One-UN Philippines December 2010


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One-UN Philippines December 2010

  1. 1. U N I T E D N A T I O N S S Y S T E M P H I L I P P I N E S December 2010 Message from the UN Resident Coordinator Jacqui BadcockDear UN ColleaguesAs we head towards the holiday season and the New Year of the UNDAF working group and the sub-outcome teamsI would like to reflect on an intensively busy but successful for their untiring inputs. Let us now take a well deservedyear for the UN in Philippines. short break, reflect and then return re-energized to dis- cuss how we can continue to innovate and “Deliver as OneIn case you don’t want to read any further (!) let me start UN”.by most sincerely thanking everyone of you. Your commit-ment to the UN is exemplary whether it’s in the delivery of On the humanitarian front we have had a quieter year withdevelopment, humanitarian, communications, advocacy or only 11 typhoons!! But the energy and response haslooking after the safety and security of staff. Or whether always been there and is seen in preparedness activitiesyou are in management, operations or in field support. that are ongoing. The work in Mindanao has carried on andEveryone of you count to making our UN success story. has moved towards a new phase of early recovery – let us hope this continues and we can begin to really make a dif-This has been a big year of change. A new government ference in the development of this the poorest of Regions.has brought the promise of a less corrupt, more people I particularly acknowledge all those of you based in thefocused and social development oriented administration. Phase 3 area of Mindanao and especially wish you and yourWe have already begun to see a turnaround in some human families a safe and peaceful holiday season and New Year.rights issues and almost daily now we see the call for moreaction on the MDGs taking root in all levels of government I will spend my second Christmas and New Year amid theas well as in civil society and the private sector. bright lights and bustle of Manila and look forward to being joined by my family. I hope you will all take time out to haveWe have all focused this last half year on developing a new special time with your families and loved ones, rechargeUN programme to start in 2012 and I cannot thank your batteries and come back to an event packed 2011.enough the efforts of everyone in developing the resultsframeworks for our new UNDAF. The UNDAF is innovative Maligayang Pasko at Manigong Bagong Taon!and it is strategic and I would like to thank all membersOn December 5, International Volunteer Day (IVD), the of International Volunteer Day as well as of IYV+10. At theUnited Nations Volunteers (UNV) programme in the Philip- same time, IYV+10 has adopted the local theme, “Buildpines marked the 10th anniversary this year of the Inter- hope. Change Lives. Volunteer!”national Year of Volunteers (IYV+10) by mobilizing over8000 volunteers from Manila based universities, volunteer The volunteers, including students from 20 universities,organizations and communities for “Clean Up Manila Bay.” conducted the clean-up around Manila Bay and near the“Volunteering for the Millennium Development Goals” is the US Embassy. The “Clean Up Manila Bay” project wastheme of this year’s observance of International Volunteer organized in partnership with Korea International Coopera-Day as well as of IYV+10. tion Agency (KOICA) and the Philpine Coast Guard Auxil- iary (PCGA), and the Philippine National Volunteer ServiceManila mayor Alfredo Lim, UN Resident Coordinator, Dr. Coordinating Agency (PNVSCA).Jacqueline Badcock, and Oliver Wittershagen, UNVHQPortfolio Manager for East Asia, were on hand to give mes- Earlier, on 3 December, a Volunteer Fair and Youth Forumsages at the event. “Volunteering for the Millennium Devel on the MDGs were held at Miriam College in Quezon Cityopment Goals” is the theme of this year’s observance and was participated in by about 500 students.
  2. 2. International Volunteer Day 2010... Workshop for MDGs Keynote: Mr. Oliver Wittershagen, UN- VHQ Portfolio Manager East Asia Clean Up Manila Bay Organizers: L-R: An Seung Kwon., Koica Admin Officer; Akiko Abe,UNV Programme Officer; Alfredo Lim, City of Manila Mayor; Dr. Jacqui Badcock, UN Resident Coordinator; Oliver Wittershagen, UNVHQ Portfolio Manager; Alex Guanco, PCGA MM V Squadron leader; Emmanuel Velante, PCGA MM V Squadron Information Officer. Volunteers Cleaning the Manila Bay UNIC Manila Honors Filipino Human Rights Defenders In joint observance of Human Rights Day and World AIDS Day, UNIC Manila organized a “Human Rights De- fenders” Forum last 1 December at the Civil Law Audito- rium of the University of Sto. Tomas. Three Filipino Human Rights Defenders of Indigenous Peoples (IPs), Persons with Disabilities (PWDs), and People Living with HIV/AIDS (PLHA) were given rec- ognition in awards ceremonies that were preceded by audio-visual presentations on the awardees’ life and advocacy work. Mr. Dave de Vera, executive director of the Philippine Association for Intercultural Development (PAFID) and an expert in community-based and participatory map- ping to establish ancestral domain claims, received the Front,L-R: Ms. Adeline Dumapong, PWD Defender; 2 IP Defender Award. Ms. Adeline Dumapong, the first and representatives of the Legal Management Society [LMS] of only international paralympic medalist from the Philip- UST; Back, L-R: Mr. Virgilio Dolina, vice-president of the pines, was the designated PWD defender. Mr. Jerico UST LMS; Ms. Teresa Debuque, UNIC Manila NIO; Mr. Paterno, an area coordinator for Pinoy Plus, a non- Jerico Paterno, Defender of People Living with HIV/AIDS; government organization staffed by HIV-positive patients and Mr. Dave de Vera, IP Defender and which provides counseling and care for persons liv- ing with HIV/AIDS, received the Human Rights Defender award for PLHA. Continued on next page...2
  3. 3. UNIC Manila Honors.... * *** *The three human rights defenders delivered messagesto the audience, which was composed of students fromthe different colleges of the University of Sto. Tomas,one of students were able to interact with the awardees.An open forum followed, during which the students wereable to interact with the awardees.For photos of this event, follow this link: Human Rights Exhibit, Law Auditorium, UST UNIC Manila Holds “Stop Rape Now!” Forum In observance of the International Day for the Elimination High-ranking officials from the AFP, the PNP, and the PCGof Violence Against Women (25 November) and as part of gave their reactions to the presentations: Col. Marianthe 16 days of activism of Unite to End Violence Against C. Aleido JAGS, Army Judge Advocate, on behalf of theWomen, UNIC Manila organized “Stop Rape Now! Forum AFP; Police Chief Superintendent General Gil J. Hitosis,on UN Action Against Sexual Violence in Conflict” last 26 deputy director, Directorate for Police Community Rela-November 2010 in Pasig City, Manila. tions, on behalf of the PNP and Lt. Commander Mitzi Silva-Campo, Commanding Officer, Doctrine Develop-Officers of three Philippine uniformed services, including ment and Research Institute, Coast Guard Education andthe Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), the Philippine Training Command, on behalf of the PCG.National Police (PNP), and the Philippine Coast Guard(PCG) participated in the Forum. An open forum followed the presentations, with high- ranking representatives of the AFP, PNP and PCG, givingUNIC Manila NIO Teresa L. Debuque discussed the ratio- their reactions and reporting on their respective agencies’nale for the adoption of UN Security Council Resolutions programs to ensure that women’s concerns are main-(UNSCRs) 1325 and 1820, and the incidence of gender- streamed in their programs and to prevent sexual violencebased sexual violence in African countries. Lea Astrera, against women.chief of technical services of the Philippine Commis-sion on Women (PCW), the government agency tasked This Forum was co-organized by the Philippine Coastwith policy formulation on gender and women’s issues, Guard Auxiliary Metro Manila V Squadron.presented the Philippine National Action Plan (NAP) onUNSCRs 1325 and 1820. Karen Tanada, a board member Video documentation of this Forum can be downloadedof Sulong CARHRIHL—a citizens’ network that promotes at:and advocates peace, human rights and humanitarian in areas affected by armed conflict—reported on civilsociety action to promote and implement the 1325 and1820 Philippine NAP. For photos of this event, follow this link: com/photos/53259173@N07/sets/72157625414448913/3
  4. 4. State of World Population 2010: Women’s rights and empowerment linked to peace, security and dev’t“What if I die? Who will take care of my younger siblings?” ing initiatives.asked 13-year-old Tima (not her real name) as she nar-rated between sobs how her family fell apart and she was Through the stories of individuals affected by conflict or ca-left responsible for her siblings as a result of the armed tastrophe in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Haiti, Iraq, Jordan,conflict in the southern part of the Philippines. Liberia, the Occupied Palestinian Territory, Timor-Leste and Uganda, the report shows how communities and civilPeople in the audience were wiping off tears as Tima, the society are healing old wounds and moving forward. How-eldest of five siblings, ended her story with a wish for her ever, more still needs to be done to ensure that womenand her four siblings to be reunited with their parents. have access to services and have a voice in peace deals or reconstruction plans.Poverty in their war-torn town in Mindanao drove Tima’sparents to leave them to seek jobs – her mother abroad, UN Resident Coordinator Jacqueline Badcock noted theand her father in the country’s capital, Manila. Both par- Philippines’ effort to implement the resolution, being theents never came back for their children, leaving Tima the only country in Asia-Pacific to formulate a National Actionresponsibility of taking care of her siblings. Plan on it.Tima told her story at the launch of the State of World Secretary Teresita Deles, the Presidential Adviser on thePopulation 2010 re- Peace Process, affirmed theport in the Philippines government commitment toto demonstrate how implement the plan, whicharmed conflict affects she described as a compre-the lives of the most hensive agenda that coversvulnerable populations, everything that needs to bespecifically women and done.children. “I want to make sure thatUNFPA Representative we can set targets by whichSuneeta Mukherjee we will know that women’ssaid that in the Philip- participation in the peacepines, 40,000 men and process has really grown.women have perished We want to make sure thatin the armed conflict the continuing discriminationbetween government and violence against womenand the Communist in states of armed conflictParty of the Philippines will really be addressed,”and about 120,000 more have died as a result of the Moro Deles said.secessionist movement in Mindanao.Around 16,205 families or 81,242 individuals remain dis- Meanwhile, Social Welfare Undersecretary Celia Capa-placed in Mindanao and are still in evacuation camps. Half docia-Yangco said the government is embarking on threeof these internally displaced populations are women and main poverty reduction efforts focusing on conflict affectedgirls. areas, particularly in Mindanao. The efforts include a con- ditional cash transfer program, infrastructure improvement“With their men fighting in the war, women and girls be- and sustainable livelihood through skills building.come responsible for the livelihood. They try to make bothends meet by going back to weaving, selling fruits and “These areas for convergence will not only solve the probvegetables which they get from their farms, or operating lem of poverty but will eventually reduce the probability ofretail stores within the camps,” Mukherjee said. conflict in various areas. Poverty is one of the main causes of conflict; if this issue is addressed, then it lessens theThe latest State of World Population report takes a look at detrimental effect of conflict,” Yangco said.the 10 years of implementation of the UN Security CouncilResolution 1325, which aimed to put to a stop to sexual For more information:violence against women and girls in armed conflict and to Arlene Calaguian Alano: +63 2 901.0306 /encourage greater participation by women in peacebuild- alano@unfpa.orgUNITED NATIONS PHILIPPINESUN Cooordination Office In an effort to work as one and share informa-30th Floor, RCBC Plaza tion among agencies, the UN in the PhilippinesYuchengco Tower, Ayala Avanue, Makati City is publishing this e-newsletter. ContributionsTel: 9010100 website: may be sent to (copy furnished to everyPublished by: 21st of the month.United Nations Information Centre (UNIC) Manilawww.unicmanila.org4