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Fachhochschule Ostschweiz, a College in St. Gallen SG, Switzerland.

Fachhochschule Ostschweiz, a College in St. Gallen SG, Switzerland.

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    UAS of Eastern Switzland Dr. Albin. Reichlin President. Bogenstr. 7 ST. GALLEN
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  • 1. Fachhochschule Ostschweiz FHO University of Applied Sciences The Fachhochschule Ostschweiz FHO (University of Applied Sciences of Eastern Switzerland) consists of four individual Uni- versities of Applied Sciences located in different cities of the re- gion: St.Gallen, Buchs, Rapperswil and Chur. The Fachhochschu- le Ostschweiz is one of the largest and most renowned educa- tional institutions in the area. About Eastern Switzerland St. Gallen looks back on a long tradition of culture and learning. In the 8th century a monastery and later the city were erected. The foundations of the library’s magnificent literary treasure in the monastery were laid in the Middle Ages. St. Gallen with its museums, art collec- tions, the theater and the concert hall offers ample opportunity for a rich cultural and social life. The University of Rapperswil is situated in a particulary scenic location, directly alongside the Lake of Zurich, the railway station separating it from the old part of the town. The university has a modern infrastructure including two new buildings of high archi- tectural standard, the whole campus providing a superb atmos- phere for studying. The town itself is well placed regarding shopping and recreational facilities and Zurich with its wide range of cultural activities is only half an hour away. The University of Chur in Graubünden is situated in a tourist region of Switzerland. The town of Chur, an old Episcopal see, is very close to many sporting and other recreational areas. It can be the starting point for biking tours, skiing and snowboarding in St. Moritz or Davos, and hiking in the mountains of the Engadine. Many attractive sport activities like river rafting, canyoning, para- gliding and free riding are also offered. The town of Buchs, home to the fourth university, is located in the picturesque Rhine Valley, directly facing the Principality of Liechtenstein. Buchs is situated in beautiful hiking and moun- taineering country, also close to the recreational areas of both Graubünden and Austria. The campus is internationally known for being well-equipped with modern laboratories and for its state-of-the-art technology. Education The Fachhochschule Ostschweiz offers studies and applied research and development in Enginee- ring, Business Administration and Social Work at undergra- duate and graduate level. Instruction language is primarily German. Students may enroll in full-time or part-time modu- lar programs, both of which lead to a nationally recognized degree. Modular study programs allow students to adjust their curriculum according to personal preferences. All pro- grams complay with standards of the European Union. Most of the educational staff have extended industrial experience and are thus able to present their topics vividly, embedded in an application-oriented context. Chur: view of the compact old centre Through its applied research and development institutes, the Fachhochschule Ostschweiz maintains close contact with orga- nizations from various sectors of industry, business and society in general. Many new impulses for educational programs are generated through this commitment. In order to guarantee a high level of expertise and application-orientation, the Fach- hochschule Ostschweiz cooperates with various international networks of business enterprises and educational institutions. Due to their solid and application-oriented education, graduates can benefit from an attractive professional potential as well as from promising perspectives in the job market.
  • 2. Fachhochschule Ostschweiz FHO University of Applied Sciences • The FHS Hochschule für Technik, Wirtschaft und Soziale International collaboration The geographical Arbeit St.Gallen offers a broad palette of undergraduate and border situation also naturally leads to many international con- graduate programs in three departments: Engineering, Business tacts with neighboring institutes and companies in Germany, Administration and Social Work. Intensive research and develop- Austria and the Principality of Liechtenstein. As a member of the ment activities guarantee up-to-date programs in Systems Engi- “International Bodenseehochschule“ the University promotes the neering, Information Technology, Business IT, Controlling, Marke- cooperation with these three countries to encourage a shared ting, Entrepreneurship, Human Resource Management, Social approach to teaching as well as research and development. Also, Educational Work and Social Work. International exchange pro- there are many partnerships with universities in English-spea- grams for students and faculties make fruitful cooperation pos- king countries, on both the formal as well as on the professional sible with partner institutions in North America, Europe and level. South East Asia. At the graduate level, a wide range of Masters’ Courses and seminars support the real-life, long-term learning of our students. Our institutes are committed to the transfer of Facts knowledge from applied research into all manner of practical applications, consulting and classroom teaching. They are part- Incorporated: 1999 ners to many small and medium-sized enterprises as well as to many social and non-profit-making organizations in research Status: Public institution (League of Can- and consulting projects. tons) • The HSR Hochschule für Technik Rapperswil Areas of studies: Engineering, Business Admini- offers attractive and varied degree courses in the fields of stration, Social Work at undergra- Civil, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, Computer Scien- duate and postgraduate levels ce, Landscape Architecture and Spatial Planning. The HSR endeavors to keep abreast of modern developments by conti- Instruction language: Primarily German nually adapting teaching and research to the needs of the industry, while aiming to become a competence centre of Number of Students: 2800 excellence. Research is of an innovative and applied charac- ter, with examples of outstanding achievements in the areas Libraries: Modern libraries with specialized of Solar Technology, where it is ranking with the best in Euro- literature, periodicals, non-book pe, as well as in Microelectronics and Internet Technologies. media and online search with links to the library of the Universi- • The HTW Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Chur ty of Zurich and the Swiss Federal consists of three departments: Bachelor’s studies, executive Institute of Technology (ETH) Masters’ studies and institutes. The department of Bachelor’s studies offers study programs in Tourism and Hospitality, Busi- Computer resources: All universities are well-equipped ness Administration, Information Sciences, Telecommunica- with computer resources and tions/Electrical Engineering, Construction and Design. A com- modern infrastructure. prehensive graduate program offers the following executive Master’s degrees: EMBA in Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Academic calendar: Beginning of school year: EMBA in General Management, EMBA in Leadership and Second half of October Ethics, EMBA in Tourism and International Management. The institutes offer consulting, applied research and development Tuition fees: Minimum CHF 500.– per semester, as well as further vocational training, mainly in the sectors of definitive fees depend on the uni- tourism and hospitality management, public management and versity SME (small and medium-sized enterprises). Accommodation: All universities assist foreign stu- • The NTB Interstaatliche Hochschule für Technik Buchs dents in finding rooms and apart- offers a Bachelor's degree in Systems Engineering based on a ments. broad, interdisciplinary and product-oriented study program. Its holistic approach aims at: understanding functions, structures and interrelations of technical systems; developing, design and Contact realization skills based on modern technologies; and at acquiring competence in the management of engineering projects. The Fachhochschule Ostschweiz FHO syllabus includes scientific as well as subject-orientated engi- University of Applied Sciences of neering basics, and encompasses an exemplary specialization Eastern Switzerland chosen from Micro- and Nanotechnology, Automation, Quality Davidstrasse 31 Technology, Materials Science, Optronics, Medical Engineering, 9001 St. Gallen Product Development, Mechatronics and Embedded Systems. Phone +41 71 229 39 42 The NTB also offers graduate studies in Micro- and Nantotech- Fax +41 71 229 22 85 nology and in Optical Systems. E-Mail: Homepage: