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Extrusion Coating Seminar 2010
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Extrusion Coating Seminar 2010


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Seminar given to COMPACT (member of NAPCO Group) technical team in Dammam.

Seminar given to COMPACT (member of NAPCO Group) technical team in Dammam.

Published in: Technology
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  • 1. LAB EQUIPMENT AT MICROEPSILON Extrusion Coating Technology – Seminar 2010
  • 2. PACT MISSION 2 Introduce a scientific background in the existing technical experience Convert Rheology and Polymer Science into a language of management, technical board and operators Supply a technical and scientific support to complex scenarios
  • 3. current needs future needs further development equipment formulation polymer rheology material science R&D industrial application process simulation PACT OVERALL STRATEGY 3
  • 4. RHEOLOGY EQUIPMENT RDAII Torsional Rheometer: • Melt viscosities, or resistances to deformation, of neat polymers and masterbatches under torsional shear flow. • Melt strengths of the crystalline and amorphous phases of the polymer RSAII Extensional Rheometer: • Solid film’s extensional viscosities during repetitive elongation and retraction to a certain strain level at a certain temperature Extrusion Coating Technology – Seminar 2010
  • 6. TGA Thermogravimetric Analyzer):  Testing decomposition behavior vs. temperature of different polymers and masterbatches THERMAL ANALYSIS EQUIPMENT Extrusion Coating Technology – Seminar 2010
  • 7. TGA Extrusion Coating Technology – Seminar 2010
  • 8. DSC (Differential Scanning Calorimeter):  Thermal properties of the polymer/masterbatch pellets or final film products  Oxidation Induction Time  Polymer blend compositions THERMAL ANALYSIS EQUIPMENT
  • 9. DSC ΔHexp = ΔHmelting – ΔHcold crystallization
  • 10. FTIR (Fourier Transform Infrared tester) • Chemical compositions of unknown samples Extrusion Coating Technology – Seminar 2010
  • 11. Twin Screw Extrusion Machine • To compound different masterbatches containing fillers and/or additives
  • 12. 2 Roll Mill • Melting and mixing polymer pellets and masterbatches
  • 13. Filter Pressure Value (FPV) tester • Dispersion level of fillers or additives inside the polymer
  • 14. • Spectrophotometer Color detection and determination of other optical properties. Our detectable range
  • 15. Extrusion Coating Technology – Seminar 2010 DMA FUNDAMENTALS
  • 16. INTRODUCTION TO RHEOLOGY T, MW, MWD, Dispersion etc. Rheometer for advanced QC and R&D a. Neat material process control b. Masterbatch content and process control c. Final product quality assessment d. Service for sister companies RDAII: Rheometrics Dynamic Analyzer RSAII: Rheometrics Solids Analyzer + SER Fixture Rheology: “The science of the deformation and flow of matter” Extrusion Coating Technology – Seminar 2010
  • 17. DMA • Dynamic Mechanical Analysis (DMA) technique used to study and characterize materials. • A sinusoidal stress is applied and the strain in the material is measured, allowing one to determine the complex modulus. • The temperature of the sample or the frequency of the stress are often varied, leading to variations in the complex modulus. Extrusion Coating Technology – Seminar 2010
  • 18. CASE STUDIES Extrusion Coating Technology – Seminar 2010
  • 19. THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION Extrusion Coating Technology – Dammam Seminar Oct. 25, 2010