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For women only

  2. 2. For Woman Only For Women Only Dr. Sherif Tehemar
  3. 3. For Women OnlyPuberty Pregnancy Menopause Stress Breath Birth Control Breastfeeding Tips
  4. 4. For Women Only • During puberty and menstruation, the production of sex hormonesP increases. This increase can causeU the gums to become irritated more easily and become more prone toB swelling and tenderness and leadE to menstruation gingivitis;R inflamed, bleeding gums thatT occur right before a womansY period. As the period comes to an end, and with the decrease in the amount of the hormones, the gingivitis decreases.
  5. 5. For Women Only • During pregnancy, many women experience pregnancy gingivitis. It usually starts in the second or thirdP month of pregnancy and slowlyR worsens by the eighth month. WomenE will notice bleeding, swelling, tenderness in the tissue around theirG teeth. Sometimes there is excessiveN growths in localized areas calledA pregnancy tumors. These are not cancerous in any way and are usuallyN caused by local irritations and poorC oral hygiene during pregnancy. TheyY are removed by a professional dentist with a good dental cleaning.
  6. 6. For Women OnlyA • During menopause, when • If you have low boneG changes occur once density, or osteoporosis, again, symptoms such as youre at an 86% greaterE risk of having gum disease, pain, altered tastes, and a which is the major cause of burning sensation may tooth loss in those over 35.C occur. All of the aboveA can be prevented by goodN oral hygiene, which • HRT or HormoneG Replacement Therapy at includes brushing and menopause, can decreaseE flossing, regular the incidence of tooth lossS professional cleanings in women. and a healthy diet.
  7. 7. For Women Only • Researchers have found that approximately 24% of women felt stress each day compared with onlyS 19% of the men.TR • With this, people whoE have high levels of stressS and are unable to dealS with it, have a greater chance for developing periodontal disease.
  8. 8. For Women OnlyW • Womans breath was found to • These anaerobic (withoutO be worst during the oxygen) bacteria digest on premenstrual period of her these extra proteinsM cycle. In addition to cramps, releasing "breath gases", andA bloating, migraines and mood thus, bad breath.N’ swings. There were reports stating that women may suffer • To control her breath,S from bad breath for a few woman should follow a days a month. Researchers simple regimen that consistsB believe that because of all the of combination of brushing, hormone fluctuations that flossing, tongue cleaningR accompany the shifts in the and the use of a chlorineE menstrual cycle, proteins in dioxide rinse, which is safeA the saliva are increased. and non-alcoholic.TH
  9. 9. For Women OnlyB • Birth control pills work • Scientists found thatI by making the body of women on oral a woman mimic contraceptives are atR pregnancy. When this greater risk ofT occurs, increasing developing a painfulH levels of hormones condition called dry cause the gum tissue to socket, following a once again swell and tooth extraction.C become quite sensitive. • If this occurs, treatmentO Good oral hygiene is involves a specialN needed. medicated dressing thatT is placed into the socketR after it is cleaned.OL
  10. 10. For Women OnlyB • The importance of breastfeeding is thatR women understand that almost any drugs oneE takes will reach breast milk in some quantity.A The amount of the drug is usually not greatS enough to cause any danger to the nursingT baby, however, care at all times must be taken to protect any unnecessary problems forF the infant.EE • For more information, please refer to theD Special Brochure .ING
  11. 11. For Women Only • Use a straw to drink beverages that stain, such as tea, coffee and colasT • Brush or rinse immediately after consumingI such stain-causing beveragesPS • Wear a bright shade of lipstick - purple or pink based. It will make your teeth appear whiter. Avoid orange or brown shades.