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Cultural heritage: Tradition, Museums and Wikis
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Cultural heritage: Tradition, Museums and Wikis


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Knowledge management in museums

Knowledge management in museums

Published in: Technology, Education

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  • 1. Cultural heritage: Tradition, Museums and Wikis Knowledge management in museums Thomas Tunsch
  • 2. Content  Collaborative Communities  Information and communication structure  Data in the publication process today  From idea to publication  Collaborative Communities – Methods – Subjective information – NPOV – Scholars, knowledge and community  Complex cultural context  Museum activities and wikis  Wiki communities 2008 Museums and Wikis 2
  • 3. Collaborative Communities  collecting objects  providing documentation  creating knowledge about objects and the representing fields of expertise  presenting objects and information to the public  collecting data and information pieces  documenting discussions, citations and sources  generating articles, assembling categories, building portals um se u M 2008 Museums and Wikis ki i sW um ia se ed u p M i ki W 3
  • 4. Information and communication structure  Information chains – published information ⇒ research ⇒ exhibition – sources ⇒ research ⇒ publication – research ⇒ documentation ⇒ web portals  Networks – links, nodes, hierarchies – backbones: ontologies  Wikis – links, categories, discussions – semantic MediaWiki 2008 Museums and Wikis 4
  • 5. Data in the publication process today Jens Klump: The Benefits of Cross Linking: The International Continental Scientific Drilling Program (International Conference Knowledge by Networking, Berlin, June 21-22, 2007) Library Private Files Publication Manuscript 2008 Data Museums and Wikis Metadata 5
  • 6. Museum and Wiki From idea to publication Idea Research (Scholar) Articles Conferences Databases Books Idea Publication Colleagues Web Resources (Book, Catalogue, Website) Single use of resources and references Start-End process Publication Research (Scholar) (Book, Catalogue, Website) MuseumsWiki Multiple use of resources and references Scholar as part of Community (Publication, Structures, Ideas, Developments) Network process 2008 Museums and Wikis 6
  • 7. Collaborative Communities Methods  Discussion page  Conventions, manuals, standards – community process  Methodic instruments – creating – changing – discussing  Keywords – collaborative – colleagues – communication – community 2008 Museums and Wikis 7
  • 8. Collaborative Communities Subjective information subject Scholar Information sources field experience Colleagues Libraries ORIENTED MULTIPLE subjects fields specific channels unspecific sectors experiences MuseumsWiki, Wikipedia 2008 Museums and Wikis 8
  • 9. Collaborative Communities NPOV My Point Of View sources of information POV POV POV Community (University, specific field, Wiki) Neutral POV 2008 Museums and Wikis 9
  • 10. Collaborative Communities Scholars, knowledge and community  public access to Expert – knowledge – expert’s knowledge field of expertise Expert specific field Generalist MuseumsWiki Wikipedia 2008 specialization accessibility general knowledge Museums and Wikis 10
  • 11. Complex cultural context Robert L. Stevenson The Bottle Imp Honolulu Ballroom Heinrich Berger Letters Royal Hawaiian Band Kingdom of Hawaiʻi  “Thither he went, because he feared to be alone; and there, among happy faces, walked to and fro, and heard the tunes go up and down, and saw Berger beat the measure, and all the while he heard the flames crackle, and saw the red fire burning in the bottomless pit.” King Kalākaua Molokaʻi Leprosy Leper colony Father Damien Hoʻokena Haole 2008      Literature Music History Geography Language Wikipedia: “The Bottle Imp” Historical and cultural background Kōkua Museums and Wikis 11
  • 12. Museum activities and wikis  Which museum activities can be seen as appropriate to Wikis with mutual benefits for both communities?  How can scholars be part of these activities? 2008  museum documentation (e.g. objects, controlled vocabulary, exhibitions)  research  public access (exhibitions, visitor information, …)  publications (catalogues, websites, …)  educational material  Scholars (academic activities) – ontologies and reference techniques – methods to verify information in museum documentation – critical use of sources Museums and Wikis 12
  • 13. Wiki communities Wikipedia MuseumsWiki Custom Wiki general audience museum professionals specific size, popularity, success wide spectrum flexibility multilingual international community, technology, methods 2008 Museums and Wikis 13
  • 14. See also Museums and Wikis Thomas Tunsch
  • 15. Lizenz / License  Creative Commons Namensnennung - Weitergabe unter gleichen Bedingungen 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0)  Diese Datei ist nicht gemeinfrei und die Verwendung über die Lizenzbedingungen hinaus ist eine Urheberrechts-verletzung.  Als Rechtenachweis ist anzugeben: © CC BY-SA Thomas Tunsch (ThT) 2008  Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0)  This file is not in the public domain and use of this file outside of the licensing terms is a copyright violation.  Please credit authorship as follows: © CC BY-SA Thomas Tunsch (ThT) Museums and Wikis 15