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Booth design for jewelers
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Booth design for jewelers


Wendy Rosen is the leading advocate for the “Made in America” movement. Through her writings and workshops, Rosen has mentored thousands high design micro-enterprises start-ups for nearly 30 years. …

Wendy Rosen is the leading advocate for the “Made in America” movement. Through her writings and workshops, Rosen has mentored thousands high design micro-enterprises start-ups for nearly 30 years.

As founder of the American Made Alliance, Rosen advocates for more than 125,000 micro-enterprise artist studios and 20,000 retail stores specializing in American made products.

In 1981, Rosen produced the first "Made in America" trade show, the Buyers Market of American Craft, which quickly became one of the Top 200 trade shows in America.

Rosen's best-selling book, Crafting as a Business, is known as the "studio start-up bible" for young artisans providing a step-by-step guide from product development to profit.

“Crafting an American Style,” a PBS special produced by Rosen traces the evolution of crafts from their humble origins to their contemporary status as works. The documentary has aired on more than 75 PBS markets.

Realizing that consumers needed a source for all things American made, Rosen launched AmericanStyle magazine, a tool for collectors of quality limited edition American designer products in the categories of jewelry, art glass, teapots, fiber art, baskets, sculpture, furniture and ceramics. A second publication, NICHE magazine, connects luxury retailers with the finest Made in the USA and Canada gifts and decorative art objects available coast to coast.

The American Made Alliance is a 501c6. Through its projects and partnerships, the group strives to new markets for American made products, protect the authenticity, prevent fraud and inform legislators and consumers about the importance of supporting American Made.

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  • Booth display never has to be expensive. Some of the best displays are in fact just a few hundred dollars. Keep your priorities in line. Spend the most on your lighting. The next most expensive item are branding elements such as your logo and blow-up images of your most impressive pieces or top sellers. At every step keep an eye on weight. It’s often more affordable to rent tables, or even buy tables than to ship them across the country to the show site.


  • 1. + Booth Design for Jewelers Display, Lighting, Branding, Traffic Management, Space Planning for Success
  • 2. + Create Small Collections
  • 3. + Jewelers with the best lighting… always win!
  • 4. + The way display?… Buyers who touch… also purchase. Keep it out of the case!
  • 5. + Branding is Beautiful …Design it. Sign it.
  • 6. + Organized Accessibility Everything at elbow height. To touch is to buy!
  • 7. + Color blocking to create a path. Draw the eye to the center, then outward.
  • 8. + Wall Treatments. Roll up shades make affordable display walls!
  • 9. + White backgrounds are so sweet… for your suites!
  • 10. + Booth award winner. Branding and great lighting!
  • 11. + Laurel keeps it simple, smart and memorable.
  • 12. + Patricia Locke needs her space multiple buyers to write orders at one time!
  • 13. + The office area. A small spot to add things up while the buyer shops.
  • 14. + J. Petet J. Petet J. Petet Remember… Redundancy isn’t a bad thing!
  • 15. + The 18k is under glass… but the photos are upfront and BIG!
  • 16. + Small stuff out, one-offs under glass… Kathryn makes sure she can connect well advising her buyers up close with good eye contact and best tips for success with her line.
  • 17. + The 3 Second Rule. The time a buyer has to see your work. From the aisle, over other heads, when they are tired, with eyes glazed over and sore feet.