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The Changers Eu   Social Media And The Impact On Business Communications And Public Relations (Tin180 Com)
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The Changers Eu Social Media And The Impact On Business Communications And Public Relations (Tin180 Com)


Published on - Trang tin tức văn hóa lành mạnh - Trang tin tức văn hóa lành mạnh

Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. Social media and the impact on business communications and public relations Case: Not just another climate change campaign for 30 September 2008 Ogilvy Public Relations Laure Van Hauwaert – Tomas Sweertvaegher
  • 2. The client
    • Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe (ALDE)
    • Third largest political group in the European Parliament
    • 100 MEPs from 22 European countries
    • Unknown as brand ,
    • as they campaign under the national party's name in member states
  • 3. The request
    • Climate change campaign
    • 22 European countries
    • Focus on changing behaviour
    • Focus on young Europeans building on their existing awareness of climate change
    • Position ALDE as frontrunner in taking action against climate change
  • 4. The target group
    • How to campaign with young people ?
    • Understand what they want, what they do, how and where
    • The average young person connected to digital technology has 94 phone numbers in his or her mobile phone, 78 Messenger buddies and 86 friends in a social networking community
    • They are expert multi-taskers and able to filter different channels of information
    • Friends influence each other as much as marketers do. Friends are as important as brands
    • Young people don't love the technology itself -- they just love how it enables them to communicate all the time, express themselves and be entertained
    • Source : Digital Playgrounds - Global Study From MTV, Nickelodeon and Microsoft Challenges Assumptions About Technology and Kids: July 2007
  • 5. Approaching the target group
    • Reaching young adults in their own sphere
      • Online , targeted media channels
    • Not instruction but entertainment
      • Fun, games which teach and engage
    • Not alone but together
      • Social networking , communities of friends
    • Competitive encouragement to change
      • Competition , rankings, quizzes
    • Simple actions to take responsability
  • 6. The campaign concept
    • Build an online community called…
    • supported by
  • 7. There are Changers and there are Unchanged
    • vs.
  • 8. Due to the irresponsible behaviour of Unchanged and the effects of climate change the world is grey and dull…
  • 9. By taking responsibility for their actions Changers can make the world full of life…
  • 10. Supporting online advertisement…
  • 11. Targeted banner campaign in 22 EU countries…
  • 12. New EU communications
    • Promoting the campaign
      • Clickable banner on ALDE and MEPs websites
      • YouTube video
      • Facebook application
  • 13.
    • Facebook group
      • To inform
      • To show support
      • To discuss
      • To post news
    New EU communications
  • 14. New EU communications
    • Interactive European map
      • Shows who supports them and where (!) they come from in Europe
    • Announcing competitions
      • Give away prizes
  • 15. Traditional EU communications
    • Launch event at European Parliament
    • Media release, press conference
    • Photo opportunity at Open Door days
  • 16. Supporting offline advertisement…
  • 17. Presentation of
    • Flash Presentation
  • 18. How the game builds a community
    • A map of the European Union showing Changers from each country
    • A rolling counter of Changers in Europe
    • A ranking system for the most successful Changers.
      • Number of other Changers recruited to the community
      • Number of action points earned
    • A Facebook application allowing Changers to share the game and invite friends from their other social networks.
    • There is also be a Facebook group for the Changers community
    • Competition for the most active Changers
  • 19. Outcomes : changing behaviours
    • The campaign allows to
      • Build a Pan-European community of young adults who have changed their behaviour and that of their friends and family
      • Move the climate change debate from awareness raising to action
    • TheChangers = positioning the political group ALDE
      • Group drives concrete action on climate change
      • Group understands how to communicate with young adults
  • 20.
  • 21. Ogilvy Public Relations
    • Laure Van Hauwaert
    • Head of Corporate and Consumer Communications
    • O gilvy Public Relations Worldwide, Brussels
    • +32-02-545 66 80
    • [email_address]
    Tomas Sweertvaegher Account Manager O gilvy Public Relations Worldwide, Brussels +32-02-545 65 47 [email_address]