ATV Safety Summit: Consumer Awareness ATV Dealers/Teens - Sales Force E-Course


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Tom Yager, Vice-President of the Specialty Vehicle Institute of America (SVIA) presented this at CPSC’s ATV Safety Summit Oct. 11, 2012. The SVIA and its member and participating companies engage in a number of efforts to create ATV safety awareness to purchasers and prospective purchasers. One of the latest offerings in our efforts to improve consumer awareness is the ASI ATV Sales Force E-Course. This on-line course is intended for ATV dealership sales staff, the vital link between the manufacturer and the purchaser. The new E-Course is intended to help ensure the safety of ATV customers by having a sales force that is well-informed about basic ATV safety principles, rider training, and matching an ATV to the intended rider. The course is under one hour long and includes a quiz at the end that must be successfully completed to receive credit. Information about this interesting and informative course was communicated to SVIA member company dealers. SVIA’s Vice President, Tom Yager would like to share this latest effort to help ensure new and existing dealer personnel are best equipped to increase consumer awareness of ATV safety.

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ATV Safety Summit: Consumer Awareness ATV Dealers/Teens - Sales Force E-Course

  1. 1. ASI Sales Force E-Course Tom Yager Vice President Presented at the Consumer Product Safety Commission ATV Safety Summit – Keeping Families Safe on ATVs Bethesda, Maryland October 11, 2012
  2. 2. The Need• GAO Report to “Manufacturers and Congressional Distributors Have Agreed Committees on ATVs – Not to Sell Adult-Sized April 2010 ATVs for Use by Children, but We Found That Many Dealers Will”
  3. 3. Registration
  4. 4. Introduction
  5. 5. Course Content Menu
  6. 6. ATV Safety Institute
  7. 7. ATV Safety Institute
  8. 8. ATV Safety Institute
  9. 9. ATV Sales Guidelines
  10. 10. ATV Sales Guidelines
  11. 11. ATV Sales Guidelines
  12. 12. ATV Sales Guidelines“It’s better to lose a sale than toput a child at risk on an adult sizeATV and also lose your job, yourdealership, your reputation, andmore”
  13. 13. ATV RiderCourse
  14. 14. ATV RiderCourse
  15. 15. ATV RiderCourse
  16. 16. ATV RiderCourse
  17. 17. ATV RiderCourse
  18. 18. Quiz
  19. 19. Quiz
  20. 20. Quiz
  21. 21. Completion Certificate
  22. 22. Communication to Dealers• All member company dealers notified by letter or email• 3732 = consolidated number of franchised dealers
  23. 23. Participation• Number of Registered • 83% of registered users users = 11% of active complete the quiz franchised dealers
  24. 24. Encouraging Participation• Integration with member company proprietary dealer networks• Requirement for salesperson eligibility for sales incentives• Initial training for sales staff• Re-education of sales staff
  25. 25. Moving Forward• Expand program to include SVIA Participating Company dealers
  26. 26. A Comprehensive ApproachThe ASI Sales Force E- • On vehicle labelsCourse is one of many • Messaging in Ownerselements to help ensure ManualsATVs are used safely and • Messaging inresponsibly. This includes advertisingbut is not limited to: • Safety Training• Vehicle requirements • Messaging in safety video
  27. 27. Thank you