IYV+10 News Flash No.2


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IYV+10 News Flash No.2

  1. 1. Another couple of weeks have flown by and we hope that, despite your busy schedule, you have had a chance to read the first News Flash and the Opportunities for Action reference document which was attached with it and have had the opportunity to pass on the online survey we mentioned. The survey is still open and we are getting some substantive answers. Can you please double check that the entities who are knowledgeable and active in your country share their knowledge with us and perhaps send them a gentle reminder? Thank you to all those who have provided us with feedback, we value your thoughts and comments and are doing our utmost to convert them into concrete responses. In this edition we would like to present you with some tools and resources to help promote IYV+10. After many rounds of consultation, within UNV and with stakeholders, the final version of the IYV+10 logo is now ready! We will use the dark orange logo which looks quite like the one used in 2001 but with a change in the shape of letters inside the UN wreath. A black and white version of it will also be provided. A conscious effort was made to connect this logo to the original one from 2001 in order to support the premise that IYV+10 will build upon the efforts of 2001 and is not an entirely new initiative. In keeping with the spirit of IYV+10 the logo was developed on a voluntary basis. High and low resolution files with the logo and tag line in the 6 UN languages will soon be provided. The logos will be introduced with a message to the different stakeholders including the criteria to be able to use them. The Vision statement and the Global Call for Action, composed by stakeholders involved in the Consultative meeting in October, will soon be translated into all 6 official UN languages. These are tools that can be used by any international, national or local entity who wishes to mark IYV+10. There is a non- branded version of both documents available to make it clear that IYV+10 is NOT owned by UNV. NGOs, volunteer involving agencies and grassroots initiatives can use this Vision statement and the Call for Action as their own and brand it with their logo. Therefore please circulate these two documents among your partners. 9th July 2010 1
  2. 2. All these resources are available on the Knowledge Platform and the World Volunteer Web. For those of you who have difficulty accessing the K platform, we have created a hidden page on the World Volunteer Web which will contain the same tools and resources. From now on you will be able to find there all the News Flashes along with any related resources and promotional material. http://www.worldvolunteerweb.org/iyv-10/field The World Volunteer Web website www.worldvolunteerweb.org will serve as a space for presenting news, useful tools and events on IYV+10. We have changed the structure of the World Volunteer Web’s home page and created an IYV+10 Section. Please make sure you have a look at it! In the IYV+10 Updates section we plan to feature important volunteering events which connect IYV+10 to the official UN days and the MDGs throughout the year. For example, we could feature articles, pictures and events which promote volunteerism related to health around World Health Day in April, or highlight the impact volunteers make to environmental sustainability around World Environmental Day in June. In doing this, we want to underline and celebrate the vital role volunteers play in achieving the Millennium Development Goals and beyond. Therefore, please send us dates of important volunteer related events happening in your country or inspiring photographs and volunteer stories related to UN Days so that they can be featured on the World Volunteer Web during the month leading up to the respective Days. Please send any information or stories to iyv+10@unv.org and ask your partners to do the same. We will feature the best ones on the website. It is through these contributions that the website will come alive. You can find a list of the UN days here: http://www.worldvolunteerweb.org/iyv-10/un- days.html You will notice that IYV+10 now has its own space on the website. When you click on the IYV+10 tab on the left hand side you should see a drop down menu which gives you the background information and documents, a list of stakeholders, a resources section and a list of the official UN days. A calendar of events will also be uploaded in the near future to keep you informed as to what will be happening all over the world throughout IYV+10. Therefore, if you know of any events or campaigns that will take place to mark IYV+10 in your country please inform us so we can add them to the calendar. The List of stakeholders is a list of representatives from international and regional volunteer organizations, civil society organizations, governments, UN agencies and other entities who have made a commitment to IYV+10. We have provided this list so that you may be able to find out if they have a national presence if your country and create strategic alliances. The calendar and the list of stakeholders will be updated regularly. Updated versions can be downloaded from www.worldvolunteerweb.org Please explore the World Volunteer Web, the K platform and the promotional tools available on each and share your comments with us at iyv+10@unv.org. We look forward to hearing from you. In our next edition we will provide a PowerPoint presentation which you can use to inform and inspire colleagues and partners about IYV+10 and maybe we can announce the first IYV+10 Committee ...? Until then! Best regards, Simona Costanzo Sow Project Manager for IYV+10 9th July 2010 1