Quick books premier retail edition 2008 [old version]


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Quick books premier retail edition 2008 [old version]

  1. 1. REVIEWS - QuickBooks Premier Retail Edition2008 [OLD VERSION]ViewUserReviewsAverage Customer Rating3.7 out of 5Product FeatureSpecifically designed for retailers, with reports andqtools to help you manage your business financesmore effectivelyTransfer sales data, including customerqinformation, instantly from QuickBooks Point ofSale versions 4, 5, 6Share data with Microsoft Office applicationsqGet day-to-day insight into your business with 10qretail-specific reportsStart fast and get help when you need it withqbuilt-in tutorials, onscreen help, and freeQuickBooks callback supportRead moreqProduct DescriptionQUICKBOOKS PREMIER RETAIL EDITION 2008 RETAIL SML PKG Read moreProduct DescriptionQuickBooks Premier Retail Edition 2008 is specifically designed for retailers — with reports and tools to helpyou manage your business finances more effectively.MoviesSee how QuickBooks PremierRetail Edition can help yourbusiness succeedQuickBooks Premier RetailEdition Overview (2:09)Whats New (1:59)Quickly Pay Bills and PrintChecks (1:00)Invoice a Customer and ApplyPayments (1:16)Retail Specific Reports forGreater Insight (1:23)
  2. 2. Answer a few basic questions, and get a customized setup you can change at any time.Robust new Help functionality allows you to find the information you need quickly and easily.Premier Retail Edition 2008 SupportQuickBooks provides a variety of options, from do-it-yourself resources to live expert advice from supportengineers who know minutes matter and are experienced in providing support to accountants and their clients.QuickBooks In-program HelpGet instant help in your QuickBooks software. Type a question in your own words, and receive a list of relevanthelp topics, tips, and troubleshooting links.QuickBooks Learning CenterUse the short, interactive tutorials built into QuickBooks to learn about fundamental Quick- Books concepts andtasks. Learn how to record sales, bill customers, generate reports, and more.Web-Based QuickBooks Support Knowledge BaseFind answers to frequently asked questions on the Web. Search for information on any QuickBooks product orservice through our online Knowledge Base. Available seven days a week, 24 hours a day.Free SupportGet free help for your QuickBooks questions from our Accountant Support Team during the first 30 days afteryou register your software.Installation, Upgrade, and Error Message AssistanceReceive free support for issues regarding installation, upgrading, error messages, and defects.
  3. 3. View unbilled employee time and expenses in a single screen; transfer to an invoice in one click.Build a professional business plan quickly by answering step-by-step questions.Use your existing e-mail address to send invoices, statements, estimates, sales receipts, purchase orders, reports,and pay stubs from your QuickBooks to your customers, vendors, employees, and accountant.Customized for Your Retail BusinessSave time managing your retail activitiesManage sales, customer, and transaction information faster than ever.Track daily sales easily and calculate sales taxTrack sales results easily, accurately, and flexibly with the Sales Summary Form. Enter total payments andtaxable/non-taxable sales for the day, week – or any time period you choose. Or transfer the information in onequick step from QuickBooks Point of Sale software, and you never have to manually enter it. Retail Editioncalculates your sales tax liability automatically, and you can easily spot cash drawer over/under discrepancies.Find key information about customers and vendor accounts instantlyGet instant, accurate answers about customers and vendor accounts, open orders or POs, and more.QuickBooks Customer and Vendor Centers display all your relevant contact information and account activity forany customer or vendor in one simple screen. In one view, you can see exactly how much business youredoing with each individual vendor–without running separate reports or going to different screens. You can alsosort your bills by due date, so you can stay on top of your finances.Track materials and assemblies automaticallyCombine inventory items together and track the group as its own inventory item. Then you can track kits youassemble for sale, such as gift baskets. As you assemble the kits and increase your finished goods inventory,
  4. 4. stocks of component items decrease automatically. Alerts let you know when to re-order, and when you donthave enough components for an assembly. Manage material and non-material costs–such as labor andoverhead–to accurately track costs of goods sold in your kits.Get the forms retailers needSave time with more than 100 professionally designed forms templates, including many designed specificallyfor retailers. You get forms for handling sales returns, vendor returns and more. And you can customize them inQuickBooks with better, more advanced tools to create professional-looking forms.Apply up to 100 pricing levels per customer or itemSet up to 100 levels of pricing discounts and link them to customers or individual items. For example, youmight apply a High-Volume Customer discount of 10 percent to your best customers and a Closeout discount of5 percent to discontinued inventory items. Set another level that reduces the price of selected items by a flatamount. QuickBooks automatically applies the correct discounts to receipts and invoices.Apply payments, over/underpayments, credits and refundsApply a wider variety of payment types, such as write -offs and refunds, and credits from credit memos orinvoices. Onscreen reminders help you ensure that overpayments, underpayments, discounts, and credits arehandled correctly.Track service work orders and historiesService-based retail businesses can easily track work orders and service histories with QuickBooks serviceorders. You can scan all work orders in one place and create an invoice from any work order with one click.Turn sales orders into purchase ordersTurn any sales order into a purchase order with just one click. No need to retype line items or even vendorinformation — Premier Retail Edition fills it in for you. Just edit quantities, if needed, and print. Or turn the POinto a PDF, and e-mail it right from QuickBooks.Save Time on Everyday TasksEasily track and pay bills; set due date remindersRecord bills as they arrive directly from the QuickBooks homepage. Never mistakenly miss a bill due date -QuickBooks will alert you with due date reminders. And when you are ready to pay bills, QuickBooks shows youall bills that are outstanding.Quickly create estimates & invoicesWhen its time to bill your customer, turn any estimate into an invoice with one click. Choose from dozens ofpre-designed QuickBooks templates, or send the key invoice data to a customizable Microsoft Word document.NEW! Send estimates, invoices & reports directly from QuickBooks using MS Outlook or OutlookExpressUse your existing e-mail address to send invoices, statements, estimates, sales receipts, purchase orders,reports, and pay stubs from your QuickBooks to your customers, vendors, employees, and accountant.Download credit card and bank statementsDownload cleared checks, deposits, and credit card transactions into QuickBooks to save time on data entryand reconciliation.
  5. 5. See contact information and complete transaction history for any customer with Customer Center.Select any vendor to see purchase orders, bills, and payments with Vendor Center.See contact information for any employee and a complete list of checks paid in Employee Center.Stay Organized and on Top of Your BusinessOrganize data all in one place with Customer, Vendor, and Employee CentersCustomer CenterFollow up on past-due accounts and answer customer requests faster. See contact information and completetransaction history for any customer.Vendor CenterSelect any vendor to see purchase orders, bills, and payments. Check your account status to avoid incurringlate charges. Initiate new payments or purchase orders with one click.Employee CenterSee contact information for any employee and a complete list of checks paid.Track sales, sales taxes, and customer paymentsEasily record sales and create sales receipts for your customers. Set up sales tax codes, and QuickBooks willautomatically charge sales tax on all invoices, sales receipts, and other sales forms. When its time to pay salestax to your local sales tax board, QuickBooks will also help you figure out how much you owe.Track employee time and expenses to bill clientsTrack time by employee, service, and customer with timesheets in QuickBooks. When you select a client to bill,QuickBooks automatically reminds you of unbilled time and expenses for that client.
  6. 6. Easily export or enter data into TurboTax, or send to your accountantBe ready for tax time. QuickBooks helps you assign each account in your Chart of Accounts to a specific line ontax forms, so all income and expenses are accurately categorized. Easily export your tax data into TurboTax orprovide your accountant accurate data to simplify the tax process.Efficiently Manage Employees and Contract WorkersManage payroll and payroll taxes; offer Direct Deposit (paid subscription required)Build a professional business plan quickly by answering step-by-step questions. QuickBooks fills in the numbersbased on your QuickBooks data. You can export the projections to Excel and save it as a PDF file.Prepare and print 1099s & 1096s for contract workers & federal filingThe QuickBooks 1099 and 1096 wizard will walk you through all the steps to create and print tax forms for youand your independent contractors.Manage Products, Services, and InventoryTrack inventory, set reorder points, and create purchase ordersEasily track your raw materials and finished goods to avoid overbuying and backorders. Import your inventoryfrom Excel or record directly in QuickBooks. You can even indicate re-order points for each inventory good andturn on reminders to automatically let you know when its time to reorder. Create and customize purchaseorders directly from the Home Page, and automatically receive against P.O.s when recording bills.Use your company data from your QuickBooks reports and export it to new or existing Excel spreadsheets whilekeeping all Excel formulas and formatting intact.Use your company data from your QuickBooks reports and export it to new or existing Word documents.Easily share your accounting records with your accountant.
  7. 7. Flexibility to Work the Way You WantExport company data to Excel spreadsheetsUse your company data from your QuickBooks reports and export it to new or existing Excel spreadsheets whilekeeping all Excel formulas and formatting intact. Anytime you export updated data from QuickBooks, Excelmaintains your existing formulas and updates the results automatically.Create letters with Word using customer dataUse your company data from your QuickBooks reports and export it to new or existing Excel spreadsheets whilekeeping all Excel formulas and formatting intact. Anytime you export updated data from QuickBooks, Excelmaintains your existing formulas and updates the results automatically.Create and customize professional-looking formsCreate professional-looking forms by choosing from more than 100 expertly designed forms, including invoices,estimates, and sales receipts. Or create one for yourself in Microsoft® Word. You can also customize thetemplates by adding your company logo and tag line to present your business uniquely to your customers.IMPROVED! Allow your accountant to review data & make changes while you work.Easily share your accounting records with your accountant. Increase your productivity by allowing youraccountant to review historical data and make changes while you work. Seamlessly import your accountantschanges back into your file for improved accuracy.Easily map and obtain directions to your saved customer, vendor and employee addresses--rightfrom within QuickBooks!Open up any record in the Customer, Vendor and Employee centers to access links to maps and directions tocustomer and vendor locations or employee addresses.Other Tools to Meet Your Business NeedsPrint checks and forms directly from QuickBooks to keep better, more accurate records while alsosaving timeAccurate records: All your information will be updated and stored in QuickBooks.Save time: Three out of four QuickBooks customers save at least one-half the time printing checks vs.handwriting them.Check out our deposit slips, envelopes, tax forms, invoices, stamps, and labels - all designed to work withQuickBooks.We guarantee your checks will work with QuickBooks and your printer, and they will be accepted by anyfinancial institution in the United States–or we will refund or replace your order within 60 days of purchase.Save time by accepting all major credit cards and debit cards with QuickBooks Merchant ServicesBuilt into your QuickBooks software, QuickBooks Merchant Services is easy to set up and use. No new hardware,software, or phone lines are required. When you make a sale, the data is automatically recorded in QuickBooks.QuickBooks Merchant Services requires no additional data-entry, and you wont waste hours searching forerrors. You can process sales on screens you already know and use. Reconcile quickly, without headaches. Thiscredit card processing from QuickBooks has no teaser rates, no hidden fees, no cancellation fees, and nolong-term contracts.Keep track of your inventory and customer information while you ring up salesQuickBooks Point of Sale software and hardware save you the time and trouble of doing it yourself, making iteasier to focus on the products and services that will keep your customers coming back. Pair Point of Sale withQuickBooks financial software and you can transfer sales information to your financial software–in one click.NEW! Quickly capture billable hours online and from Outlook CalendarFree 60-day trial! Time Tracker is the simplest way to track and record employee and contractor time inQuickBooks. Your employees can track their hours from anywhere, using a timesheet on the Web and, now bydesignating meetings, emails, and appointments in their Outlook calendar for billing! You can download anentire set of timesheets into QuickBooks with one click. Administrators can review and edit timesheets before
  8. 8. submitting to ensure accuracy, as well as run custom reports on submitted time.Meet key business needs with third-party software found at QuickBooks Solutions MarketplaceFind industry-specific solutions that work with QuickBooks and help solve your unique business challengesincluding specialized inventory and order management, scheduling, document management, multiple billingrates, complex estimating, and project management.QuickBooks Premier Retail Edition ReportsWith QuickBooks reports, youll always know where your business stands. See who owes you money and howmuch. Find out who your best customers are and what theyre buying. Learn where your business is profitableand where youre losing money. You can also customize report templates to best meet your needs.Profit and Loss Monthly ComparisonHow does my companys profit and loss for this month compare to last month?Purchase Volume by VendorFrom which vendors does my company purchase the most goods?Customer Payment by Payment ItemWhat methods are my customers using to provide payment? What are the monthly payments trends from thepast year?Vendor returns DetailWhat goods are most commonly returned to each vendor?Forecast OverviewWhat are my companys forecasted income and expenses each month?Forecast vs. ActualWhat transaction changes were made on or before the last closing date?Closing Date Exception ReportWhat changes were made after the last closing date was set to transactions dated on or before that closingdate?Open Sales Orders by CustomerWhat are the open sales orders for each customer or job?Inventory Stock Status by VendorWhat is the detailed information about each inventory item, organized by vendor?Profit and Loss Budget PerformanceHow do the actual income and expenses compare to what has been budgeted for the current month and year?Time by ItemHow much time has my company spent on each service we provide?Purchase by Item SummaryHow much has my company spent on purchased items or services?Profit and Loss StandardHow much money did my company make or lose over a specific period of time?A/P Aging DetailWhich bills are due and overdue?Statement of Cash FlowsWhat was the cash inflow (from profit and additional cash received) and cash outflow (cash spent) during aspecific period of time?Income Tax DetailWhat transactions will need to be included on my company income tax forms?Read more