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We help you turn your customer interactions into insight, addressing three keyareas in customer experience management – re...
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Vertex | Customer Managerment Outsourcing | Customer Experience


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Vertex is a leading BPO and Customer Management Outsourcer. It operates across a wide range of market sectors and geographies delivering exceptional customer experiences and winning outcomes for clients.

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Vertex | Customer Managerment Outsourcing | Customer Experience

  1. 1. Customer experience Hearing your customers’ voices Key facts • Utility company – customer satisfaction scores on agent handled calls increased from 76% in 2006 to 85% in 2008; quality programme changes yielded a 10% increase in first call resolution. • Energy company – 5% take up of the service; over 151,000 customers now have online access to billing; customer satisfaction 81%. • City council – customer satisfaction is now 90% and unit cost reductions have been achieved in a number of areas, including parking and licensing. MORI poll showed a 23% increase in satisfaction. Customer satisfaction scores Your success relies on increased from your customers, which is 76% to Customer why we use our expertise, experience and proven 85% satisfaction at 90% methods to improve your organisations’ effectiveness. Mori poll showed Whatever the economic climate, we manage the ongoing design 23% and measurement of your customers’ experience, making your relationshipsTo find out more about how we increase successful and long-term.can help your organisation, call in satisfactionus on 0845 051 8400 or visitwww.vertexgroup.comprop/0085/ds/01/oct09/je
  2. 2. We help you turn your customer interactions into insight, addressing three keyareas in customer experience management – resolving customer contacts tocreate real value, analysing transactions that don’t add value and continually The Vertex customer experience modelimproving the effectiveness and efficiency of the service provision.Our approach helps create a solution that’s right for your organisation andright for your customers. CONNECT WELCOME EMBRACE “I want you to be “If you want to keep VISION “I want to e cient, know my business, I wantWhen your customers’ voices are heard, their expectations are exceeded and they access services what you’re you to understand my anytime,feel valued, you are in a winning position. It’s a challenge faced by all organisations, anywhere, talking about, needs, be proactive, and treat me and exceed my anyhow”but one we can help overcome through innovation based on rock-solid operational with respect” expectations”performance and deep sector know-how. CHANNELS • Primary servicing Our customer experience model is (front/back o ce) based on voice of the customer to • IVR self-serve help you better understand: • Sales • Agent – phone (cross-sell, upsell, outbound) • Why customers are contacting DELIVERING CAPABILITIES • Agent – web chat you in the rst place • Special servicing & We’re on • Web forms debt collection • Channel preferences your side • Email • Complaint management • Product & service expectations • Agent performance of the • Digital mailroom • End-to-end process performance • Mobile devices table • What your customers don’t like ROUTING (verbatim comments/complaints) With this insight, we can help you to Customers • Skills-based routing deliver a truly customer-focused brand • Customer-based routing want their • Smart-shore routing proposition that di erentiates you from the competition. voices heard • MultI-channel • Agent quality • Enterprise Feedback Management integration strategy assurance (EFM) • Capability-based • Customer-focused • ‘INSIGHT’ customer surveys STRATEGIC CAPABILITIES agent skill sets process involvement (via any channel) (Lean Six Sigma) • Value-based customer • Social networking segmentation • ‘EINSTEIN’ knowledge • Customer lifetime management • Channel-routing- management service integration • Treating Customers Fairly • NICE analytics contact (TCF) analysis & contact • Vertex standard We share avoidance operating model • INSIGHT contact analysis the risk & contact avoidance • Customer management advisory services We facilitate step-change performance How we do it Through listening to customers and employees at the right We’re also on your side of the table, sharing the risk as well time and providing results in real time, we identify the actions as the reward. Our focus is on delivering – born out of ourA better customer needed to facilitate performance improvements which will experience of serving clients across multiple integratedexperience and a lead to improved customer experience. To create an even deeper knowledge of your organisation and customer base, channels; mail, voice and electronic. That’s what makes us different. We take the hard work out of running yourreduced cost to you we measure and analyse customer satisfaction, resolution and organisation – and we do it with industry benchmarking, value at each contact point to uncover valuable opportunities operational focus on your brand and customer experience,The Vertex customer experience model helps your organisation and ultimately drive productivity – from customer acquisition as well as leading edge software solutions and creativitybecome more efficient, reduce cost and provide greater customer right through to retention. to generate powerful insights and actionable ideas.satisfaction. Our model helps gain a real insight to your customers’ We develop strategies to help lower your operating costs. Our model spans the customer lifecycle from initialperspective, how they view your organisation and how they interact For example, best practice tools are used to filter calls, offering contact, to interacting with and developing a relationshipwith your people. As a result we can establish a direct link between higher numbers of ‘first call resolution’ rates, appropriate with you, putting the customer experience at the centrecustomer experience and quality measures. self-service options and process improvement opportunities. of our partnership.