Global Strategy


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The blueprint for our coalition's work.

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Global Strategy

  1. 1. GLOBAL STRATEGYJanuary-June 2012 v3
  2. 2. INTRODUCING ROAD TO RIO+20Despite being touted by the UN Secretary-General as one of the most importantconferences in the history of the United Nations, Rio+20 is now flying completely under the FOREWORDradar. Few governments (if any) are making commitments in policy and funding that matchthe current challenges of an unsustainable world and its multiple multi-faceted crises. Mostpeople around the world dont even know what the summit or its themes are, due to thenotable absence of discussions around it in schools, universities, and mainstream mediachannels (aside from the occasional mention in the environmental column).This is where we come into play. To weave together and ignite a generation that willrealize the potential of the summit, and put us all back on the right track.The following pages are meant to provide the big picture of our work together: who we are,what we do, why and how. More detailed planning is meant to be developed within theframework of each specific initiative and is therefore out of the scope of this document.Our strategy is not supposed to be a dynamic one. With so little time left until Rio+20, thisbig picture, which we have been working on for more than a year, is going to act as astable reference point for specific initiatives we’ll be implementing together. After Rio, it’llbecome a useful starting point for our planning of follow up activities.This document is both meant as guidance to current coalition partners and as anoverview of our work for other stakeholders. Please feel free to share it and getothers on board of our mobilization efforts! Nicolò Wojewoda Director, Road to Rio+20
  3. 3. WHO ARE WE?Road to Rio+20 is a coalition of organizations, THE BASICSweaving together a global youth-ledmovement to realize the potential of the EarthSummit 2012.As of May 2012, there are 94 partners signed upto the coalition, covering all continents and avariety of interests, areas of expertise, sizes andapproaches to addressing sustainabledevelopment challenges. HOW DO WE WORK TOGETHER?Coalition members (also referred to as ‘Road to Rio+20 partners’) collectively contributeto the achievement of a shared vision, through agreed initiatives. The coalition is basedon consensus around its higher-level vision and strategy, but on the other hand it relieson a critical mass of engagement for every initiative it conceptualizes, develops andimplements. Coalition members have common, but differentiated responsibilities for thefulfilment of the agreed strategy, and are accountable to each other in the process.
  4. 4. WHAT IS OUR VISION FOR RIO+20?Success at Rio+20 will see the creation of a people’s movement that goes where Rio THE SUMMIT+20 doesn’t go – beyond UN negotiations and into our living rooms and reaching ourstreets. This movement will create a global sense of responsibility for current and futuregenerations to enjoy sufficient resources to meet their needs, while generating a newsocial contract that places the planet at its center. Success at Rio+20 will build a globalcommunity that ensures equity between generations, enforces that polluters pay, goesbeyond GDP to assess progress, and that supports industries, which use resourcesefficiently and creates ethical, re-distributive frameworks in the production andconsumption of goods and services.We see Rio+20 as a turning point in global awareness of our dependence on ourplanet. It is where individuals, communities and the world wake up to the reality of thefinite resources we all share and how they shape our livelihoods and well-being. Toachieve that, Rio+20 must require governments to educate their citizens – from primaryschool to university – about sustainable lifestyles, the green economy and living inharmony with the earth. As citizens we must also hold ourselves accountable for thecreation and distribution of informal education and peer-to-peer learning opportunities inour communities. Our media must also support this movement, not defend currentunsustainable practices, by bringing this message to every global citizen.Above all, Rio+20 must build a sense of optimism that, by transitioning rapidly tosustainable communities of responsible governance and engaged citizenry forpeople and the planet, we will come together to eliminate poverty and provideopportunities for all. Vision statement – 2nd partners’ meeting, November 2011
  5. 5. The coalition will focus on these flagship initiatives initiated by partner organizations, inthe lead up to the Earth Summit 2012. Other initiatives will be adopted on an ad-hocbasis, when there is a critical mass of partners interested in contributing. MOBILIZATION RIO+YOUA campaign to raise awareness about theimportance of the summit and the issues behindit, encouraging people around the world to takeaction in their own lives and in the lives of theircommunities.The campaign will climax with a Global Day ofAction on April 22nd (Earth Day). MYCITY+20 A series of Model Earth Summits organized in high schools, universities and cities around the world under the banner MyCity+20 (e.g Paris+20, Amsterdam+20, Rome+20, etc.). Simulations of the Earth Summit under realistic conditions, but with room for innovation, followed by a day of reflection and planning local actions based on the information and lessons learned in the experience.
  6. 6. Empowering young people to take the themes of Rio+20, educate others about them,and translate them into practical actions in their communities is just half of the picture.We are still convinced that everybody should play their part. In particular, governments. DIRECT LOBBYING AT THE UN ADVOCACY With our vision statement as the guiding blueprint for our policy advocacy at the UN, coalition partners are encouraged to push those recommendations through the Major Group for Children & Youth, the official entry point for youth in the UN process. SUPPORT AT THE COUNTRY LEVEL The coalition encourages partners to engage in country-level advocacy efforts, in the following ways: • MyCity+20 and Rio+YOU: using the events to engage local or national government representatives, and present to them the outcomes of the discussions, along with the relevant national/ regional youth statement • Earth Summit Watch: using the toolkit of the website in order to meaningfully engage their supporters in a conversation on the country’s preparations towards Rio+20. • Building media capacity, in order to allow coalition partners to develop their own press releases, media outreach, and gain visibility for the issues they advocate on among media and the general public.
  7. 7. COMMUNICATIONSThe coalition adopts a unified OUTREACHcommunications strategy, revolving around: • Presenting stories of youth involvement and impact in sustainable development • Highlighting partners’ efforts in the field, in order to inspire and provide examples of good practice. • Coordinating targeted campaigns (e.g. email submissions to the UN, social media blasts) towards the achievement of our vision • Communicating our work to other stakeholders in the Rio+20 community and to the media • Engaging supporters in the global conversation about the Future We Want
  8. 8. PRESENCE AT THE UN SUMMITOur coalition’s involvement in the UNsummit, and the days around it, includes: • Side events: one on-site (in the UN venue, RioCentro) and one off-site (at IN RIO the People’s Summit), both of them on the same topic – the future of the global youth movement on sustainable development, discussing how to work together after Rio • Actions: in order to bring more visibility to our message (e.g. there’s a youth rally planned for June 12, or we could think of an additional day of Rio +YOU mobilization closer to the dates of the summit) • Outreach: since our vision stresses the need to bring what’s happening inside the UN to streets and living rooms of people around the world, we’ll be communicating what’s happening at the summit through our communication channels