Utah Economic Summit Broadband Presentation: Dr. Mike Petersen
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Utah Economic Summit Broadband Presentation: Dr. Mike Petersen



Governor's Utah Economic Summit 2011

Governor's Utah Economic Summit 2011
Breakout Panel: "Broadband for Utah's Future"
Dr. Mike Petersen, Utah Education Network--Presentation



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Utah Economic Summit Broadband Presentation: Dr. Mike Petersen Presentation Transcript

  • 1. The Governor’s Utah Economic SummitThe Role of the Utah EducationNetwork in Providing Broadband for Utah’s Future March 28, 2011
  • 2. The Relationship between broadband infrastructure and economic development ● Broadband allows regions and● To be competitive and communities to compete innovative in the 21st globally, attracting new firms, century, communities investments and jobs. must put broadband at the ● Utah communities without forefront of economic broadband will find themselves left out of the digital revolution. development ● Local and state economic development plans must recognize the vital role of broadband infrastructure improvements.
  • 3. Community anchor institutions and broadband infrastructure development● Every community ● Broadband connections at should have these community anchor institutions serve as the affordable access to springboard to residential at least 1 gigabit per and business access to second broadband broadband services. service to anchor institutions such as schools, hospitals and government buildings.
  • 4. Utah Education Network plays an “Anchor Tenant” role in expanding broadband access● UEN is an educational ● Governed by UEN technology Steering Committee partnership of public with equal and higher education, representation of providing educational higher education and technology services public education. statewide. Governor, legislature, and state library system also represented. 4
  • 5. UEN’s Core Responsibility• To provide a statewide ● The network is a public- wide area network with private partnership between robust and reliable UEN and Utah connectivity to the telecommunications Internet for every public providers. school and college, and ● UEN does not own the every public library. network. We lease circuits from telecommunications companies using multi-year contracts.
  • 6. UEN is an anchor tenant for independent telecom providers● We enter into long-term ● Network and Internet services contracts with independent qualify for federal E-Rate telecom providers to lease reimbursements which cover backbone and middle mile about 70% of the cost. fiber segments ● Telecom providers rely on● Network services are UEN-leased infrastructure provided by UEN with no and revenue from our long- cost to the school districts term contracts to expand and colleges and broadband capabilities to universities. residential and business customers throughout their communities.
  • 7. UEN’s leased circuits benefiteducation, communities and business
  • 8. Utah State University offers anExcellent Example of Savings
  • 9. County-level network example Utah County
  • 10. UEN Goal: high capacity fiber to every college and university and public school and library in Utah● All public colleges and ● Most elementary and universities connect to charter schools have at UEN with at least gigabit least 100 mb/s fiber connections connections● All public high schools ● 150 elementary and and middle schools charter schools and most connect to UEN, most public libraries do not with gigabit fiber have fiber connectivity connections
  • 11. Community Impact of UEN Network Connections● Approximately 810 ● This benefits the entire community educational community: anchor institutions are ● About 219,000 now connected to UEN households and network with gigabit thousands of fiber. businesses are adjacent to these community anchor institutions, and can take advantage of these fiber improvements
  • 12. What Tasks Remain to Complete Statewide Network Goal?● There remain about 265 ● That’s equivalent to one DSL community educational or cable modem connection anchor institutions that being shared by everyone using the school or library. still have T-1 copper ● 150 elementary and charter network connections schools ● 60 public libraries ● 55 Head Start centers
  • 13. UEN received $17.5 Million NTIA Broadband Technology Opportunity Program Grant ● 105 Locations will be● Major goal: connect connected: elementary schools, libraries, head and charter schools, start centers with 100 to libraries, and head start 1000 mb/s fiber centers connections ● Because of savings, we are now requesting approval to add about 70 more sites and 2 important backbone segments
  • 14. KSL-TV coverage of news conference to announce awardhttp://www.ksl.com/?nid=148&sid=9851502
  • 15. Status of BTOP Project Jordan Hills Elementary● Construction, installation, circuit turn-up is finished or underway at 40 sites Rose Springs Elementary
  • 16. Community Impact of Current and Future UEN Network Projects● More than 70,000 households and a thousand businesses are adjacent to community anchor institutions in our funded NTIA BTOP project.● Broadband services will be improved and made affordable for all of these residential and business customers
  • 17. UEN isn’t Just a network provider● We provide essential ● Interactive video- services for conferencing education using the ● Hosting web and network enterprise statewide network applications and web and Internet resources ● Technology training for teachers
  • 18. Interactive Video ConferencingAn Internet-based video-conferencing systembroadcasting 220 eventsper day to 750 locationsstatewide to thousands ofstudents. Staffincreasingly use thesystem for administrativemeetings andprofessional training. 1 9
  • 19. Hosting Enterprise Applications, Web Resources● More than 120,000 Utah ● Web services delivered at college students and http://www.uen.org. are instructors use UEN’s essential for Utah Course Management teachers and students. System each day to access ● Monthly, there are about their classes online 1.3 million visits to UEN● Utah Electronic High web resources. School● Over 2 million log-ins monthly by K-12 and college students to Pioneer Online Library.
  • 20. Technology Training, UEN-TV● Professional development ● Cooperating with the courses are relied on by State Office of thousands of Utah Education and teachers for licensure Regional Service certification and to Centers, UEN offers improve their technology training in 80+ skills. technology related● KUEN-TV broadcasts a topics. rich schedule of instructional programming statewide.