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Wes Schaeffer Interview Highlights
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Wes Schaeffer Interview Highlights


Wes Schaeffer regards himself as a ruthlessly pragmatic entrepreneur, salesman, marketer, copywriter who despises wasted effort, pomp and circumstance and blowing smoke. …

Wes Schaeffer regards himself as a ruthlessly pragmatic entrepreneur, salesman, marketer, copywriter who despises wasted effort, pomp and circumstance and blowing smoke.

Wes was once introduced as "more engaging" than Tony Robbins and Tom Hopkins and has been trying to live up to those words ever since.

Never being satisfied with “good enough” or “just because,” has gotten Wes into trouble more than once.

On this interview you will learn:

1. The top 3 things that someone should know in order to be successful in social media marketing.

2. 5 biggest mistakes that businesses make when they first try social media marketing?

3. The future of social media marketing.

4. If you had one secret to give about Social Media Marketing, what would it be?

Plus much, much more............

To get your copy of this interview and many more interviews by some of the worlds top marketing minds visit: to secure your spot.

Published in Self Improvement , Business , Career
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  • 1. StuartBazga Wes Schaeffer
  • 2. How had “not good enough” and“just because” gotten you into a bitof trouble? Perfectionist in younger years Nine years in the Air Force Questioned things including upper-level management Business Marketing Interviews –
  • 3. How did you become such an expert insales? Aggressive and over-achiever in the academy Went into commissioned sales Did some research to educate self in sales & marketing Watched “The Dog Whisperer” which sparked an idea “The Sales Whisperer” was born Business Marketing Interviews –
  • 4. What is good and bad about selling? Bad side: People were raised thinking it’s taboo to discuss money leading to being uncomfortable discussing money with prospective client Good side: Selling is a skill that can be learned “Sales is the straw that stirs the drink” “Nothing happens until a sale is made” ~ Henry Ford Business Marketing Interviews –
  • 5. What are the top things to know tobecome a successful business owner? Entrepreneurs Three Hats:  Marketing – If nobody know how to find you or buy from you, nothing else matters  Recruiting – Growing sales happen as result of having great people  Selling – Constantly look for people that meet your criteria and ready to buy Outsource to focus on what you do best Business Marketing Interviews –
  • 6. What is the best way to get started inbusiness? Have guts, desire, drive, and determination to get it done Have a staying power to see it through the end and financially Find some type of direct marketing company or Multilevel marketing (MLM) Business Marketing Interviews –
  • 7. What is multilevel marketing(MLM)? It is a person-to-person sales vs company with advertising campaigns Find a product that you like as a consumer and the sale will be natural Business Marketing Interviews –
  • 8. What is a book you can recommend forsomeone looking to start out inbusiness? “The E-Myth” by Michael Gerber Available on and local bookstores Business Marketing Interviews –
  • 9. How can business owners utilize theirimagination for effective marketing? Business owners’ number one job is to market themselves Tell a story Tie marketing promotions to various important calendar events (e.g. Easter, April Fool’s Day, etc), news, or current events Enter the conversation already going on in the mind of your prospect Business Marketing Interviews –
  • 10. What is the most important thing everybusiness owner should start doingtoday? Sell your product or service first, get some orders, and then go make it Business Marketing Interviews –
  • 11. What are the five biggest mistakesbusinesses make when they first openfor business?  Business owners:  Do NOT sell the idea first  Try to do it all themselves  Do NOT realize that their most prized possession is their list of qualified prospects  Do NOT properly segment database of customers  Do NOT surround themselves with good people Business Marketing Interviews –
  • 12. What is a top secret about marketingand sales? Sales and marketing are intertwined: Better Marketing = Greater Sales Marketing is just selling in print. It is a way to multiply your effort Business Marketing Interviews –
  • 13. How can you track your marketing? Use online software, e.g. InfusionSoft Split testing – tracking and measuring the difference between marketing tweaks done Business Marketing Interviews –
  • 14. What is a special strategy to generatesales? Set an exact agenda upfront with a prospect Sticking to an agenda keeps you on task and saves time and effort Business Marketing Interviews –
  • 15. How do you stay on top of the game? Mastermind group – affiliate and associate with people smarter than you (e.g. “Live your life with a purpose, a vision, a big goal, but live your day by the clock” ~ Zig Ziggler Business Marketing Interviews –
  • 16. What are some of your success stories? Florida client (Daycare Center): Generated $250,000 in 87 days by increasing seating capacity from 74 to 96 Chicago client (Publishing Company): “I used one of Wes’ ideas and got the sale!” Business Marketing Interviews –
  • 17. Summary Sales is the straw that stirs the drink. Nothing happens until a sale is made Be comfortable in the value that you provide Business Marketing Interviews –
  • 18. Where can people find out more aboutyou and your work? Business Marketing Interviews –