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The Legrand Legacy-Gen2 Who's Who?


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The Legrand Legacy-Gen2 Who's Who?

  1. 1. Generation 2 Who’s Who? Since It’s was forever since before my last post I have compiled this chapter to reacquaint you with my people. I apologize because the pictures aren’t the greatest. Most of my sims did not get undivided face time. Also, some of the pictures are from before I switched back to the maxis skins, so their skin tone will be a bit off and shinier.
  2. 2. This is Anette, my foundress. She has been somewhat detached in her relations to other people. This has caused some strife later in life. She is now an elder, but I lacked a decent picture of her as one. Namely, you couldn’t see her face.
  3. 3. Here is Anette’s husband, Phil. He is rather stubborn, and has been somewhat forgotten by me. More than somewhat.
  4. 4. The guy in blue is Anton. He is one of the quads, Anette’s first pregnancy. He is a protective brother who dislikes Desi at this point. He is fondly called ‘The Nose’ by Keika. He has also had his time as the forgotten one.
  5. 5. This lively blond one is Brielle. She is a Quad. She is slightly on the eccentric side and enjoys brining up Aliens. She is excellent at making people laugh.
  6. 6. Our third quad is Charnell. She was crushed when Desi liked Puck and the whole matter was blown out of proportion by Anton. She was really compliant up until the whole Puck part, but is now starting to stand on her own two feet. She is now trying to repair the quads relationship. She is also the heiress of generation 2.
  7. 7. Here is Desiree(Desi), the last of the quads. The best way to describe her is vain. She is convinced that she is perfect and better than Charnell. She only liked Puck because of his status, and partially to prove to herself that she was better than Charnell by dating the guy she liked.
  8. 8. Here we have Edouard(Ed). He is one of the twins, Anette’s second and final pregnancy. He is rather morose. He is extremely worried about Francois since he has been acting strange. At the end of the last chapter he chose to leave with Francois when he decided to run away.
  9. 9. The other twin is Francois. When he was a child he made the mistake of asking for help from a gypsy, the matchmaker. And therefore was exposed to Yvonne’s manipulating powers. He is already involved in her plans and , as the end of the last chapter, ran away.
  10. 10. This is my favorite picture of her. Yvonne is the mysterious dangerous sim who has some sort of agenda. She has the power to impress her own will on others hearts. We have seen her do this twice.
  11. 11. Here we have Danielle the gypsy/matchmaker. She was somewhat ignored by Anette in the first chapter of this legacy. She was grumbling about this when Yvonne caught her and was the first to have her heart poisoned by Yvonne’s touch. She is now working for her and can see parts of the future through her crystal ball.
  12. 12. Here is Puck. He is a maxis pre-made of Veronaville, with a slight makeover. He is Anton’s friend who did not receive face time until teenhood. He dated Desi and hated it. The whole time he had had a crush on Charnell, but thought she didn’t like him like that. He discovered the truth after already having dumped Desi. He is also a rather awkwardly shy character.
  13. 13. This picture is especially rotten. It’s the only one I have of her facing forward. This is Bottom(Bo), also a maxis pre-made. She is Puck’s little sister, though they were both adopted. I use the nickname that she was given in the boolpropian round robin legacy story. She is a spunky girl who is still somewhat immature. She gave Puck the silent treatment after he broke Charnell’s heart, by kissing Desi.
  14. 14. This is Titania, the mother of Bo and Puck. Also a pre-made. Not a lot is known about her at this pint. She has a knack for fortune telling and seems to know Yvonne.
  15. 15. Jason and Juliette. I don’t expect you to remember these two. They are from the first chapter, though if you read the redo, Jason is not in it. He is a legacy sim from the round robin I’m doing with my sisters. Juliette is a pre-made who is pretty ditzy.
  16. 16. Jason as an adult  Finally we have Mr. Reflective-pants, Romeo. He is also a pre-made. He is still mad at Jason for ‘stealing’ Juliette from him. So when I changed what happened from that round robin I did, so that I could use this neighborhood, he became a loose end. That finishes this off
  17. 17. “Rosie, you didn’t say who I am.” “You’re a simself. I don’t have to.”
  18. 18. “I want you to though.” “No.” “Seriously, your going to show Romeo and not me?”
  19. 19. Fine then. This is my sister Keika. She writes ‘The White Legacy.’ She is rather annoying and enjoys interrupting. “Now wait a minute”
  20. 20. “You wanted to be introduced. Hey! What are you doing?”
  21. 21. This is Rosie. The author who’s laziness causes her to not post chapters very often. She accidently made her house so that shadows of people who are in her neighborhood can appear here whenever they want. They also are apparently afraid of the wonderful Keika, because they don’t show when she’s here. Rosie also has a bad temper, and did I mention she was lazy?
  22. 22. I think we should close this before Keika and I continue with our childish banter.