FRX® Exterior Fire Retardant Wood
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FRX® Exterior Fire Retardant Wood



Learn about the history and chemistry behind FRX® Exterior Fire Retardant Wood.

Learn about the history and chemistry behind FRX® Exterior Fire Retardant Wood.



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FRX® Exterior Fire Retardant Wood FRX® Exterior Fire Retardant Wood Presentation Transcript

  • FRX® ExteriorFire Retardant Treated Wood
  • Introduction
    FRX® exterior FRT wood developed by: Arch Wood Protection, Inc., and CHEMCO, Inc.
    • Arch Wood Protection, Inc.
    Developed Dricon® fire retardant treated wood for interior applications and Wolmanized® Outdoor® wood, among other brands of pressure-treated wood
    • CHEMCO Inc.
    Developed FTX™ fire retardant shakes and shingles
  • FRX® Fire Retardant Treated Wood
    • Pressure-treated lumber and plywood that is chemically treated to reduce the spread of flames in applications directly exposed to weather.
    • May be substituted for materials classified as noncombustible in certain building types designated by model building codes and requiring ASTM D 2898 conformance.
    • Combines the beauty and versatility of wood with the fire safety and insurance advantages of noncombustible materials.
  • Typical Applications
    • Exterior decks
    • Balconies
    • Stairways
    • Covered walkways
    • Siding
    • Trim & molding
    • Open air roof systems
    • Stables
    • Soffit & fascia
    • Construction staging
    • Scaffolding
  • Advantages of FRX®Wood
    • Complies with major building codes(issued ESR-1159)
    • Tested, proven fire performance
    • Stringent quality control
    • From the people who developed Dricon® FRT wood and the people who developed FTX™ shakes and shingles
  • Fire Performance Tests
    FRX® wood complies with the following requirements for exterior FRT wood:
    • ASTM E 84 Tunnel TestExtended to 30 minutes with the flame not progressing more than 10.5 feet beyond burners and showing no evidence of progressive combustion.
    • ASTM D 2898 Accelerated Weathering TestAlso referred to as the “800-inch rain test,” FRX® lumber and plywood maintain flame spread indexes of less than 25.
  • Strength Properties
    Strength of FRX® wood has been tested following ASTM D 143 and MIL-L-19140E.
    Strength Design Factors ―FRX® Lumber Compared to Untreated Lumber (=1.00)Applicable at Ambient Temperatures Up to 80°F
  • Product Processing
    • Treating
    • Treatment of FRX®wood is performed at properly equipped and supervised treatment plants in accordance with industry standards
    • Kiln drying
    • Following treatment, FRX® wood is re-dried to moisture content of:
    • 19% or less for lumber
    • 15% or less for plywood
  • Product Confidence
    • Quality control
    • Comprehensive quality control conducted by third-party agency
    • Provides assurance that both the FRX® fire retardant chemical and FRX® wood are consistently produced to meet performance standards dictated by the model building codes
  • Product Information
    • Lumber and plywood sizes
    • All common lumber dimensions and plywood thicknesses
    • Size is limited only to treating plant’s ability to treat, dry, and handle
    • Species available
    • Douglas fir
    • Southern yellow pine
    • Spruce
    • Western red cedar lumber
    • Hem-fir lumber
  • Notes on Use
    FRX® treatment does not substantially change the physical characteristics of ordinary lumber.
    FRX® wood should not be installed where exposed to high temperatures in interior applications, nor where it will contact the ground.
    When staining, apply only non-filming oil-based stain to clean, dry surfaces and follow the manufacturers’ recommendations.
    Take same common sense precautions when handling FRX® treated wood as untreated wood or other building materials.
  • For more information, contact your supplier of FRX® wood or visit www.useFRTW.comor call Arch Wood Protection at 866-use-FRTW