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Things to do with BYOD


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Published in: Education
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Things to do with BYOD

  1. 1. Things to do with BYOD/T: (PS: All these things are free!)• APPS! There are THOUSANDS OF APPS!• Take a poll!• Use QR codes in interesting ways.• Google Drive• Other devices• Make your own Webpage to link it all together!
  2. 2. Cell Phone Apps:FREE!• Twitter• Edmodo (like facebook for teachers!)• Facebook• eFlashCards• Webster Dictionary (I use this Daily!)• BrainPOP (if your school subscribes)• QR Codes
  3. 3. FREE General Cell Phone Apps:iPhone / iTunes Droid• Twitter • Many of the same big name• Edmodo brands.• QR Code • (I don’t have a droid, but a• Flashcards+ lot of my students do and if they can’t get the same• Websters Dictionary exact one, they normally• BrainPOP find a similar one.)
  4. 4. Twitter Account!• Almost all the kids and parents already have twitter, so use it to your advantage.• Post tweets about upcoming tests, assignments, and other news like when field trip money is due or you need more tissue or germX.
  5. 5. Remind 101• An alternative to Twitter. If most your students/parents don’t have smart phones, this allows you to send messages without having to give your actual Cell Phone number.• Parents can also sign up via email and get messages sent to their inbox.
  6. 6. edmodo• Does Facebook scare you? Edmodo is like facebook for teachers, MADE BY teachers.• The student’s privacy is very safe.• Only students and parents can access edmodo.• Students can even earn patches!You can even let the kidsDESIGN the patches! Andyou upload them toedmodo!
  7. 7. Edmodo Patch ideas:• Passing tests (like virtual stickers)• Passing ThinkLink with Green or Yellow.• If you test for each ALCOS criteria (I do this for science) you could earn a patch for Genetics or Cells, etc.• Create a badge on edmodo link• Award badges on edmodo link
  8. 8. Flashcards+• You could use this instead of traditional vocabulary. Students can study this in any class when they are done with other work.
  9. 9. FREE Science Cell Phone Apps:iPhone / iTunes Droid• Project Noah • Again, pretty sure they are there. Haven’t had any• Anatomy students tell me they• Color Blind couldn’t find it or a similar• Gene Screen one yet.• Medical Info
  10. 10. Science Specific Apps: (all these free!) • Project (science classification app – not religious) Screen shot of my Project Noah page
  11. 11. Gene Screen• Gene Screen (genetics app – allows you to do Punnett squares and calculate % of both dominant/recessive and carrier traits.
  12. 12. Medical Info• Medical Info (Medical/science terminology dictionary)
  13. 13.• Check for understanding INSTANTLY!• This DOES count as a text message.• ANY phone can do this, does not have to be a smart phone:• 1. Favorite party dip? – A. Salsa – B. Cheese Dip – C. Guacamole
  14. 14. Video - Futuristic WorksheetsCreate worksheet that have QR @mrrobboCodes beside each problem ordrawings.Students can scan the code andare taken to a YouTube videoexplaining how to solve theproblem or check their answers.
  15. 15. To check answers:
  16. 16. Laminate sheets and pin them up round the classroom (MarkRollins @muppetmasteruk)
  17. 17. Explore Physical Models Attach QR Codes to a physical object to allow for a thorough exploration of the object. For Example 1. Attach a QR Code to a skeleton etc and link to multimedia about that particular piece of anatomy( @mrrobbo ?v=sV-e0qolrt8)This idea found at:
  18. 18. In Interactive/Composition Notebooks:
  19. 19. In Yearbooks/Newsletters:
  20. 20. In Textbooks and Magazines: