Biotech in Bangalore: Seminar programme


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Biotech in Bangalore: Seminar programme

  1. 1. ScheduleTime Topic3:00 p.m. - 3:05 p.m. Welcome and Opening Remarks: Mr. Sridhar Pabbisetty, COO, Centre for Public Policy, IIM Bangalore3:05 p.m. - 3:30 p.m. Reflecting on Biotech and Bangalore: Dr. Ian Scoones, STEPS Co-director & IDS Professorial Fellow3:30 p.m. - 3:55 p.m. Evolution of Indian Biotech Industry: Dr. Vijay Chandru, President ABLE and CEO, Strand Life Sciences3:55 p.m. - 4:15 p.m. Q & A4:15 p.m. - 4:30 p.m. Tea Break4:30 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. Panel Discussion on Biotechnology Regulatory Bill Moderator:Dr. Satya Dash, COO, ABLE Panelists: 1. Mr. Leo Saldanha, Coordinator, Environment Support Group 2. Dr. Jagadish Mittur, Biotechnology Consultant 3. Dr. K. K. Narayanan, Vice President, Metahelix 4. Dr. Dhananjay Patankar, Vice President, Syngene International 5. Dr. B. V. Ravi Kumar, Chairman and Managing Director Xcyton6:00 p.m. - 6:25 p.m. Possible Future for India’s Biotech Industry: Dr. Chirantan Chatterjee, Professor, IIM Bangalore
  2. 2. IntroductionThe Center for Public Policy (CPP), Indian Institute ofManagement Bangalore (IIMB) and theSocial, Technologicaland Environmental Pathways to Sustainability (STEPS)Centre, University of Sussex, UK, are coming together withthe Association of Biotechnology-Led Enterprises (ABLE) tohold a half a day seminar on “Biotech in Bangalore : PastExperiences Future Trajectories.” This event is sponsored bythe UK - India Education Research Initiative through a grantto the STEPS Centre and CPP.The seminar will be held on Thursday, the 16th of February,2012, at 3 pm, at the Indian Institute of Management,Bangalore.The event will provide an opportunity to reflect on thechanging biotech sector in Bangalore over the past decadeand to analyze important policy changes. This seminar willprovide an excellent forum for interaction with leaders of thebiotech industry.The distinguished speakers include Dr. Vijay Chandru, CEO,Strand Life Sciences and President, ABLE, Dr. Ian Scoones,Co-director, STEPS Centre, Mr. Leo Saldanha, Co-ordinator,Environmental Support Group, Dr. K. K. Narayanan, MD,Metahelix, Dr. Jagadish Mittur, Dr. Dhananjay Patankar,Syngene, Dr. B. V. Ravi Kumar, XCyton, Dr. Satya Dash,COO-ABLE, and Prof. Chirantan Chatterjee, IIMB.
  3. 3. M V Rajeev Gowda, PhDRajeev Gowda is Chairperson, Centre for Public Policy andProfessor of Economics and Social Sciences at the IndianInstitute of Management Bangalore. Professor Gowda´sresearch focuses on how people and societies manage risk.At the theoretical level, he draws on behavioral decisiontheory, and at the applied level, his research is in thedomain of risk analysis and management. His edited booksinclude “Judgments, Decisions, and Public Policy,”published by Cambridge University Press and “India atRisk,” forthcoming.In 2011, Dr. Gowda was appointed by the Government ofIndia as a Director on the Central Board of the ReserveBank of India.
  4. 4. Ian Scoones, PhDIan Scoones is co-director of the ESRC STEPS Centre atSussex and joint convenor of the IDS-hosted FutureAgricultures Consortium. He is an agricultural ecologist bytraining whose interdisciplinary research links the natural andsocial sciences and focuses on the relationships betweenscience and technology, local knowledge and livelihoods andthe politics of policy processes in the context of internationalagricultural, environment and development issues. A socialand institutional perspective is at the centre of his work,which explores the linkages between local knowledge’s andpractices and the processes of scientific enquiry,development policy-making and field-level implementation.Most recently he has been working on the governance ofagricultural biotechnology in India and animal health scienceand policy in Africa, including projects on livestockmarketing and foot-and-mouth disease in southern Africa andthe international responses to avian influenza.
  5. 5. Vijay Chandru, PhDVijay Chandru is an academic (professor of engineeringand computer science) turned entrepreneur. The vision thatdrives him is to create successful, world class, technologyinnovation companies out of India. Strand Life Sciences thecompany he leads, is an exciting life science informaticscompany based in Bangalore, India.In 2001, he also co-founded PicoPeta Simputers whichcommercialized the Simputer. PicoPeta was acquired byGeodesic in 2006. Chandru is the recipient of severalawards and honours:Chandru is the elected President (2009-2012) of Associationof Biotech led Enterprises (ABLE), Member,High Panel onScience & Technology for Development at UNESCO, AdjunctProfessor at International Centre for Theoretical Studies(TIFR) and Consulting Professor at Stanford University.
  6. 6. Leo F.SaldanhaLeo Saldanha is full-time Coordinator of EnvironmentSupport Group. He has gained wide-ranging experience in theareas of Environmental Law and Policy, Decentralization,Urban Planning and a variety of Human Rights andDevelopment related issues, working across many sectorsfor over a decade. He is a keen campaigner on criticalenvironmental and social justice issues and has guidedseveral campaigns demanding evolution of progressive lawsand effective action. He has creatively supported variousdistressed communities to secure justice through publicinterest litigations and advocacy efforts. He has spearheadedseveral public interest litigations, many of which haveresulted in remarkable judgments. In 2007, he co-authoredthe book “Green Tapism” critiquing the Environment ImpactNotification 2006 along with team members at ESG.He was the Country Coordinator and Faculty of the "Cities inthe 21st Century" and "Health and Community" courses of theInternational Honors Programme, USA from 2002-2009. Hehas a background in Environmental Science from St.Josephs College, Bangalore University and has been invitedas a speaker by organizations and universities across theworld. In August 2010, he was invited as a speaker at theInternational Forum on Chinas Rural Reform in the 12th Five-Year Plan Period organized by the Chinese Institute forReform and Development, a Chinese Government think-tankfor reform in policy decision-making. In recognition of hiscontribution to environmental and social justice efforts,Association for Indias Development, USA, has made him aSaathi.
  7. 7. Jagadish Mittur, PhDJagadish Mittur has more than 30 years of experience inacademia and industry relevant to life sciences, spreadingacross several areas of biotechnology. His experienceencompasses both research and development and over thelast 12 years he has focused on agricultural biotechnology.After working most recently with Monsanto and Avesthagen,he is at present a consultant on Biotechnology withAcademia and Industry.
  8. 8. Satya Dash, PhDSatya Dash joined ABLE in July 2010. As the COO, heleads ABLE’s advocacy efforts to represent the interests ofthe Indian biotechnology industry to the Indian government,investors and academia. He is responsible for overall long-term road mapping and strategy formulation for ABLE.Previously he was at University of Cambridge (at Institutefor Manufacturing and Judge Business School).
  9. 9. Chirantan Chatterjee, PhDChirantan Chatterjee is an Assistant Professor inCorporate Strategy and Policy at the Indian Institute ofManagement, Bangalore. He works on issues of intellectualproperty, innovation and entrepreneurship in globalhealthcare markets. His research is funded by a variety ofinternational institutions such as the National Bureau ofEconomic Research, The Sloan Foundation, the NationalScience Foundation in the United States and the WorldBank. He has published in various international outlets andalso contributed a book chapter around AsianPharmaceuticals from the Brookings Press. Before hisdoctoral education, he worked as a business journalist withthe Economic Times.
  10. 10. B.V. Ravi Kumar, MBBS, PhDRavi Kumar is the founder of XCyton and serves as itsChairman and Managing Director. He has been instrumentalin developing and successfully launching all of XCyton’sproducts. He was earlier with Astra Research Centre and atChristian Medical College, Vellore.
  11. 11. Dhananjay Patankar, PhDDhananjay Patankar is Vice President – Biologics,Syngene International Limited, where he heads a premiercontract services organization involved in discovery,development and manufacturing for the global bio/pharmaceutical industry in the area of recombinant proteinsand monoclonal antibodies.He specializes in the field of Biosimilars – development,regulation, market scenario and has technical expertise inbiopharmaceutical CMC development and GMP-compliantand cost-efficient manufacturing operations to globalstandards. He has previously been a senior Scientist at theWockhardt Research Centre.
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  23. 23. CPPThe Centre for Public Policy (CPP) is a leading policy think tank engaged in research,teaching, training and capacity building. The Centre was established in 2000 througha partnership between the Department of Personnel Training (DoPT), Government ofIndia, Government of Karnataka, the United Nations Development Programme(UNDP) and IIM Bangalore. Since its inception the CPP has worked on improvinggovernance and influencing public policy in India.The Centre functions with autonomy and independence, and aspires to lead policythinking and praxis in India, promoting equitable, inclusive and sustainable solutionsto emergent problems.The CPP’s work in public policy is continuously being strengthened through strongcollaborative networks and partnerships with other policy think tanks, policyprofessionals and practitioners around the world. It has been designated as a Centreof Excellence by the Ministry of Urban Development, Government of India.ABLEAssociation of Biotechnology Led Enterprises - ABLE is a not-for-profit, pan-Indiaforum that represents the Indian Biotechnology Sector. It was launched in April 2003,after industry leaders felt a need to form an exclusive forum to represent the IndianBiotechnology Sector.ABLE has members from all across India representing all verticals of the sector likeagribiotech, bio-pharma, industrial biotech, bioinformatics, investment banks andventure capital firms, leading research and academic institutes and law firms andequipment suppliers. ABLE thus catalyses a symbiotic interface between theindustry, the government, academic and research institutes and domestic andinternational investors.The UK India Education and Research Initiative (UKIERI)Started in April 2006 with the aim of enhancing educational links between India andthe UK, over the last five years, UKIERI has played a pivotal role in establishingstronger educational relationships between the two countries. In recognition of thesubstantial achievements and building on the success of this initiative, theprogramme has been extended for 5 years from 2011 to 2016. The extension wasannounced by the UK Prime Minister Mr. David Cameron and Indian Prime Minister Dr.Manmohan Singh in July 2010.STEPS CentreThe STEPS Centre was established to focus on the relationship betweenenvironmental change and society and to bring social science expertise to bear onglobal environmental research. It is a joint venture between researchers from theInstitute of Development Studies (IDS) and the Science and Technology PolicyResearch (SPRU) programme at the University of Sussex. The STEPS Centreoriginally concentrated on major global environmental issues such as climatechange and biodiversity and now increasingly focuses its attention to sustainabledevelopment.