Scenario in excel


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Scenario in excel

  1. 1. Scenarios are part of a suite of commandssometimes called what-if analysis (what-if analysis. They are similar to tables inthat you are changing values to get newresults. For example, What if I reducethe amount Im spending on food? Howmuch will I have left then? Scenarios canbe saved, so that you can apply themwith a quick click of the mouse.
  2. 2. A scenario is a set of values thatMicrosoft Office Excel saves and cansubstitute automatically on yourworksheet. You can use scenarios toforecast the outcome of a worksheetmodel. You can create and save differentgroups of values on a worksheet andthen switch to any of these newscenarios to view different results
  3. 3. Creating a scenario
  4. 4. 1. On the Data tab, in the Data Tools group,click What-If Analysis, and then click ScenarioManage r. 2. Click Add . 3. In the Scenario name box, type a name for the scenario 4. In the Changing cells box, enter the references for the cells that you want to change. 5. Under Protection, select the options (A)Prevent changes (B) Hide
  5. 5. 6. Click OK. 7. In the Scenario Values dialog box, type the values that you want for the changing cells. 8. To create the scenario, click OK. 9. If you want to create additional scenarios, repeat steps 2 through 8. When you finish creating scenarios, click OK, and then click Close in the Scenario Manager dialog box.
  6. 6. Display a scenarioWhen you display a scenario (scenario: A named setof input values that you can substitute in aworksheet model.), you change the values of thecells that are saved as part of that scenario.On the Data tab, in the Data Tools group, click What- If Analysis, and then click Scenario Manager. Click the name of the scenario that you want to display. Click Show.
  7. 7. Create a scenario summary reportOn the Data tab, in the Data Tools group, click What-If Analysis, and then click Scenario Manager.Click Summary.Click Scenario summary or Scenario PivotTablereport.In the Result cells box, enter the references for thecells that refer to cells whose values are changed bythe scenarios .
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