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jorja r11


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rainforest slideshow

Published in: Entertainment & Humor, Sports
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jorja r11

  1. 1. Rainforest
  2. 2. Animals–
  3. 3. Plants
  4. 4. WeatherThe weather isnormally hot anddamp and about 25degrees .
  5. 5. BUTTERFLY INFO Travel to a tropical paradise inside the Aquarium’s Butterfly Garden. You’ll be surrounded by hundreds of strikingly beautiful butterflies such as the tawny owl, Atlas moth and monarch. View butterflies emerging from pupae and observe daily butterflyreleases. These winged jewels come to the Aquarium primarily from Central and South America where butterfly farmers raise pupae for aquariums, botanical gardens and zoos around the world. Butterfly farms not only provide income for thesefamilies, they are preserving vital habitat which might otherwise be clear-cut for other agricultural purposes.
  6. 6. Were are rainforest This picture is showing were rainforests are located around the world.