network sustainability
    17. 17. Action: developing the structure of our network to deliver phase 3 Members of the network must have a voice in what YBI does DON’T MISS THURSDAY’S FOCUS ON NETWORK GOVERNANCE! Our role is to show leadership but it is also to serve all members
    18. 18. Action: Four network strengthening projects A. Brand & Advocacy B. Financial Resourcing C. Performance Measurement D. Knowledge Sharing Chosen to: realise the value of our network... and lead us all into phase 3. Phase 3: Growth and sustainability by realising network value