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Toy's Stories - Reflection
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Toy's Stories - Reflection


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A presentation on the "Toy's Stories" project - what was done to make it such a success

A presentation on the "Toy's Stories" project - what was done to make it such a success

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  • 1. ToY’s STORies “Adventures for Toys”“The life and love we create is the life and love we live.” Leo Buscaglia
  • 2. Toy’s Stories – “Adventures for Toys”Our Vision Promote the meaning, purpose and value of charity amongst schools and children through TOY SHARING
  • 3. Toy’s Stories – “Adventures for Toys”Our ObjectivesEncourage children to Gain support from schools and– select one of their favourite toys, parents and have them get as much– name the toy, involved as possible, spending some– tell a story about the toy, and quality time with their children, in this– share the toy and its story with exploration of a new meaning, another child who is less fortunate purpose and value of charity. than them. The toy will then begin a series of adventures with Considering that the concept of donation may imply someone superior giving away the receiving child, something no longer useful to them to hence the theme someone inferior, this “Toy’s Stories” project “Adventures for Toys” aims to take children on a fun ride of sharing one of their favourite toys and its story and further on to the “Adventures for Toys”.
  • 4. Toy’s Stories – “Adventures for Toys”Our Action Plan  Actions we have taken ...
  • 5. Toy’s Stories – “Adventures for Toys”Our Result – The Big Day 31 March 2012 Resultswe haveachieved ... Slideshow: Video:
  • 6. Toy’s Stories – “Adventures for Toys” Our Result – The Tools & SponsorshipsStickers sponsoredby Andy Hardware 104 boxes of toys collected Banner sponsored by Color Six Laboratories Ltd. Our Facebook Page The Receiving School  The  Sharing School Our Blog Event bringing schools, parents & children together Logistics sponsored by DHL  Results we have achieved ...
  • 7. Toy’s Stories – “Adventures for Toys”Our Result – Marketing and Communications – 1 ↑ Master Plan for Toy’s Stories Leaflet for Toy’s Stories ↗  Results we have achieved ...
  • 8. Toy’s Stories – “Adventures for Toys”Our Result – Marketing and Communications – 2 ↓ Banner ↑ Thank You Card ↑ Letter to Schools ← Certificate of Appreciation  Results we have achieved ...
  • 9. Toy’s Stories – “Adventures for Toys” Our Result – News Reports on “Sky Post” (晴報)Published on 23 March 2012 — following “Toys Collection Day” Published on 30 April 2012 — following “Toys Sharing Day (The Big Day)” Children Giving Away Toys, Learning To Share Learning To Write Thank You Cards, Spreading Love
  • 10. Toy’s Stories – “Adventures for Toys”Our Biggest Discoveries StopTime may always seem not Vision without a task is making assumptions.enough. But you will always only a dream. I am me. You are able to find time for A task without a vision is Everyone out there has differentsomething you are drudgery. needs and expectations.enthusiastic about. Time is Vision with a task is but Walk up to them,definitely in our hands! a dream fulfilled. ask and listen. You will be surprised at We had a Vision and we made it! how things can be so More or less we all know simple. Official or unofficial our strengths and doesn’t matter much. Building a tribe is not weaknesses.“If your actions inspire others about you or me. Yet it takes We are human. It’s about what courage to We all want to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you believe and step in and say, to be connected you are a leader.” how you reach out “I will do it!” one way or John Quincy Adams another. and walk the talk. We, each of us, did it!  What has worked ... ?
  • 11. Toy’s Stories – “Adventures for Toys” Our Biggest ChallengesChallenge 1 Challenge 2 Challenge 3 Time People Faith How to bring the team together How to identify the right How to lead oneself before when we each have our own “audience” (sharing & receiving) leading others work/life challenges to tackle and balance their interests (“Believe it to see”) What was done to address these challenges With a Vision, you know the core To build trust, you need credibility. BY has been the unofficial leader of your existence; you know the To build a tribe, you need people of the team – always there driving purpose of TOY’s STORIES – to to believe what you believe and momentum. You see progress teach and encourage charity tag along to make change. here, you then want to jump in & amongst schools & children. do your bit to drive progress there. One step at a time. Don’t give Each member takes ownership to Sticking to a Vision, you get a up. You have a Vision. You jump in. better grip on how to approach You tackle issues one by one. And do his/her tiny part whenever the right audience and balance the soon enough you will have possible to contribute to a Vision. interests of all parties concerned. overcome all barriers/obstacles. Resources People need to see to believe. You believe in yourself and your Vision Parenting Caring and people will see and believe. Parents want their children  Our Top 3 Challenges ... to explore, experience, learn Good Name Achieve and be recognised (branding) the Task
  • 12. Toy’s Stories – “Adventures for Toys” Our Biggest Learning  Transformational Leadership, Building a Tribe & Working as a Team “You need to believe it yourself first before others follow and believe what you believe.” (Building a tribe) BY Sim “We all have varying agenda. It is how flexible,“Different time zones, different life accessible and caring we challenges to face individually… Yet each Vincent Dickson can be as a team, balancing of us has done our own little bit with Wong Pang the interests of all parties, such swiftness and effectiveness, adding to build a remarkable tribe up to a Big whole, to make this project a and to achieve the goal we success. Support from my wife is also a have set. TOY’s big boost to keep me going.” (Working as a team) STORIES “A strong sense of ownership. “It is amazing to witness the distance of A zeal for going the extra mile team members in Toy’s Stories being Richard Jacquelyn to make a difference. A quest rapidly overcome through effective Gould Chen into the power of love, sharing delegation of tasks. Remote team and being who we can be. members can definitely make a strong That’s what transformational Jennifer contribution through funding, preparing leadership has come to mean communication materials, building Cheung to me.” online support networks , etc.” (Working as a team) “I used to think that charity is all about donation. Through Toy’s Stories, charity now means something more to me. It’s giving time to care and reaching out to support and share that mean more to those in need.” (Vision)
  • 13. Toy’s Stories – “Adventures for Toys”Looking back – This is how and where it started ... Date:14 December 2011 Venue:The Hong KongGold Coast Hotel
  • 14. Thank You! “Never underestimate the power of a small group of committed peopleto change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that can.” – Margaret Mead