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  • Or“Ouch, hot!”
  • Gen1 Part 5- Finally

    1. 1. Generation 1 Part 5- Finally
    2. 2. It’s been awhile. Apologies, because I’m lazy. Also my last chapter was definitely not up to par. I was in such a rush at the time to get it out that it was junk. I really should have hung onto it longer to edit. A lot longer. One more thing before I kick this chapter off, I did post a rewrite of my first chapter last time. It is pretty much the same, but there are a few new slides at the end that show how miss matchmaker became a part of this. I recommend looking at those. Anyway, it’s about time to start!
    3. 3. This chapter starts out with a common sight. Everyone leaving for school. This time it is their last day before they head off to college, though.
    4. 4. “Wait a second Rosie. Your sims are different.” “They’re the same as they've always been.” “Nu-uh.” Keika walked around to get a better look.
    5. 5. “I know, you went back to the maxis skins!” “Guilty, now as I was saying...”
    6. 6. Some other siblings were just getting to the school. “Bo, please, you can’t ignore me forever,” Puck begged. Bo turned her head and stuck her tongue out at him then left.
    7. 7. “I just don’t know what to do anymore.”
    8. 8. Puck slid off the bench and walked down the hall. He grabbed the last couple of things from his locker and closed it. It felt odd to be finally leaving high school.
    9. 9. When he turned around he discovered that Anton was right there. “Anton! I haven’t seen you in forever.” “Hi. You seem… down. Doesn’t Desi keep you happy?” “Hardly. Girls are so complicated. And Bo hasn’t talked to me since I started going out with her either.”
    10. 10. “That’s…tough. Sisters are difficult.” “Yeah.”
    11. 11. “Pucky!” “Dude, I gotta go.” Anton said. “I don’t blame you,” Puck said under his breath.
    12. 12. “So, for the graduation dance tonight in the gym, I think we should go buy matching formal wear!” “Desi, there’s something I need to tell you.” Puck scratched the back of his neck. Hoping he wouldn’t chicken out again. “No really Pucky, matching outfits would be amazing.” “Desi, I don’t think this is going to work out.”
    13. 13. “Of course they will.” “Not the outfits, the two of us.” “Come on, we’re perfect for each other. I’m beautiful, your popular. Perfection.” “That’s what I mean,” Puck took a deep breath. “You treat me like an object, not a person. I’m tired of it.”
    14. 14. “I’m not sure I understand.” “Desi. I don’t like you that way. At least not anymore. And honestly, you only like me because I’m the SBO president.”
    15. 15. “But Puck!” “Sorry Desi. It’s over.” He walked away to avoid anymore protesting on her part.
    16. 16. He managed to walk right back into Anton. “You stood up to my sister! You are the MAN!” Puck looked down scuffing his shoe.
    17. 17. “Teen relationships.” Keika made a very deliberate fake yawn. “Where did that couch come from?” “You didn’t expect me to stand the entire time, did you?”
    18. 18. Charnell was having a blast at the dance. Everyone in high school was invited, not just the graduating class. She moved around the gym, dancing with her friends. This included her siblings. Desi spent most of her time telling the DJ how to do his job.
    19. 19. Charnell turned around and was startled to find a, just as surprised, Puck. “Hi.” Charnell said “Hi.”
    20. 20. “Puck…um. I…” “Charnell…I…” They said at the same time. Charnell looked down awkwardly. Puck took a deep breath. “Would you like to dance?”
    21. 21. “Puck…I’ve…um… I’ve liked you…for a long time. I know you like Desi, but I had to tell you.” It finally dawned on him why Bo was ignoring him. “Charnell, I broke up with Desi this morning.” “Oh… um.”
    22. 22. “About time.”
    23. 23. “Kitty and Garrett, the lovers, are out tonight. I do believe the dance is going well.” “You always say ridiculous things like that, Titania.” Titania turned to find the person she knew would be there.
    24. 24. “Yvonne. You can’t be here.” “Your pitiful spells only work on buildings. I can go where I wish.” “It doesn’t matter, You have no power over me.”
    25. 25. “Oh, I believe I do.” The stairs creaked as the person walked down them. “Your ‘wonderful’ fairy Royal lineage stops me from implanting my will on your heart, true. But I will still get what I want.”
    26. 26. “And this time you will not be able to change that.”
    27. 27. “You really love dramatic disappearances don’t you.” “You’re really starting to annoy me.” “I know” “I’m in charge here. I could punish you.”
    28. 28. “Then I’d punish you back.” “Um…” “I win.”
    29. 29. After the quads came home from the dance, they were shepherded into the living room. “Did we do something wrong?” Brielle asked as she nervously brushed her arm. “No, I have finally determined who will be the heir. I wanted to tell you before you left for college.”
    30. 30. “It wasn’t easy, but I have finally made my decision.”
    31. 31. “Charnell, you will be heiress.” Desiree was too stunned to say anything. “Thanks mom.” “Good going Charnell!” Anton said. “I’m so happy for you.” Brielle said.
    32. 32. Desi found her voice. “Everything’s given to you. You don’t have to work hard at all.”
    33. 33. “Cut it out Desi. You know that’s not true. Charnell gets stuff because she works hard and is a good person. You might want to try it some time.”
    34. 34. “Whatever, I’m going to bed,” Desi said as she stormed out of the room.
    35. 35. Charnell turned on Anton, “What was that? You need to stop acting like I can’t take care of myself. And stop being rude to Desi. And yes, I know she isn’t exactly being nice. Honestly, we are all siblings. We are supposed to get along, but that is impossible with you acting like there are two sides.” Charnell stormed off. The other two slowly headed to bed as well.
    36. 36. “That could have gone better,” Anette said. “I’ll say. You should have named Anton heir.” “We’ve already argued about that,” She said rather annoyed. “True, but it would have been better. He isn’t one of the one’s fighting.”
    37. 37. “Really Phil? I’ve already made my decision, and I’ve told you why Anton isn’t the right fit.” “But he’s the eldest male. Traditionally, he is the best.” “I’m the founder. I get to decide what is tradition in this legacy.”
    38. 38. “There you go, pulling your rank again.” “Oh don’t give me that. I tried getting your input. You wouldn’t say anything positive about anyone but Anton.”
    39. 39. “Ms. Danielle, where are you?”
    40. 40. Francois sat down, dejected. “You said you’d be here. You said you could help.”
    41. 41. “I am here, boy.” Francois looked up excited.
    42. 42. “Do you require assistance getting their attention?” “Not really. I want them to stop arguing all of the time. They never get along. Even my parents argue.”
    43. 43. “That is a noble request. It might also be difficult.” “But you can do it?” “I believe you can, dear boy.”
    44. 44. “The person I work for, you see, she can bestow upon you power to do something yourself. I will, of course, help you in anyway I can.” “Will it hurt?”
    45. 45. “Only for a second,” said Yvonne.
    46. 46. “I’m sorry about what Anton said,” She paused. “Desi?” “Go…away.”
    47. 47. “I won’t” Charnell said softly. “Desi, let’s rewind and go back to being sisters. I hate this stupid rivalry. I miss being friends. It was never perfect, but we can do better this time.”
    48. 48. “Sisters,” Desi spoke softly. It wasn’t exactly an apology, but it was more than Charnell could have hoped for.
    49. 49. “There, see, I put it back,” Keika said. “How did you get it up the stairs in the first place?” “Plot device.” I did a face palm. While I was holding my head a knock sounded at the door. “Come in.”
    50. 50. “Dez!”
    51. 51. Yep, this is Desmodus ‘Dez’ White, from Keika’s ‘The White Legacy.’ When he passed on, Keika gave a rather touching memorial to him. She talks about him being her favorite sim ever. He seemed to be the best person to get her off of my back. “…” “I missed you too Dez.”
    52. 52. After Dez left to get some rest, Keika approached me. “So, did anyone else come over from my Legacy?” “Well, Merry followed him here, but…”
    53. 53. “He he he, another legacy to take over.”
    54. 54. “I will show them what I am capable of.”
    55. 55. “Oopsie.”
    56. 56. “She didn’t stick around very long.” Keika stared at me. Ahem… I think it is time to return to the legacy.
    57. 57. “I’m glad college is going well for you, Brielle. Yeah. Everything has been pretty normal here. Okay. Bye.” Edouard didn’t tell her how odd Francois was acting.
    58. 58. He was honestly really worried. Francois was up at all hours of the night.
    59. 59. He often mumbled to himself. Edouard wondered if he even slept at all.
    60. 60. This didn’t improve after they had gotten older either.
    61. 61. It hadn’t even changed for the newly aged elders. “Okay, so I have some new reasons for why Anton should be heir.”
    62. 62. “I’m sick and tired of this argument, Phil. I’ve told you, I am not changing my decision.” “Come on Anette.” “No.”
    63. 63. Since Brielle had told Edouard that if he thought there was a problem he should fix it, he approached Francois. “I’m worried Francois. You’ve been acting kind of weird lately.”
    64. 64. “Honestly Edouard, you worry too much. I’m fine. Better than normal in fact.”
    65. 65. “Are you sure?” Edouard pressed, “Because you do not act fine.
    66. 66. “Oh brother Ed. You’re making me late.” Edouard watched him go, still at a loss of where he went all of the time. He probably just has a girlfriend. He assured himself.
    67. 67. Some time later… Yvonne stared into the swirling mass of images. “Danielle, your stupid ball is not working.”
    68. 68. “You must learn patience. Why do you think matchmakers are all elders? The future takes decades to learn how to read. Even then the future is a complicated mess. I still mess up once in a while.” “Do not lecture me.” Yvonne said firmly.
    69. 69. Danielle sighed. “Let me have a look.” She pushed past Yvonne and stared into the ball. Are you sure you want to know? The future is a confusing thing. Sometimes trying to change it is what makes it happen. “Of course I want to know.” Danielle gazed into the ball and eventually tapped it causing it to freeze on an image. “This is the one. She will have what you are looking for. Come over here, Francois.”
    70. 70. “Do you recognize her?” “Yeah. She’s my sister,” he said offhandedly. “It appears you were fated to help us, young one.”
    71. 71. “Now that that’s over, I will be off to bed. My back is killing me.” They stared after her, and Francois was about to go as well. “Francois. Stay.” He turned around.
    72. 72. “You remember the task I have asked you to do?” “Yes, but I am at a loss as to why this is so important.” “I need this because, at this point, I am just an energy force.”
    73. 73. “I need it to be solid, to truly exist.” Francois shivered as Yvonne waved her hand through his arm.
    74. 74. A short time later… “Francois, what are you doing?” “I have a job to do, and I can’t do that with our parents around.” Edouard’s stomach leaped. This wasn’t good. Not at all.
    75. 75. Brielle would know what to do. He quickly dialed her number.
    76. 76. He nervously listened to the dial tone. His finger twitched in anticipation. “Hello?” “Brielle, it’s Edouard, I really need your help. There is something awful…”
    77. 77. “Edouard,” She cut him off. “I’m… the last person you should ask advice from. I … it’s just… I’m sorry.” “Brielle wait!” *click*
    78. 78. Edouard hung the phone up. He stared at it. What was he supposed to do? He shook his head. He couldn’t just stand here, that’s for sure.
    79. 79. “Francois, I’m coming, too.” He would watch over his twin. That is what he would do.
    80. 80. “I think I need a snack break. Yeah.”
    81. 81. *grufflemrgff* “Yum!”
    82. 82. Oh. “What are you guys up to?” I went up and looked over Keika’s shoulder.
    83. 83. “You have got to be kidding me. You’re messaging eachother? Your in the same room!” Keika looked up at me with a mischievous grin. Eventually I managed to steal my computer back.
    84. 84. Phil stretched. It had been a long day at work. A good nights sleep sounded amazing. So he trudged up the stairs.
    85. 85. He stopped when he noticed a trail of shredded paper all down the hallway to his and Anette’s room.
    86. 86. He entered and discovered Anette bawling. He had never seen Anette cry before. He immediately felt bad about the way he had been treating his wife as of late.
    87. 87. Phil pulled her into his arms. “Anette, I’m sorry.” He said softly in her ear. “I haven’t been a very good husband.” He rubbed her back as she shook. When they finally pulled away Phil looked in her eyes and asked, “Now what else is bothering you?”
    88. 88. Anette relinquished a sopping wet crumpled wad of paper. “What is this?” He asked as he carefully smoothed it out. Parts of it were unreadable because the ink had run, but it’s message was still clear. “I found it in Francois and Edouard’s room.” Anette said. The note was from Edouard, saying that they had left. He told them not to worry, and that he would watch over Francois. Phil looked up and Anette was crying again. “I haven’t been a very good mother, have I.” She said.
    89. 89. Phil took her hands. “Anette, it isn’t your fault. I haven’t exactly been there either. Our family hasn’t been perfect, but we can always make it better. This will all be fixed. You’ll see.” Anette sniffled and wiped the tears from her eyes. “I love you Phil.” “I love you, too.”
    90. 90. That’s a wrap! And guess what? I get to write one of those thank you slides that I never really read! Thanks goes to… Keika for her sims and her simself. And StephSim on MTS2 for Gwrych Barony Castle, which we will be seeing more of in the future.