What is Employee Spend Management


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  • Welcome everyone. Thank you for taking some time out of your busy schedule to see how Concur can help you address your current employee spend management. CLICK
  • During this presentation, you will see a brief 10 minute overview of Concur as a company. We will then show you a 35 minute demonstration of our service in action. CLICK
  • When most people hear the name Concur, they think Expense reporting, travel, cliqbook, T&E. Yes, we are all of those things and more. Our primary goal is to help companies impact their bottom line by controlling costs and operating more efficiently. We do this by eliminating or drastically reducing the processes used to manage employee spending so companies can focus their time and effort more efficiently on their business, and reaching and serving their customers. Let’s delve into this topic further by defining the business problem we’re talking about. CLICK
  • Employee Spend is a broad term, so let’s quickly identify Employee Spend and the impact it has on your organization. CLICK Simply put, Employee Spend refers to employee purchases made on behalf of your company. CLICK From business travel and entertainment costs to office supplies, gifts, professional services and recruiting expenses, your employees spend money while performing their everyday business activities. CLICK These expenses hit your AP department in the form of expense reports, card charges, check requests and invoices. CLICK
  • If we look only at T&E, The Aberdeen Group (a fact based research and analysis) says that 20% of the spend is out of policy. Without visibility companies cannot control the spend or understand why expenses are out of policy. 54% of companies say their #! Challenge is compliance to policy and visibility. Concur addresses this area of spend because it has a significant impact on your bottom line. On average, travel & entertainment expenses alone account for 8-10% of an organizations total operating expenses. CLICK
  • Let me paint a picture for you… Today, there are steps you take to process employee spend, and there are challenges with each step of that process CLICK The first step is capturing your spend – which means booking & procuring travel. Proactive controls, capturing the spend under one umbrella & maximizing current tools are common challenges. CLICK The employee then submits an expense report & the process here is riddled w/ time consuming & inefficient methods. There are manual & redundant processes for both the traveler & the processor which in turn elongates the cycle. CLICK When there are outstanding expenses, and processing becomes time sensitive, loose controls start to appear. There are hasty approvals where error and misuse can fly under the radar. CLICK As we know, a longer process impacts reimbursement and corporate card payments and our ability to MANAGE cash flow, which may results in late fees. CLICK In addition, your back office is most likely managing multiple interfaces. As you can see, this may be a process, but it’s not effectively MANAGING employee spend. CLICK
  • Now picture that messy process coming together. Connecting the process delivers benefits. Let me give you some examples: CLICK With the right tool in place you have the ability to control spending before it occurs by enforcing policy when travelers book travel. CLICK Reduce the time, resources & dollars spent trying to support & manage an inefficient or broken process. CLICK When you drive benefits directly to the traveler, they’ll A.) use your systems and B) follow your program. You’ll have the POWER to drive travelers to use preferred suppliers and corporate card programs. Our card partners tell us that when their customers use Concur they see a 20-30% increase in spend on the corporate card-Which could translate to your ability to receive rebates if you never had before – or to increase those rebates or award points that you are getting today CLICK Reduce the time it takes employees to create their expense report, make them feel good about being in policy and reimburse them in 5 days. Who doesn’t want to be paid faster or worry about tracking down the status of the expense report they submitted 3 weeks ago? Never again with an automated system. CLICK Data is collected at each step of the process you get maximum visibility into how you can improve spend CLICK With controls in place there is also less of a chance of suspicious items flying under the radar. CLICK All of this allows you and your employees to spend time on more important things that they are trying to accomplish on a daily basis CLICK
  • Until recently, only the largest organizations with robust resources – and budgets to match – could take advantage of all this technology. On-demand services have changed all that. Now, companies of all sizes can enjoy world-class technology without all the costs and headaches that would usually be associated with an enterprise-wide technology implementation. Concur’s on-demand services are delivered online and require no software or hardware. There’s absolutely no costly and time-consuming installation, upgrades or maintenance. With low set up costs and predictable monthly payments, you quickly see a return on your investment. With no software to install, you can be up and running in as little as 30 days With Concur, you can rest assure that your data is safe. Let me explain CLICK
  • Concur holds security certifications beyond typical requirements, such as SAS70 Type II, and ISO certifications, which no competitor in our market space can match. Why is this important? 1. Our Clients expect their data to be safe and their systems to be up and running at all times. 2. Your Clients expect their data to be safe at all times. We are the only company in this space that carries both SAS and ISO certifications. CLICK
  • One of the last points I want to hit on is that Concur’s solutions are configurable, they easily integrate with your accounting system, your corporate credit cards and your travel management company. Concur’s expert team streamlines configuration and setup making it easy to deploy with limited or no IT resources on your end. CLICK
  • Before you hire any vendor partner it’s smart to check them out…so here’s a top line of who we are. The fact that we’re most proud of is Client Retention over 95%. That says a lot about the kind of service we provide and the kind of people behind that service. CLICK And we have been fortunate to win the business of and service over 9,000 clients! Why does this matter? We have the broadest experience of any on-demand service provider across industry segments and with clients of ALL SIZES. We actually process over $35B a year which is 10% of the estimated $300 B in global T&E spend…that’s over 10% of all the T&E spend in the world! This is a very important number to us and we have the responsibility to provide the highest level of service. CLICK And lastly, Concur would not be where it is today if it didn’t leverage and learn from our experience implementing those 9,000+ clients. Our clients get the benefit of best practices – and this drives solution innovation, efficient implementation methodology and overall client satisfaction. CLICK Concur is also trusted by Small to Mid-Size Businesses Nearly 50% of our clients are less than 1,000 employees, and 50% of those are under 500 employees. We deliver the capabilities for these Small and Mid-Size businesses today and as they grow CLICK
  • If you are like most companies, you are starting your evaluation based upon whether or not this service can meet your business requirements. And that’s typically the natural process because, if we cannot help you improve your processes, then you won’t be successful. As I hand this over to my colleague to show you the Concur service, there are three things I want you to consider when choosing a partner to solve your business challenges: CLICK #1 All the functionality in the world won’t make you successful if you cannot get deployed, stay up and running, and easily adapt to change and growth without great effort. Concur commits to easy deployment and scalable solutions. We can make this commitment to you because of our experience implementing over 9000 companies. CLICK #2 - Even that isn’t enough. Ultimately, to be successful, you will need to be supported by a company that is innovative – Concur spends more in R&D and Security than most companies in this space have in revenue. You can rest assured your process will be available 24x7 and your valuable data is safe. CLICK #3 – Our clients are our number one priority and we strive to provide superior support to them. Once you come on board, you’ll be assigned an account manager who will manage the relationship with you, hold Concur accountable for meeting your needs and help you navigate the Concur organization. And Concur’s Client Support desk is available 24 hours a day, five days a week to address any service concerns you have. Our goal is to ensure that you are receiving a return on your investment through utilization, adoption and analytics. So we know that today you are focused in on IF we can meet your functional requirements, but we challenge you to equally evaluate us (and all vendors) on “can we get you up and running” and “can we support, maintain, and elevate you in the future”. Our customers tell us that each of these has tremendous value and Concur is the only company that can provide all three. CLICK
  • We would now like to move into a brief demonstration of Concur’s service so that you can see the power of a fully integrated system at work.
  • What is Employee Spend Management

    1. 1. Employee Spend Management Giving You Back Control of Your Spend Management Process
    2. 2. Agenda <ul><li>Concur Travel and Expense Overview ~ 10 minutes </li></ul><ul><li>Concur Travel and Expense Live Demo ~ 35 minutes </li></ul>
    3. 3. Enabling organizations to control costs by automating the processes they use to manage employee spending
    4. 4. A Common Point of Reference: What is Employee “Spend”? Answer: Employee discretionary spending Non-PO Employee Purchases Meals, gifts, incentives, services, supplies, fees, maintenance, utilities, etc. Business Travel Airfare, car, hotel, meals, entertainment, etc. Expense Reports Card Charges Invoices
    5. 5. Compliance and Visibility Are A Challenge The biggest hurdle is collection and visibility of data Source: Aberdeen Study, April 2008 20% of your employee spending is out of policy 54% of companies cite enforcement of policy and lack of visibility as the most significant challenges
    6. 6. Challenges with the Employee Spend Process Employee Spend Lack of visibility Incomplete data Insufficient detail Analyze Interface maintenance Control of cash Late fees and penalties Pay No proactive controls Suppliers not optimized Little adoption of approved tools Capture Loose controls Rubber stamp approvals Fraud Control Manual data entry Disconnected systems Redundant processes Process
    7. 7. Integrated Process Yields Greater Benefits for SMBs Control spending before it occurs Reduce operating costs Increases adoption of process and corporate card Improve employee satisfaction and productivity Gain visibility and actionable data Reduce and prevent fraud Spend time on more important things! Analyze Pay Capture Control Process
    8. 8. Made Possible Through On-Demand Services <ul><li>Easy and Fast Deployment </li></ul><ul><li>No software, hardware or costly maintenance </li></ul><ul><li>Little to no IT support required </li></ul><ul><li>Includes Upgrades </li></ul><ul><li>Predictable costs </li></ul><ul><li>Secure – Information is safe </li></ul>
    9. 9. The Concur Trust Platform <ul><li>The Concur® Trust Platform is built on: </li></ul><ul><ul><li>ISO 27001 Certified and Register </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>ISO 20000 Certified and Register </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>VISA CISP / PCI Compliant </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>SOX compliance through bi-annual SAS 70 Type II audit </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Third party audit of controls and vulnerability management effectiveness </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Provide clients with full visibility of audits and any necessary remediation </li></ul></ul>ISO27001:2005 ISO20000:2005 IS 84383
    10. 10. Integrates with Your Internal Systems <ul><li>On-demand service ties your “technology” islands together </li></ul>Travel and Expense CC G/L Payroll ERP TMC
    11. 11. About Concur Process $35B in T&E spend a year IDC Top 10 global on-demand provider 50% of clients are < 1,000 employees One of Fortune’s 100 Fastest Growing Companies High Client Satisfaction Client retention over 95% 24x5 Global Client Support 95% Broad Market Expertise & Capability 28 Million transactions annually Serving market leaders across industries Learning & Leveraging 9,000 Clients in more than 90 countries
    12. 12. Our Commitment To Our Clients Easy deployment and scalable solutions Proven track record * Minimal IT involvement * Best practices Deep commitment to investment R&D * Security & Disaster recovery * Performance * Compliance * Dedication to service excellence Account management * Client Support * Client community 1 2 3
    13. 13. Product Demonstration