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Mobile marketing and its prominence in business.

Mobile marketing and its prominence in business.



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    Mobile marketingwebinar Mobile marketingwebinar Presentation Transcript

    • Mobile MarketingA Strategic Marketing & Sales Perspective
    • ContentsM-LandscapeM-StatisticsM-DefinitionsM-CustomerM-Marketing PlanM-Strategy & ExecutionCase Study Coats
    • Mobile Landscape
    • Mobile LandscapeMobile is king in terms of the stats: It’s also fast paced,dynamic, innovative & highly competitive.Mobile Internet Access is taking over: New online ismobile!Don’t overestimate the smart phone/tablet market: Keyuses are still: simple browsing, email & social media.Harder to measure & understand your mobile audienceas measuring mobile traffic is tricky:• It difficult to figure out how much of your traffic is coming from smartphones vs. feature phones.• Google Analytics seems to count most feature phone traffic as regular web hits, which can drastically mislead your mobile strategy.
    • Mobile Landscape…contSocial Media is inherently mobile:• Therefore, consider social media one of the key channels to promote your content, engage your community/market, get feedback, and find great story leads or marketing intelligence.Search is becoming increasing mobile & localResponsive Design for Mobile Website and MobileCampaigns
    • Mobile LandscapeSearch • Location Based: GPS • Touch Based: Interactive Engagement • Audio Visual Based:Social Mobile • Physical Intelligence Connection Based: Constantly linked to Professional & Social Contacts • Portable: Influence purchases & decisions on the goApps
    • M-Devices "I will buy with you, sell with you, talk with you, walk with you, and so following; but I will not eat with you, drink with you, nor pray with you." The Merchant of Venice (I, iii, 35-39)
    • M-Devices… contMobile is Life!• Mobile combines search, social and applications in one platform (Google, Facebook, Apple)• Being constantly connected to contacts, social sites and search sites.• Mobile devices are now an extension of a person and form part of their identity – brand, ring-tones, designer phones etc.• Tool for information, entertainment, & photos.• Sales Touch-point.• Mobile uptake is not dependent on region or culture.
    • M-Devices…contMobile Rapidly Evolving
    • Mobile Statistics
    • Mobile StatisticsOnline wealth is more likely to come from the 5.3billion mobile users than from 1 billion PC users:• There are 5.3 billion mobile subscribers as of July 2011• equivalent to 77% of the world’s population.• What other medium has that reach?Growth is led by China & IndiaThe number of people accessing the mobile Internet isgrowing fast and is expected to overtake the PC as themost popular way to get on the Web within five years.
    • Mobile Statistics…contMany mobile web users are mobile-only:• very rarely use a desktop, laptop or tablet to access the Web.• Even in the US 25 percent of mobile Web users are mobile-only.SMS is the king of mobile messaging:• 8 trillion text messages 8 trillion text message will be sent in 2011. But consumers are also embracing mobile email, IM and MMS rapidly.Mobile searches have quadrupled in the last year,for many items one in seven searches are nowmobile:• US consumers prefer mobile browser for banking, travel, shopping, local info, news, video, sports and blogs and prefer apps for games, social media, maps and music.
    • M-Definitions
    • M-Marketing DefinitionMobile/M-Marketing is the “process of marketingcampaigns delivered via the mobile medium”.The Direct Marketing Association states thatmobile marketing has a number of uniquebenefits: It is always on, always with you and themessage is always ready.
    • M-Customers • Hunters not Browsers • Want Fast Accurate Results • Quick, on the Go Decisions
    • M-Customer is still KingThe most valuable asset for any business istheir customers.It is important to reflect on:• how we treat customers• how our customers believe we treat them• What it feels like to be one of our customers• How our employees believe how our customers should be treatedMobile becomes a key customer touch point.
    • Why Mobile is Critical for CRMWhen customer needs drive all businessdecisions – a marketing philosophy has beentruly adopted and implemented.Mobile phones and devices present anopportunity for businesses to enter into aregular and honest discussion with theircustomers.Every single time you receive customerfeedback your organization has grownstronger.
    • Why Mobile is Critical for CRM…contPlace the customer at the heart of allplanning and decision making and you will bebetter paced to gain a key advantage.If you give the customers what they wantthey will come back repeatedly to purchaseyour product and increase turnover andprofitability.Satisfied customers create a word of mouthfor you.
    • M-Marketing PlanMost companies fail due to poor marketing.Many think that marketing is just advertising – isn’t it?Most people question whether m-commerce can addvalue to their business.Most people think there is no value to tweets and thatsocial networking sites distract employees – who shouldotherwise be engaged.
    • 4 Step M-Marketing Plan (David Berkowitz)Question 1: What are your goals for mobile marketing?• Are your goals branding or direct response marketing?• What does the end result look like if the mobile program is successful?• What kind of commitment will you make up front in terms of the staffing and budget allocated?• Do you have the time to fully optimize the program• Are you seeking massive scale for impressions, clicks, engagement or app downloads within a brief campaign flight?Answering these questions at the onset will help ensuremobile fulfills its potential as part of your marketingplan.
    • M-Marketing Plan…contQuestion 2: How is your audience using mobile?• Its critical to understand your audience and how they are using mobile when creating your plan.• Which handsets and operating systems are they most likely to use?• Are they likely to text, search, take pictures, play games, use social media, read news, look for local businesses, surf the web, download apps, scan barcodes, use location-based services, or participate in other activities?• To what extent does mobile usage by time of day and the day of the week?• What are your consumers favorite mobile sites and applications?• How does your audience incorporate mobile into their shopping process?• With what other media, including traditional media, does your target audience engage?Mobile integrates well with various forms of traditional media,so those insights should be applied to any mobile program.
    • M-Marketing PlanQuestion 3: How can you use your assets in mobile?• What assets do you have that might make sense to incorporate?• Do you have stores or other channel partners?• Do you have apps or a mobile-friendly website? What other digital branded experiences do you have, such as across social networks?Mobile bridges digital and physical worlds, so considertangible, real-world assets: products, out-of-home orprint ads, retail stores and live events.
    • M-Marketing Plan…contQuestion 4: Does your plan follow mobilemarketing best practices?• Does the program adhere to how consumers are using mobile media?• Does it use the functionality of mobile devices?• Does the experience translate well both to the smaller screen size and then the broader real-world landscape where consumers use their mobile devices?• What kind of value does it provide to the consumer -- information on a new product or service, entertainment, or a discount on merchandise, among many other options?
    • M-Marketing ApproachProduction ProductOrientation Orientation Sales MarketingOrientation Orientation
    • M-Strategy & Execution
    • M-StrategyMobile Web Site + Mobile App does not form a m-strategy!M-Strategy has to be based on:• Goals• Competitive Landscape• ORM• CRM• Pilots• Business Analytics• New Tools• Integrated Sales Approach• ROI
    • M-Strategy…contHow we sneak through the maze of clutter, chitter& chatter via mobile – to make sure that thecustomer reads your message and remembers it.Need to be able to measure the response and beable to ask why the message did not work andwhat the learning lessons are (pilots)Execution of a mobile strategy has to be a holisticapproach that is linked to the business goals ofthe organization, the target market and the natureof the product or service.
    • Killer Execution Plan
    • MK-Execution5K’s to Mobile Marketing:• K1: Killer Mobile Sites• K2: Killer Mobile Apps• K3: Killer Mobile Text Marketing Campaigns/Blue Casting• K4: Killer Mobile Advertising• K5: Killer Mobile Email
    • M-Execution – Tips on Mobile AdvertisingCustomer Loyalty ProgramText Marketing: Texting, Text WinMobile Search MarketingMobile GivingMobile SiteMobile SurveysMobile VideosEvent ActivationQR Codes
    • M-Execution – Tips on Mobile AdvertisingEmails – ever thought about designing and writing andemail to suite the mobile platform?USE AIDA:• Attention• Interest• Desire• ActionDon’t miss the boat – keep the message short and sweetwith a clear call to action.
    • M-Execution – Tips on Mobile Advertising…contIntegrate social networking sites into your mobile campaigns.Text campaigns can be integrated to emailUse QR codes to encourage the mobile phone device usage to socialnetworking sitesUse Text Marketing via blog (see – Contact Us Page)Blogs to Mobile – huge value.Website to MobileBlue Tooth MarketingVideo Games
    • Case Study Coats • 200 year old Company • Largest player in the “Thread Industry” • Global Operations • Public Company • Clients Request: • Reduce cycle time and enhance customer relations (CRM) • Needed an innovative “first for the garment industry” web-based solution with mobile integration • Essentially wanted a killer application that would give them a window of advantage over competitors
    • Case Study Coats
    • Basic Principles WEB APPLICATION LAB REQUESTINTERNET MANAGER Receives data into “Inbox” CF2000E and forwards to LRM
    • SENDS MESSAGE REQUEST CONTRACTOR INTERNET WBA LAB HUB Field Colour RepFCR Collects Fabric Sample from ContractorScans with Handheld Spectrophotometer which transmits colour fingerprintvia the FCR’s handheld terminal to WBA and gets printed label to ship swatch to hub
    • Case Study Key Lessons/LearningSRS – System Requirements SpecificationsFunctional SpecificationsDesign and Crowd SourcingChoice of Device (Cultural Issues)Mobile component part of a broader strategy linked directly tobusiness goalsImportance of server infrastructure and security for reliabilityROI - Huge