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Assignment 3 ii
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Assignment 3 ii

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competitive advantage

competitive advantage

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  • 1. PIDP3240 – Assignment #3 PowerPoint II Marketing Strategy Competitive Advantage and Competitive Strategies 2-1
  • 2. Topics1 Competitive Advantage2 Competitive Strategy3 Porter’s Generic Competitive Strategy 2-2
  • 3. 1. Competitive Advantage Competitive advantage is something that the organization possesses exclusively or does better than the competition 2-3
  • 4. Firm Resource-based Competency Core Competencies   Things a corporation can do exceedingly well Distinctive Competencies  Core competencies that are superior to those of competitors  They are critical in helping a firm pursue competitive strategies 2-4
  • 5. 2. Competitive Strategy•the choice of how a firm will compete inits chosen market.•The purpose is to seek a position of competitiveadvantage such as low cost, operationalexcellence, higher product quality, and superiorcustomer relationships. 2-5
  • 6. 3. Porter’s Generic Competitive Strategies 2-6
  • 7. Low Cost Leadership“A true cost leader gears all its strategic choices to the single goal of squeezing out every cent of production and distribution costs to provide a competitive advantage” Save $ through whole supply chain 2-7
  • 8. Internal strengths:Access to the capital required to make a significantinvestment in production assets –economic scale, forexample, WalMart. (9700 retail units in 28 countries) http://walmartstores.com/AboutUs/Skill in designing products for efficient manufacturing, forexample, TQM, avoiding waste, for example, TOYOTA.Efficientdistribution channels-Savingtransportation/warehousing cost, for example, Costco. 2-8
  • 9. Differentiation LeadershipObjective is to create a competitive advantage by offering a product or service that is perceived by the customer to be unique in some desirable way.Therefore obtain a premium price. 2-9
  • 10. Internal strengths:Access to leading scientific research.Highly skilled and creative product developmentteam.Strong capability to successfully communicate theperceived strengths of the product.Corporate reputation for quality and innovation. 2-10
  • 11. Focus StrategyDirected at Serving the Needs of a Limited Market Segment 2-11
  • 12. 2-12