IYV+10 News Flash No.3


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IYV+10 News Flash No.3

  1. 1. IYV+10 News Flash! No. 3 Why should we get involved anyway? 365 days for us! The basic principle of IYV+10 is to recognise, cele- left to 2015 we need to involve people in develop- brate and promote the invaluable work that vol- ing countries in their own development not just as unteers do to make our world a better place. beneficiaries but also as active participants, as Rather than providing a template of action for volunteers themselves. Through national volun- Special points of our partners to follow, we are offering a neutral teer schemes different groups are brought togeth- interest: space where volunteer involving organizations, United Nations entities and governments, as well er to work in partnership, thereby building the social capital so necessary for improved develop- as private actors can highlight the role of volun- ment prospects.” Ban Ki-moon, UN Secretary-  Why should we get teers in whatever way they feel appropriate. General, also stressed the importance of volun- involved anyway? teering on International Volunteer Day 2009 As representatives of UNV, you, on behalf of the stating “The decisions and actions of individuals  Powerpoint global community, can provide a space for major may seem insignificant in the face of global chal- partners to convene and discuss what issues they lenges. But when people choose to devote their Presentations now would like to focus on and within what timetable. time and energy they can, together, make a differ- available Just as we set aside one day a year for Interna- ence.” tional Volunteer Day to champion volunteers and  IYV+10 logo available their contributions to peace and development, Now, more than ever, is the time to stand up for on World Volunteer IYV+10 is a chance to dedicate an entire year to volunteers all over the world and allow their sto- these largely un-sung heroes. UNV Field Offices Web in the 6 UN ries, their aspirations and thoughts to be heard by can offer national partners tools and advice to Languages support them and yet let them take ownership of the international community. We are offering the the year. global community a chance to value and recognize  International the role that volunteers play in civil society, facili- Volunteer Day theme In the Introductory Statement for the United tate more people’s involvement in volunteer activ- Nations Volunteers: Report of the Administrator ity, share experiences and explore synergies and to is “Volunteering for on 30 June 2010, Rebecca Grynspan, Associate promote volunteer service so that people of all the MDGs” Administrator of UNDP stated, “In preparing for ages, backgrounds and profiles will feel encour- this year’s MDG Summit, and with only five years aged to offer service as volunteers. IYV+10 Powerpoint Presentations We have created a standard about the original IYV and It also gives a list of tools that PowerPoint presentation that IYV+10, outlines objectives of can be used by all entities UNV Field Offices can use to the year and highlights action interested in marking the inform and inspire colleagues which UNV will undertake year and names some of the and partners about IYV+10. It and facilitate together with global events that will take gives background information its partners to mark the year. place. Wednesday July 28, 2010
  2. 2. International Volunteer Day The United Nations Volun- Year of Volunteers theme related to one of the IYV+10 together on promo- teers (UNV) programme’s (IYV+10). Explore ways in MDGs, such as tional materials you pro- theme for International which to create synergies health, environmental sus- duce for IVD. The way you Volunteer Day (IVD) in with both entities for the tainability or education, or decide to make the link be- 2010 will be ‘Volunteering launch of IYV+10, which perhaps focus on the cross- tween IVD and the launch for the MDGs’. As with last will take place on IVD, in- cutting nature of volunteer- of IYV+10 will depend on year's IVD theme, tegrating UNV’s IVD theme ism. the overall context in your ‘Volunteering for our as far as possible while Please think of activities for country. For more infor- Planet’, UNV will continue respecting your part- IVD which can carry over mation on volunteerism and to support and recognize ners’ choices. into IYV+10, and gather the MDGs, please visit: the different themes that The focus on the Millenni- good IVD photographs and www.worldvolunteerweb.o partners may wish to pri- um Development Goals videos that can also be used rg/mdgs.html oritize in their activities (MDGs) provides an op- for IYV+10. The best IVD A special WVW section ded- marking IVD 2010. portunity to highlight vol- materials received will later icated to IVD will be coming Please bring the issue up unteerism as a tool to con- be showcased on World Vol- soon. For more information with your national com- tribute to peace and de- unteer Web (WVW) and in on the upcoming MDG Re- mittee for IVD as well as velopment. Depending on various exhibitions. view Summit, please visit: with the coordinating enti- the focus of the activities You may also want to con- www.endpoverty2015.org/ ty for the tenth anniver- in your country, you may sider using the logo for the 2010_mdg_review_summit sary of the International want to highlight a specific IVD theme and the logo for IYV+10 Logo We want to hear your stories The IYV+10 logo is Starting with the next News Flash, we would like to showcase the available in all 6 UN great work you are doing at the national level. Whether you are languages on the taking steps to establish a National Committee, building World Volunteer Web relationships with national players within civil society, the private together with the sector and volunteer involving organizations, consolidating links Terms of Reference with the government or getting ready to organise events and for its use. Please pass campaigns to mark IYV+10 please tell us how you are this information on to progressing and we will feature your examples in the next your partners. editions. We would welcome your comments and feedback at iyv+10@unv.org. Simona Costanzo Sow Project Manager for IYV+10 IYV+10@UNV.org All the News Flashes, along with any related resources and promotional material are available on the Knowledge Platform and WVW, where we have created a hidden page for Field Offices: www.worldvolunteerweb.org/iyv+10/field