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Through decision sciences and analytics, we identify the potential customers that will be most profitable and likely to buy your product or service, as well as which channels are likely to be most effective. Leveraging our expertise, we’ll contact the ‘right’ customers, at the ‘right’ time through the ‘right’ channels.

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Vertex | CMO | Customer Acquisition

  1. 1. Customer acquisition Customers won’t Key facts • National charity– £2 million • Tour operator – dropped basket always find you 17,500 New Business campaign revenue delivered. > Achieved 75,000 new donations, (customer drops out of buying process on website so we call them and try and convert) – achieved equating to £65 million. policies generated conversion rate of 12% and an > 100,000 new supporters average sale of £195, generating acquired. an additional £33k for the client. • Insurance – delivered over 17,500 • Financial services – average new business policies and a 40% 850 new business applications improvement in same day sales. per month, of which 40% were • Major retailer – efficiency of the generated by Vertex. Our call With choice everywhere, £2 operational cost base has improved by 12%, management structure reduced and operational efficiency centre processes new business revenue of £500k p.a. for their life assurance division. customer acquisition is million mitigated the need for any a growing challenge – campaign recruitment. revenue delivered so we think you could benefit from our help Achieved and expertise more 75,000 than ever 12% new donations equating to conversion rate on ‘dropped £65 million basket’To find out more about how wecan help your organisation, call 40%us on 0845 051 8400 or visit improvement same day salesprop/0084/ds/01/oct09/je
  2. 2. Helping you deliversuccessful, targetedcampaigns Stages of customer acquisition Target Model Pilot Train & deliver Manage Monitor Deliver market customer campaign campaign campaign results bene ts data MI dashboard Market- Structured Targeted Campaign Establish / nurture leading Propensity campaign outbound management new customer data methodology multi-channel technology accounts modelling analytics campaign expertise and Handle products / tools and (phone email, infrastructure service enquiries expertise web, SMS, F2F, social media) We’ll help differentiate you from the competition How we do it We major on decision science and analytics to Identifying identify those potential customers that are most profitable Vertex is experienced at looking across markets profitable and likely to buy your product or customers and channels, helping you identify new contacts service, as well as which channels and media are likely to be most effective. Our aim? To contact and convert them into valuable customers. the ‘right’ potential customers, at the ‘right’ time through the ‘right’ channels – leveraging our Claim the fruit of success – cherry pick expertise in advisory services, operational design and analytics to your benefit. We put targeting at the heart of our model – seeking out those customers most likely to be interested in your services, predicting Our holistic approach spans the customer acquisition Converting their purchasing behaviour and understanding which will be most process, from targeting through to delivering profitable to your business. The result – we’ll help drive market benefits. We’ll help you to deliver successful ‘hot’ leads share, revenue and margins, bringing new focus to your customer customer-focused campaigns, differentiate you from to customers acquisition process so you are in a position to confidently reap the the competition and deliver valuable new business. rewards of your new growing customer base.